Flashes Of Light: Written by Shelly

A blonde woman stumbled along the streets of the small town and into a
local shop.  She was covered in mud and blood was caked on her forhead.
Customers stared at her in amazement.
"May I help you," the shopkeeper asked. She was a young woman of about 
twenty-four and had brown hair and friendly green eyes. Then she realized that the 
woman was in trouble.  "Oh my.  We need to get you to a hospital."
The shopkeeper closed up the store and rushed the stranger to the local hospital.
"I.....I can't remember anything," the stranger said finally when they
walked into the hospital.  The shopkeeper looked at her and nodded.
"I'll take care of everything don't worry.  You don't remember
"I remember Evan and a phone number."  The doctor looked her over and
said that there was no major damage just the trauma to the head that
caused her amnesia. Her memory could come back at any time or it could be lost 
permanently. There was no way to tell. He also said to try to give her 
things to remember to see if she can retain information.  "I remember driving and 
then the brakes gave out and I crashed into a tree."
"Let's see....My name is Sandy. Try to remember that and I'll ask you
my name in a half hour," the shopkeeper said. The woman nodded.  The
next stop for them was the police station.
Meanwhile in the next town Evan and another blonde were just waking
up. She rolled over and kissed his eyelids.
"Not this morning Deb please," Evan groaned and sat up. She rubbed his shoulders 
and kissed a trail from his neck to his shoulder blade. He stood up and went 
into the bathroom.
"Evan what is wrong with you," Deborah yelled as she pouted on the bed. "Mona is 
gone. She had an accident and went bye bye. Everything went just as we planned it."
"No just as you planned," Evan said softly as he picked up his
"What was that darling," Deborah asked walking into the bathroom.
"Nothing," he said with a mouthful of toothpaste.  She twisted her face in disgust 
and shook her head.
"You are so gross sometimes," she said and walked away.  She pulled off
her sheer nighty and pulled on a pair of panties and a bra.  "What
should I wear?"  She said walking over to the closet.  "My my your mousy 
little wife had such horrid taste in clothes. Hello," she said when she found a 
silver halter top and a black mini skirt.  "Lucky thing we're about the same size. 
Now most of her clothes won't go to waste even if they are horrible. It's just too 
bad she was so short.  I like some of these pants."
"Mona looked good in them," Evan said pulling on his jeans and a
T-shirt.  Deborah looked at him with anger in her eyes.
"Then I'll look fantastic in them," she said and sauntered over to
him.  He looked at her and all thoughts of Mona left his mind.  He
pressed his lips to hers and lifted her onto the bed again.

The next morning the police officer came to Sandy's apartment.
"I'm sorry ma'am, but we went to the address on your ID and the place was empty," he 
said. Mona's heart sank. "We're not going to give up looking for him for you though. 
Don't worry.
Weeks passed and still no Evan. She had many more flashbacks of Evan and he was 
always a sweet caring husband. From what she could remember he had always shown her 
love and affection whenever possible.
One day she was shopping with Sandy in the next town and saw a familiar face.
"Evan," she cried running over to him. His eyes flashed recognition and then hardened. 
"Evan it's me Mona." The blonde he was with huffed.
"I'm sorry miss. I don't know you," he said.
"But Evan," she said as he and the blonde walked away. Sandy walked over to her.
"Was that him?" 
"I was sure of it, but he said he didn't know me," Mona said tears springing to her 
That night Mona had her first bad flashback. In her memory she had just come home 
from grocery shopping. She heard a noise coming from the bedroom. She walked to the 
bedroom and cracked the door open. What she saw stunned her. Evan was in bed with 
another woman. She said bolt upright and gasped. 
"How could he do that to me," she said tears falling freely down her face.
Meanwhile at the Karagias house Evan was sitting on the bed staring off into space. 
"I can't believe that bitch didn't die," Deborah fumed from the bathroom. "She just 
doesn't quit does she? If wifey wants a fight then we'll have a fight."
"I think she has amnesia," Evan said.
"What makes you think that?"
"She recognized me, but she didn't look at me the same way as she used to."
"Well she did walk in on us fucking Evan. I wouldn't look at you the same either."
"It wasn't that. There just was something about her that was missing. She didn't have 
that Mona quality."
"Evan baby forget about her," Deborah said walking over to him. She wore a black silk 
teddy and a sheer black robe. She straddled his lap and began to kiss his 
lips and neck.
Mona slowly drifted off to sleep as her crying turned into a mild case of the hiccups. 
She was straining to remember who the woman was, but all she saw was a bare back 
before she ran out of the house.

Mona was determined to find out why Evan had told her that he didn't know her. She 
took advantage of Sandy going into the next town in hopes that Evan would be there 
again. They were lucky enough to see him at the florist.
"Sandy follow him," Mona said.
"Please. I just need to see where he goes," she pleaded.
"Ok." Sandy followed him to a small apartment complex. The blonde that had 
been with him that day was waiting in the lobby for him. He gave her a dozen 
roses and she kissed him. They went onto the elevator and were out of sight.
"Some greiving husband," Sandy said.
"He was cheating on me," Mona said. 
"Well, that explains it. Mona, maybe you should go on with your life. He oviously 
has," Sandy said.
"I want to know why. He was always so loving and sweet. I mean in all of my flashes."
"Can we go home now?"
"Yeah I guess so," Mona sighed. Mona was very troubled by this. She wishd she could 
remember why Evan had done this to her, but her amnesia wouldn't allow it.
That night as she lay on Sandy's couch a vision came to her. The woman that Evan had 
been with the times that she saw him looked familiar, but she couldn't tell why. 
Finally it came to her. A memory flashed across her eyes as she slept.
"Mona you are so lucky to have Evan. I'd kill for a guy like that," a woman's voice 
said. Mona couldn't see her face. It was blacked by a dress that she was trying on.
"He is great isn't he, Deb," Mona said.
"Yeah he is," the woman said and pulled the dress down revealing her face. Mona sat 
up with a gasp.
"It's her! How could she do that to me," she said to herself.
"Mona," Sandy said running to the couch. "What is it?"
"I had another flash. It's her."
"The woman with Evan. It's Deborah. She was like my best friend. How could she do 
that to me?"
"So he was cheating on you with Deborah?"
"No that woman was different I think. I can't remember," Mona said crying softly. 
Sandy hugged her.
"Honey you'll get those memories back and then you'll see that he's just a scum bag." 
Sandy went back to bed. Mona laid back down and closed her eyes praying that no more 
flashes will come. That prayer was not answered. As she drifted off she heard the 
sounds of someone having sex. 
"Oh Evan," a woman's voice screamed.
"You like baby," he asked huskily. Mona walked to the bedroom and saw Evan in bed 
with another woman. This time Mona didn't run out. She stood there stunned. 
"EVAN," she finally yelled.
"Mona," he said jumping up and trying to hide his nudity from her.
"What the fuck are you doing? I thought you swore this would never happen again," 
Mona said her hands on her hips.
"Save it! Get out! I want you out of this house now," she yelled. Finally the woman 
sat up. Mona's eyes focused on her and she was shocked by the sight.

Sitting there stark naked was Deborah. She had an evil grin on her face. 
"How could you? You were my best friend," Mona yelled at her.
"Emphasis on was," Deborah said. "It's simple really Mona, I wanted Evan, I got Evan. 
I can do things for him that little wifey poo can't even imagine." Mona felt tears 
burning under her lids, but blinked them back. "Tell her Evan. Tell her how we made 
love in positions that she's never even seen before. Tell her how we put the 
amasutra to shame with all the stuff we did."
"Stop it," Mona yelled.
"Tell her about the great fuck we had in the park gazeebo where you proposed to her." 
Deborah was laughing now. "Tell her about how you promised to leave her and spend 
forever with me. Tell her Evan." Evan just sat with his head hung. 
"Stop it!!" Deborah stood up and went into the bathroom. Mona's gaze returned to 
Evan. "It was her that first time too wasn't it? Answer me!"
"Yes," he said not meeting her gaze.
"You son of a bitch," she said and slapped him. "I want you and that fucking slut out 
of my house now." Evan's eyes flew up to meet her's full of anger now.
"Your house? YOUR HOUSE," he fumed. "The last I checked I was the one bustinmg my ass 
to buy this house. I was the one out there working while you sat on your ass and 
claimed to cook, clean and take care of the baby." Mona's eyes snapped open.
"Baby? What baby," she thought. "That was the longest memory flash I've had." She 
looked around and saw that it was morning. She got up and took a shower trying to 
wash the feelings that the memory brought to her away.
Meanwhile Evan lay in bed. He hadn't slept since the day he'd seen Mona alive. He had 
never wanted to kill Mona. It was all Deborah's idea. The truth was he still loved 
Mona. She had lost interest in any kind of sex after the baby was born and then when 
little Andrea got sick it became worse. She wasn't sleeping or eating. She had lost 
so much weight. She was weak and tired. He hated seeing her that way so he went out. 
It just happened that one night while he was out he ran into Deborah. She had been so 
understanding and caring. 
She took him to her apartment and they talked for hours. He didn't mean to, but she 
looked so pretty with her blue eyes and the smile. He leaned over and kissed her. He 
knew it was wrong. She was his wife's best friend, but at that moment he wanted her 
badly. He groaned at the memory and got out of bed.
He went into the bathroom and showered. Soon he felt the shower curtain being pulled 
aside Deborah was there. He groaned.
"Deb I'm not in the mood," he said.
"Ever since you saw Mona you're not in the mood. I thought you loved me Evan. Me."
"No Deb it was always Mona," he said getting out of the shower. "You were just some 
fun, but I love Mona." She became enraged and beat at him with her fists.
"You fucking asshole. I am twice as good as she ever will be," she screamed. He 
pushed her away and got dressed. She fell to the ground and watching him with an evil 
glare. "Don't leave me Evan," she said sweetly. He looked at her with concern. She 
sounded like alost child. "You leave me and I'll kill you. I almost killed Mona, but 
I promise you I will finish the job if you leave me," she finished coldly and stood 
up. She blew him a kiss and walked out of the room.
"She's a fucking psychopath. A psychopathic slut. Great! What have you gotten 
yourself into," he thought as he stood with his jaw dropped from her comments. He 
finished dressing and grabbed his keys. 
"Where are you going," she asked sweetly from the kitchen. 
"I need to get some things at the market and then I'm going to meet a client," he 
"Don't be late for dinner," she called as he walked out the door. "I made 
reservations at Lolita's." He winced. That was where he and Mona had met. He got into 
his car and drove to the next town. He had seen on the news when Mona's car was found. 
He went to the police station and spoke to one of the officers who gave him Sandy's 
address. He went to her apartment and knocked. Mona answered the door.
"I'm sorry Mona. I had to lie the other day. Deborah was there," he said. "Can I come 
in and explain?" She stepped aside and let him walk in.
"You see when we started the affair I thought I was losing you. You had lost the baby 
and didn't even acknowledge me anymore. I needed a woman's touch."
Mona winced as she remembered the site of him and Deborah in bed and her hateful 
words. "That doesn't make it right."
"I know. Deborah came up with this plan to cut your brake line and then you'd try to 
stop and you won't be able to. Then you'd be out of the way and me and her could live 
happily ever after except she didn't count on you surviving and....."
"And me still being in love with you."
Mona shook her head. "I'm sorry Evan, but from my memory flashes there is no way I 
can trust you or learn to love you. You hurt me." He hung his head in shame.
"Look can you at least try to help me. She's crazy. I tried to break up with her and 
she threatened to kill me."
"What a shock," Mona said with sarcasm. "What can I do?"
"I don't know. You guys were best friends. Isn't there anything you know about her 
that could help me?"
"Anything I knew was lost when I had the accident."
She had agreed to go to the next town for lunch with Evan. He still hoped she would 
come around and learn to love him again. When he got home Deborah greeted him with a 
slice of cake and a kiss.
"What's this for?"
"Silly! It's the anniversary of our first kiss," she said. "Now eat up." He had no 
choice. She forced it in his mouth. It was becoming more and more clear to him that 
he feared Deborah. Later that night after they got home from dinner Evan became very 
sick. He ran to the bathroom. "Are you ok? I told you that the chicken looked too 
"I'll be ok. I just need a good night's sleep," he said and carwled into bed. The 
next morning he awoke to the smell of eggs.
That night as Mona slept she had another flash. She was sitting in a nursery cradling 
a baby in her arms. Evan came and stood near her. He smiled lovingly down at Mona 
and the baby.
"Darling Deborah is here to see the baby," he said. Mona stood and placed the child 
in the crib. Deborah walked in and squealed.
"Oh Mona he's gorgeous just like daddy!" Mona smiled.
"Darling can you come here please," Evan called from the other room. 
"Coming," she called and left Deborah alone with the baby. Evan was whispering 
something that she couldn't make out when she heard Deborah scream. They both ran 
into the baby's room. "What is it?"
"The baby is.....blue," she cried. Mona ran to his crib and peered at the limp blue 
body of her child. An animal like scream of terror came out of her mouth. Evan rushed 
the baby to the hospital, but it was too late. 
Mona sat up with a gasp. Tears were streaking her cheeks. "She killed him. She 
killed my baby. She had this all planned from the start."
"Morning sleepy head. Breakfast in bed for my little Evvie poo," Deborah said. "Do 
you feel well enough to eat?"
"I think so," he said and ate some eggs. He then got up and dressed. The doorbell 
rang and he answered it. Mona was there and she was out of breath.
"She did it," she said.
"Did what?"
"She killed our child," Mona said.
"Evan who is it," Deborah asked walking to the front door. "Well, well, well. if it 
isn't Mona."
"That's my dress," Mona said shocked that she remembered. 
"I guess you figured out my dirty little secret. Yes I killed your child."
"Why," Evan asked.
"Because I could. You left me alone with him and I realized that I might never find 
happiness like you had and it sickened me. So I made you sad." She smiled wickedly. 
Evan doubled over in pain. "Imagine how I felt when the man I love told me that he 
was meeting a client and has lunch with his wife instead." Evan was clutched his 
stomach in pain. "How were those eggs Evan. Did I add just the right amount of rat 
poison?" Mona looked at Deborah with a mixture of fear and hate. 
"Come on I'll get you to the hospital," Mona said to Evan, but before she could leave 
Deborah grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back. She fell and hit her head on the 
floor. Evan had collapsed in a pile near the door.
In a flash Deborah was on top of Mona with a knife. She was about to plunge it into 
Mona's chest when she grabbed Deborah's hands. She was shocked at her strength. She 
tried to wrestle it out of her hands, but Deborah was strong as well. Finally she got 
it away from her when Evan began to vomit near the door. The sound startled Deborah 
and she looked at him.
"Evan," she cried going to his side. "I'm so sorry. I loved you and you hurt me." 
Mona was up with the knife in her hand. She took a step and Deborah whipped 
around when she heard her move. She ran at Mona and the knife plunged into her 
stomach. Deborah collapsed in pain. Mona tried to run to Evan, but Deborah grabbed 
her ankle. She kicked free and ran up the stairs. Deborah limped up after her.
Upstairs Mona ran from room to room looking. For what she didn't know. She finally 
came to what was the nursery. She ran in and found everything just as she had left 
it. All the baby clothes were folded neatly on the dresser, the toys were gathering 
dust on their shelves. She looked around and saw everything that a living baby, her 
baby should have. 
"I have what I need now," she said to herself and walked out of the room. She saw 
Deborah lurching towards her. Mona glanced and gaged how far from the stairs Deborah. 
"Close enough," she thought and ran at Deborah. She tackled her to the ground and 
Deborah tumbled down the steps and landed at the bottom with a sickening thud and 
crack. Evan crawled over to her and moved Deborah's head.
"She's dead," he said when it moved freely. Then he grimaced and groaned in pain.
"Evan," Mona said running down to him. "I'm calling for help." She ran to the phone 
and dialed 911. When the ambulance and the police finally got there Evan was 
pretty bad. He was bearly concious and not coherent at all. They took him to the 
hospital, but the poison 
had gone through too much of his system and he died shortly after arriving at the 
"Mrs Karagias," the doctor said. "I'm sorry. We did all we could do, but the poison 
had gone too far and..."
"I know. I had a feeling that would happen," she said crying. She had spoken to the 
police and told them the whole story about Deborah. She was free to go, but where 
would she go? She had been staying with Sandy, but she had to get her own place. 
A month later Mona sat at the cemetary at Evan's grave. She brought a bunch of 
pansies and laid them lovingly on the grave. 
"I got a new apartment Evan," she said. "I waitress at the local diner. It's not 
much, but it's ok for me now. I'm starting over. I did love you at one time Evan. 
The flashes of light let me see that and I remember that now. I still love you, but 
I fell out of love with you when you cheated on me. I'm moving on with my life and 
I'm not going to look back. This is the last time I'm visiting you." She then turned 
her attention to the small grave marker next Evan's. She placed a bunch of sunflowers 
on it and said, "For the sunshine of my life. Rest in peace sweet child." She stood, 
brushed the grass from her skirt and walked away.