Old Love, New Lies: Written by Nickey

“How in the hell are you going to beat him with that?? Tag me the fuck back in 
idiot!” Raven yelled at his tag team partner, Tommy Dreamer. 
Dreamer looked over at Raven. He seemed tense. This was Raven first night being 
in the ring after taking six months off to be with Mona and their baby, Starla. 
Dreamer tagged Raven in, who then proceeded to clean house. He leveled his opponent 
with a drop toe hole to a chair, then followed that up with an evenflow DDT. He 
then covered his opponent and got the win. 

Tommy, Raven, and Francine walked back to their dressing room. He went to a pay 
phone and called the house.
“Hello.” Mona answered the phone. She sounded exhausted.
“Hey there baby, how are my two special girls doing?”
“Scottie! Oh we are fine, we miss you, When are you coming home?” 
“Oh not for a while, hun. You know this is my first day back in the swing of 
things.” Raven told his wife over the phone, “I just called to see how you and 
Starla are. I miss and love you both.”
“We miss and love you too.”
“Well look babe, I have to take a shower and go to the hotel, I will call you from 
“I love you. Give our daughter a kiss for me.”
“I will, I love you too Scott.”

Mona hung up the phone and laid the back of her head against the wall. She was 
exhausted. She never knew having a baby would be tiring. Starla was six months now. 
She looked at the wedding picture of Raven and her on the mantle. They got married 
two weeks after Starla was born. She went over to the mantle, took the picture down 
and stared at it for a while. Soon, she heard a baby’s soft cry coming down the hall.
“Mommy’s coming Starla.” she said as she walked down the hall.

She went in Starla’s room, turned on the light and went over to the crib. She 
lifted her baby out of crib.
“Shhhh, it’s ok. Did you just wake up, hun??” 
She carried Starla over the rocking chair in the corner of the room. She slipped off 
her top and fed her daughter. The phone began to ring. She reached over to the 
end table next to her and picked up the portable phone.
“Hi Mona.” Fyre said on the other end of the phone.
“Fyre! Oh it’s good to hear a familiar voice! How is everything at WCW?? I miss it!”
“Well, I have come bad new, AC quit.”
“Aww, I’m going to miss her when I come back.”
“You’re coming back? When?”
“Oh no time soon. Scott just went back to ECW today. I don’t think I’ll be 
gong back to soon. Starla is only six months old.”
“She’s is six month’s old already? It just seemed like yesterday you had her.”
“I know. Time flies by so fast.” 

Starla began to get fussy in her mother’s arms.
“Fyre, I have to go, Starla is getting fussy.”
“Ok, give her a kiss form her aunt Fyre from me.”
“I will.” Mona says with a giggle.
She hung up the phone and stood up. She walked around the room, talking to Starla.
“Hush, honey. Why are you so fussy baby?”
She sang a lullaby as she walked around the room. Soon, Starla was back to sleep. 
Mona laid her back in her crib, turned on the night light and left the room, making 
sure the door was left open a crack.

She went into the bedroom she shared with Scott. She reached in the drawer of the 
nightstand by the bed. She pulled out her address book and looked up AC Jazz’s phone 
number. She layed on the bed and dialed AC Jazz’s number on the portable phone.

“You have reached the home of AC Jazz. Unless you are Russo and Ferrara, please 
feel free to leave a message. If you are Russo and Ferrara, hang up now, becasue 
I have nothing to say to the two of you. “ 
Mona heard the sound of a beep.
“AC, this is Mona. I heard you quit WCW, and I called to see how you were. Call me.”

She hung up the phone and rolled over onto her side. She did not know how long she 
had been sleeping when all of the sudden the phone rings.
“Baby? Were you asleep? I’m at the hotel now.”
"Scott? What time is it?"
"It's almost midnight sweetheart. I just called to say I love you and Starla. Night. 
I love you.
"I love you too." Mona said as she blew a kiss into the phone.

She hung up the phone, pulled the covers down, made sure the baby walkie talkie 
was on so she could hear if Starla cried, climbed into bed and fell asleep. 

“Man, I just want to go home to Mona and the baby.”
“Man, you are loving the family life aren’t you?” Dreamer asked
“I sure am.”

Paul Heyman walks into the locker room of Raven and Dreamer.
“Well, I have finally agreed to let her come back.”
“Who, Chastity?”
“No, Kimona.”
“KIMONA?!?!”, both men exclaimed as they leaped out of their chairs. 
“Paul..she ruined ECW after she left...” said Dreamer.
“You let her COME BACK?? WHY!?!” said Raven.
“Who’s back?” asked Francine as she walked into the locker room.
“Kimona,” replied Dreamer.
Francine turned around and faced Heyman.
“I WILL NOT do a lesbian angle with that slut!” she yelled at Heyman.
“People, calm down. I will try to have it so she doesn’t have any angles with the 
three of you. Tommy, I know you and Beulah were not pleased about the lesbain angle. 
Francine you don’t have to worry. Scott, considering your past history with Kimona, 
and considering that you are now a family man, it is not wise to put you with her.”
“When will she start woking here? asked Dreamer.
“In about two weeks. I just wanted to let you know.”

Paul left the room as Francine, Dreamer, and Raven wondered what to do concerning 
Kimona’s arrival back to ECW.
“Have you told Mona abut her?”
“No. Kimona and I were along time ago. Way before I went to WCW even. It’s in the 
“Well, now the past has become the present, man. I think you should tell Mona about 
your days here in ECW, especially your days with Kimona.”
“Kimona means nothing to me now. Besides, it was purely physical between the two 
of us. You know that. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now. I have a wonderful 
wife and a beutiful baby girl.”
“I know that. But you know how Kimona is. You of all people know how she is.”
“Scott, we are talking about a woman that stripped in the arena in front of millions 
of people and had a lesbian angle with Beulah, because she wanted to, not to 
mention the horrible lies she told about Paul and ECW after she was released years 
ago.” said Francine.

Meanwhile, at the Levy house, Mona was on the phone with AC Jazz.
“It is nice ot hear your voice.” said AC.
“How are you? I heard you quit.”
“I’m fine. The new writers at WCW are pigs. They wanted me to do a mud wrestling 
match, plus have my clothing ripped off of me in the process. I wish Eric Bischoff 
was still around. Mona, you won’t believe what’s going on over there. No more good 
women matches like you and Brandi had. All they have now is stupid eye candy matches. 
Madusa is geting a push though."
Mona rolled her eyes at the mention of Madusa’s name. 
“But you are ok? Since you left?”
“Oh yeah, I have my own dance school anyway. So that will keep me busy from now on. 
I will miss you and Fyre though. Are you going back to WCW?”
“When Starla gets old enough I will. Scott went back to ECW the other day. 
I miss him already.”
“I bet you do. Have you heard form him since he went back?”
“Yeah, he called last night....”, Mona said. She is intrupped by the sound of 
Starla crying.
“AC, Starla needs me. Can I call you back?”
“Sure thing”

Mona hung up the phone and ran into her daughter’s room. She picked her up out 
of the crib. She walked over to the changing table and changed her daughter’s diaper. 
She then got the sleeper that Billy and Brittany had giver her out of the dresser 
and put that on Starla. She carried her daughter over to the rocking chair and 
rocked her until she fell back to sleep. She laid her sleeping baby back in 
the crib. She left the room, making sure the night light is on, and that the door 
is open a crack.

She went over to the phone and called AC Jazz.
“How is Starla? Is everything ok?” 
“She needed changed. So I did that and rocked her back to sleep. She gets fussy this 
time at night.”
She heard her call waiting kick in.
“AC?? I have a call on the other line. Can I call you tomorrow?”
“Sure. Take care Mona, and give that baby a hug for me.”
She answered her call waiting.
“ Hi sweetie.”
“I just called to tell you I am fine, everything is ok, and that I love you and 
Starla. I wanted to call you before I have to go to the ring.”
“I love you too honey.”

They hung up and Raven headed to the ring.

Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Francine, Sandman, and his wife, Lori were sitting in Tommy 
and Francine's hotel room, talking. 
Raven had just called Mona, and he seemed happy.
“Both of my girls are fine,” he said with a smile. 

Back at the Levy house, Mona was on the phone with Gorgeous George.
“Oh things are fine George.” 
“Have you heard from Scott?”
“Yes, I just heard from him. How is Randy?” 
“Randy and I are just fine. We will be going to the WWF soon here shortly.” 
“Oh that’s good. What? You guys are going to the WWF?? I’ll miss you whenever 
I come back to WCW.”
“When wil you be back?”
“I don’t know yet. I want to wait till Starla gets a little bit older.”
As if on cue, Starla begins to cry from her room
“George, Starla needs me, I have to go.” 
“OK, bye, Give her a hug from Randy and I.”
“I will, goodbye.”

She hung up the phone and goes into her daughter’s room. She lifted Starla out 
of the crib and carried her over to the rocker and rocked her. Soon, Starla 
was asleep again. She laid her daughter in the crib and left the room, making 
sure that the nightlight is on and that the door is open a crack.

Raven was in his hotel when he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and 
found Kimona Wannalaya on the other side wearing nothing but a towel. She came into 
the room and shut the door. She walked up to him, faced him, and dropped her towel 
in front of him. She put her hands on his chest.
“Oh Scott, ever since I got back to ECW two days ago, I wanted you. Now is our chance 
to get back what we had.” 
“I know what you’ve wanted since you got here. But guess what Kimona, you don’t 
always get what you want. I am a married man now, and I have a child. Mona and I are 
very happy. You and I are a thing of the past. And that is the way it is going 
to stay.”
He handed her the towel and ordered her to leave the room. As she left the room, She 
saw Justin Credible down the hall. 
She told to Raven’s closed door behind her, “I had a great time to baby! You are 
the best!” 
Justin Credible walked up to her.
“Isn’t that Raven’s hotel room?”
“It sure is Justin and I just had the best sex in my whole life.” 
She grined a huge grin and wandered off to her hotel room. Justin Credible 
whistled as low whistle as he walked down the hall. He saw his tag team partner, 
Lance Stornm, coming towards him. He walked over to Lance and whispered in his ear. 
Lance’s eyes grew wide as he looked at his tag team partner.
“NO WAY! Scott would not do that to Mona!"
“Man, I saw Kimona come out of his room! She was wearing nothing but a towel! Plus, 
she TOLD me that they had sex!”
“Wow. Poor Mona.”
“I know. And with Starla not even a year old..”
The two men walked down the hall and talked about the situation.

Mona sat at her computer. She decided to look at some wrestling news and rumors 
sites, and see what was going on in the world of Professional Wrestling. She went to 
one of her favorite sites, LordsOfPain.net. She looked at all the news links. She 
scrolled down. One manged to catch her eye: 

Kimona Wanalya and Raven having an affiar? 

She clicked on the link so she could find out just what this meant.
She read the story.

“According to Kimona Wanaylya’s Official Website, She is having an illicit affair 
with Raven (Scott Levy) She has stated on her website that Raven started the affair 
the day after she returned to ECW. On her website she states that ‘Last Night with 
Raven was the best sex I ever had!’
Please cridt Jim Jones and LordsOfPain.net. When using this information.”

Mona didn’t realize that someone was knocking at the door. She kept staring at the 
screen. She snapped out of her trance and opened the door and saw Fyre and AC Jazz, 
along with Tygress standing on the other side. 
“HIYA!” Fyre said with a great big smile on her face. 
Mona tried to smile back at the three girls, but couldn’t. She motioned for them to 
come inside. AC noticed something was wrong.
“Mona, you ok, you’re not your usualy cheery self today...” 
“Ohh I think I know what it is. Girlfreind has postpartem blues. All women get that 
after they have babies.“ said Tygress.
“No, It’s not that’, said Mona. “Scott is cheating on me.”
Girlfriend, girlfriend, I don’t think so. That man loves you to death. There is 
no way..” said Tygress.
“Mona, are you sure??” asked AC and Fyre.
“I’m positive. Come, I will show you the proof.”
She led them into the computer room, jiggled the mouse a little and the three ladies 
read the article on the screen.
“Oh My..” said Fyre.
“Holy Shit!” said Tygress
“How in the hell could he do this to you?” asked AC angrily.
The three of them looked up from the computer screen and saw Mona, with her 
head in her hands. She was crying softly.
Fyre stands up out of the chair and goes over to Mona.
“Oh honey, don’t cry.” She said stroking Mona’s blond hair. She looked at Tygress 
and AC for support.
“I have an idea. Instead of going shopping, the three of us will take Starla to my 
appartment for the night. You look like you could use some rest, and think about 
what you are going to do next...” said AC.
“Oh I know what I am going to do next,” said Mona. “I’m calling my divorce lawyer 
fist thing in the morning.”
“Hold on girlfreind, this shank bitch could be lying. Don’t jump the gun. Talk to 
Scott and get his side of the story.” said Tygress.

Meanwhile at the ECW arena, Raven, Dreamer, Sandman, Francine, and Lori were all 
sitting around talking and laughing when Dawn Marie walked up to Raven and 
slapped him across his face.
“How could you do that to Mona?!”
“What the hell?” said Raven.
“Oh don’t deny it, Lance and Justin told me everything. I can’t believe what you did, 
and neither can they!”
She stormed away in huff. Raven and the rest of them all look at each other in 
“What was that all about?”
“I have no clue.” Raven replied. 

A man walked in the ECW arena. He bumped into Rhino.
“Excuse me sir, I’m looking for a mister Scott Levy.”
“He’s over there, the one with the leather biker jacket on.” Rhino told the man as he 
pointed to Raven.
“Thank you,” the man replied.
“No problem” said Rhino.

The man walked up to Raven.
“Are you Scott Levy?” he aksed.
“Yes I am.” he replied.
“Here sir, these are for you.” The man said as he handed Raven some documents. 
“Please sign here for them."
“Do you know know what these papers are?” Raven asked as he took the man’s clipboard.
The man did not answer Raven. Raven signed the clipbaord and the man left. Raven 
opened up the documents. As he read them, his heart sank. 
“Scott, you ok?” asked Tommy Dreamer.
“Mona...she wants a divorce. These are divorce papers. She’s claiming I committed 
adultery.What the fuck is going on?”
“Man, go call her.”
“I’m gonna do better then that, I’m going home to her.”

He wandered through the halls of the ECW arena, until he found Paul Heyman.
“Paul, I have to go home, it’s urgent. Mona has filed for divorce.” 
“Oh man, I wish I could let you have the time off, but concidering how you just came 
back after being off for six months...”
“Ok, I understand, But I really have to fix things with Mona...”
“Use my office and go call her.”

Raven walked into Heyman’s office and dialed his house. He got the answering machine.
“This is the Levy house. We are not home right now. If you leave a message, 
we will get right back to you.”
He then heard the beep.
“Mona, baby? What is going on? I don’t want a divorce Mona. I love you. I would never 
cheat on you. You and Starla mean the world to me. Please honey, don’t do this. I 
love you.”
He sighed and hung up the phone.

Meanwhile at the Levy house, Mona sat at the table with Randy Savage and Gorgeous 
“Mona. pick up the phone. You know you don’t want to divorce him.” said George.
Mona looked at them with tears in her eyes.
“He cheated on me. How am I suppossed live with that fact?”
“Mona, he just said he didn’t.” said Savage.
“I know what he just said. I also know what I have read on every newsboard site on 
the internet. He cheated on me with Kimona.”
She put her head in her hands and began to cry. 

Francine comes flying out of her dressing room, “Tommy, come quick! Scotty is banging 
his head agaisnt a wall, he has been for the past ten minutes. I can’t talk to him 
even. It’a about her, I know it!”
Tommy Dreamer runs in the room.
“Stop Scott! Stop! Listen to me, You did nothing wrong...”
“She won’t talk to me. I’m losing her. I’m losing Starla. This can’t be hapening. I 
love them both too much!”
“No, you won’t lose anyone. I know Kimona’s lying. Franny knows Kimona’s lying. All 
of ECW knows Kimona’s lying..”
“But Mona doesn’t believe she’s lying.”
“She will, she wil.”
"It will be ok. I understand." said Francine

Kimona sat in her locker room.
"My plan is working perfectly. Raven's life is crumbling apart. Next time, he will 
know not to turn me down." she thought to herself.

Back at the Levy house, Mona sat with Tygress, Skye, Fyre, and AC Jazz.
“So, you went through with it?” Fyre asked.
“Yes,” Mona said with a depressing sigh.
“Girlfreind, you are making a huge mistake.” said Tygress.
Mona nodded her head with tears in her eyes.
“Look, I”m going to the ECW arena tomorrow, I’ll find out what is really going on.” 
said AC.
Mona sighed and shook her head ok. She had not ate or slept in days, and it started 
to show. The stress was building inside of her. Did she really want to go through 
with the divorce? 

Raven had finally convinced Paul Heyman to let him go home to Mona. He got in his 
car and drove home.

Meanwhile, back at the Levy house, Mona had just got Starla back to sleep. She was 
unusally fussy and took forever going back to sleep. Her phone rang,
“Hi Mona. I just called to see how you are doing” Fyre said,
“I’m fine, I just got my daughter in bed, she is extremely fussy tonight.”
“Well, I’m about to go to bed, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call.”
Mona hung up the phone and wondered if she would have yet another sleepless night. 
She had not slept in ther bed that she shared with Raven since she read about 
him and Kimona on the computer. She had no slept in a week, period. She knew the 
stress and exhaustion had finally gotten to her. She decided to go to the bed and 
try to get some sleep.

Raven is driving down the road in the pouring rain.
“I have to get home to Mona and Starla. I have to save my marriage.”
Because the rain was so bad, Raven’s car ran off the road. He tried his best to 
control it, but it was to no avail. His car slamed into a tree, and the next thing 
Raven saw was total darkness as he began to lose conciousness.

Mona, in a deep sleep, was awakened to the sound of someone pounding on the door. 
She got up and put her light teal colored house coat on. She walked through the hall 
and into the foyer. 
When she opened the front door, she saw two policemen on the other side.
“Yes?” She asked them sleeply.
“Are you Mona Levy?” one of the cops asked.
“Yes I am, is there something wrong?” 
“Ma’am, we are afraid your husband has been in an accident.”
“Scotty? He’s not...is he?”
“No ma’am, he’s not dead, but he is in seiorus condition. If you would please come 
with us ma’am.”
“An accident..how?”
“It seems due to the weather ma’am, he lost control of his car.”

Mona’s mind raced at a hundred miles per hour. Would he want her there at the 
hospital? She told the officers to come inside while she made a quick phone call. She 
called Fyre and informerd her of the accindent, and asked her to watch Starla 
while she went to the hospital. She then went into her bedroom to change into 
something other then her night clothes. As she was coming out of her bedrom, Fyre 
was being let into the house by one of the police officer’s. 
“Honey, are you ok?? Now do’t you worry about a thing. AC is on her way too, we will 
take care of Starla while you stay with Scott.”
She hugged Mona, and Mona left the policemen.

Tommy Dreamer and Francine were in the waiting room, Raven was in ICU in a coma, 
Tommy was beside himself.
“Damn it! Where is Mona? She should be here! If I lose my best freind because of 
Just then Francine saw Mona coming towards them. She nudged Tommy. He looked up and 
saw her coming down the hallway.
“Oh my god! What has happened to her? She looks like she lost fiften pounds. She 
looks as bad as I feel right now.”
Francine whispered to Dreamer to be quiet. She walked up and hugged Mona.
“Scott? Where is he?”
“He’s this way.” Tommy told Mona as he led her to Raven’s room. 
Mona put her hand over her mouth and gasped when she saw him. Raven was lying there 
in the bed, motionless. His head was all bandaged up.
“Oh my God! Scotty..” she whispered.
Francine dragged Tommy out of Raven’s room, so Mona could have some time alone with 
Mona sat in a chair beside Raven’s bed. She began to softly cry.
“Oh Scotty! I should have listened to you. Why did I file for that stupid divorce? I 
dont’ want to end our marriage. You are the only one in my life besides Starla, that 
I truly love. Scotty, please wake up...”

Raven still had not awaken. Tommy and Francine popped in from time to time. Mona 
stayed at the hospital the entire time. She never once left Raven’s side. AC Jazz 
and Fyre had stopped in from time to time, bringing Starla with them. 

Scott Hall and his girlfriend Tina, along with Kevin Nash and his girlfriend Chae, 
popped in to see how Raven was doing. 
“Hey Yo!” Hall said. He knew that always cheered Mona up. But when he looked at her 
this day, he knew not even that was going to work.
Mona tried to smie a weak smile, but was unable. The guilt she felt weighed heavily 
on her shoulders.
“It’s my fault he’s in here.” she told them.
“Now Mona...” said Tina.
“It is! If I had believed him and not filed for divorce...”
“You need some rest.” said Chae
“How am I? With him lying here like this.”
“Don’t beat yourself up. You need to take care of yourself, for Starla’s sake.” said 
“Big Sexy is right.” said Hall.
The four of them decided it was time to leave, and each of them gave Mona a hug.