Mona and Scott Hall: Written by Tangelo

Mona tapped on Scott Hall's dressing room door. She and Kimberly had been playing poker, and when Kimberly ran out of chips, she bet the man she was having an affair with. Interested in having a man that she won, Mona eagerly anticipated her meeting with him after the game.

Hall opened the door, a sly grin showing itself when he saw her tight shirt and pants. In the hall, she pulled her top over her head and threw it in the room, revealing her naked breasts. She pushed Hall playfully and then followed him in the room, not bothering to close the door. Mona pulled down his pants, leaving his shirt on, and began to playfully attack his dick, kissing and licking at it while his boxers were on. She allowed him to prop himself up into a sitting position on the couch before covering her tits with her palms. She turned her back to him and bent over, her firm ass straining against her tight jeans, before spinning around for him. She let go of her breasts and bent over again, allowing him to look over her tits. She spun around again, her back to him, and started to inch her way out of the jeans, bending over more and more, until she had completely inched her way out of them. She was wearing only a pair of soaked, high-cut white panties.

Scott couldn't take her striptease anymore, and decided to be in control of the situation. He moved up behind her, and began to lick her neck, his hands groping her breasts--squeezing them and tweaking her nipples. His erection poked painfully against her ass. Mona turned around and bent over, pulling down his boxers and then flicking her tongue over his cock. He lookd upwards and tried desperately to stifle a moan of pleasure as the blonde moved her tongue around his dick, lubing it up with her spit. She stopped sucking his dick and laid down on the bed before beckoning Hall with a single finger. Hall came over and lapped at her tender pussy before moving up to her breasts and suckling her nipples.

In a hurry and desperate to cum, Scott Hall decided to end the foreplay and get down to business. He rolled Mona onto her side and lifted her left leg. He then moved her right leg forward slightly before thrusting in and entering her sideways. His hands were on her ankles, squeezing them painfully as he thrust into her wet cunt. Hall bent down over the side of her body and trapped her soft lips in his in a passionate kiss as his slippery cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally shot his load into her cunt.

Hall left like an ass hole to take a shower, leaving Mona still unsatisfied. Needing to come, she grabbed a roll of quarters sitting on the table. She wrapped her hand around the end of it, pretending it was the base of a small penis, and stuck it in her cunt. Her body shuddered from the feel of the cold metal touching her core. She started to thrust it in further before pulling it back and shoving it in again. She used her free hand to play with her nipples, rolling them into pebbles of equal hardness as she fucked herself. Mona's breathing sped up, as did her fucking, when she felt she was close. She finally came, drenching the rim of the roll of quarters, as well as its content, before tossing it over onto the table. She picked up her clothing and left, when, without her knowledge, only Big Poppa Pump, in rehab for a back injury, saw her naked form going across the hall and to the womens showering facility. He knew he had to have her.