Pumping Up: Written by Tangelo

Big Poppa Pump followed the half-nude Mona into her dressing room. She didn't hear the opening and closing of her door, as she was just stepping into her shower. Steiner's already aroused cock grew to its full length as he saw the beautiful form of the naked blonde getting hit with jetstreams of water. He pulled his shirt over his head and then lowered down to one knee and untied his boot. He did the same to the other boot, keeping his eyes on Mona's pert ass, which was swaying very slightly as she allowed the hot water to hit her body. She had been in Atlanta at the Power Plant, and it showed by the luxurious tan on her normally milky skin. As Steiner pulled down his jeans, Mona turned around. Before his lover's eye noticed her breasts, he had a gnawing fear that she would turn around and see him before he could work his magic. Luckily, her eyes were closed. He looked down at her breasts, and then down to her rectangle of blonde pubic fuzz. His eyes moved down her smooth legs, and then he viciously yanked his jeans off. He slid out of his boxers, and, right after Mona turned around again, stepped over the slightly raised concrete barricade that marked the shower.

Steiner moved silently behind Mona, his body being soaked with hot water, before pressing his cock against her ass crack. Mona let out a startled moan and turned around to see the large, muscular form of Scott Steiner. Wanting badly to feel his penis invading her rectum, she moved forward, away from his throbbing member, and got down on all fours, giving him a perfect view of her round ass. Steiner got down behind her and licked her slit before grabbing her thighs and parting them slightly. He entered her pussy from behind and began to pump into her pussy, burying his cock to the hilt in her pink folds. Mona let out a shriek of raw passion as the thick penis began to pump inside of her body. He groped for her breasts and found them, pushing squeezing them hard and pushing them together. His cock was gentle in her cunt, moving in quickly but gently in an upward, rocking motion. His immense strength nearly lifted her off of the ground. Still horny from her encounter with Scott Hall, Mona came quickly.

Steiner pulled his cock out of her after lightly lubing it with her juices, and then laid down flat on his stomach and arched his neck backward, lapping her femininity as it ran out of her core. After tasting her sweet juices, he got up to his knees again, and held onto her firm ass. He pushed on the firmness of her cheeks before blindly thrusting forward, sending his prick into her anus. She screamed out again as his cockhead moved past her first ring of muscles, but then settled down and began rocking her hips backward, wanting to take more of his masculinity into her backside. Steiner's grip on her ass moved slightly as he latched onto her hips, squeezing them hard as he moved forward into her. After getting his first couple of inches in, and feeling her muscles squeeze down, he lost his patience and thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt in her ass. She screamed out again in pure lust before encouraging him to fuck her hard. The rocking of her hips sped up to a very quick rate as he pulled back and slammed home again. He held onto her hips as he bucked his own pelvis forward in monster thrusts. He moved slowly, but his thrusting moved her forward far. She stayed on all fours despite the fury of his thrusts, determined to please him and herself. One hand left her hip and grabbed a swinging tit before pinching her nipple. She came, her ass muscles tightening around his cock and crushing it. He tried to hold back but couldn't. His cum squirted against and around her rectum before he slowly pulled out.

The two of them showered, rubbing each other's bodies clean with soapbars before going back to his hotel.