Secrets and Lies, by Nickey

Nash and Savage were in the middle of their World Title match. Nash is about to 
powerbomb Savage. He looks up and sees Mona on the top turnbuckle. She flies off 
the turnbuckle coming towrds him. He catches her in mid air and power slams her to 
the mat, not realizing that he broke a few of her ribs while doing so. He 
contiues his assult on Savage until Madusa and George distract the referee, 
allowing Sid to come in and poerbomb Nash. Savage covers Nash as Sid
leaves the ring. The referee counts to three. Macho puts George on his shoulder as 
she holds the World title belt that Savage just won high above her head. Madusa comes 
in the ring, raises two fingers in the air in the shape of a V. Meanwhile, in 
another corner of the ring where Nash power slammed her, Mona is laying on 
her side trying to block out the pain. George tells Macho Man to put her down. 
She runs over to Mona, and shakes her.
“Mona, you ok??”
“Brain, Miss Madness has not moved since she got slammed by Nash. I think something 
maybe wrong.” Tony Schiavone says at the announce table.
Macho Man and Sid go over to Mona to find out if she is ok. Sid motions
for paramedics. Madusa is standing over Mona with an evil gleam in her eye. Mona, in 
excruaiting pain, blacks out. 

Raven, watching this at a monitor this from his dressing room, if furious 
and worried.
“Mona, get up, please...”
He runs out of his locker room and towards the ring. He climbs in the ring, moves 
Sid, Savage, and George out of the way. Not even waiting for a stretcher, 
he gently picks Mona up and carries her out of the ring. He is about to head 
up the ramp when he approached by two paramedics with a stretcher. He lays her 
genlty on the stretcher, and gets in the ambulance with her. As he gets in 
the ambulance, Saturn approached him.
“Man, are you going with her?? We have a tag team match tonight.”
“You and Kanyon defend the titles, I have more important business to take care of.”
The ambulance doors close, and heads to the local hosptial. 

In the ring Savage approaches Nash.
“What the hell did you do that for? You could have seriously injured her!” he yells 
at Nash.
“Kevin! How could you be so brutal?” George asks.
“Man, I’m surprised if Levy doesn’t tear you limb from limb.” Sid says.
Madusa, looks at Nah and smiles slyly.
“Woah, woah, woah.  I was under the impression you wanted her out of Team 
Madness, and that you wouldn’t mind if I harmed her.”
“Who or what in the hell gave you that idea.” Savage yells.
“She did.” Nash says as he points to wear Madusa was standing.  But to their 
surprise, Madusa  had quickly left the ring area.
“Look, Madusa came into my office last night and told me to do so. I swear it! 
Otherwise I would not have done what I did to Mona.”

“Miss... miss can you hear me??” a nurse asks Mona.  
Mona opens her eyes groggily as she tries to focus on where she is at. Her ribs are 
taped up.
“Ma’m I’m sorry.  What made you get in the ring in your condition?” asks the doctor.
“What?” Mona asks, still trying to focus on what is going on around her.  
“Miss, not only do you have broken ribs, but you suffered a miscarriage as well.”
“No...that can’t be.  I’m not pregnant. I never was.”
“Oh you were ma’am.  We performed a D anc C on you, to clean you out..”
“Oh god! He doesn’t know, does he?”
“The man who came in with you? No ma’am we haven’t told him yet. Is he your 
“No, he’s my boyfriend.  Listen, can this be a docter patient privlege 
thing? Since I didn’t know I was pregnant, I didn’t tell’s best he 
doesn’t know about the miscarriage.”
“Ok ma;am. but we will have to tell your employers when we write this out for 
insurance purposes.” 
The doctor gave Mona some painkillers, and went to tell Raven about Mona’s rips.
“She broke about four ribs but she should be ok. We taped her ribs and gave 
her a pain killer that made her sleepy. If you want you can take her home now.” 
the attending doctor tells Raven. 

Raven thanks the doctor shook his hand, walked over Mona, gently lifts her 
up, and carries her out of the hosptial. He has a cab waiting for him, he 
carefully puts her in the cab, climbed in and then tells the cab driver to 
go to the Hilton. The cab pulls up to the hotel door, Raven gets out and pays 
the cab driver. He then gently lifts Mona out of the car. She is still asleep 
from the painkillers the doctor gave her. AC Jazz and Fyre are outside 
looking at the stars and talking. AC opens the door for Raven. He goes to 
the elevator, and sees Billy Kidman standing by it. Kidman pushes the button
for the sixth floor for Raven when they get in. Raven gets off the elevator 
at his floor, and sees Sid coming down the hall.
“Sid man, can you give me a hand?”
Sid walks up to Raven. 
“What you need?” he asks
“I need you to take my wallet out of my back pocket, get my room key out of 
it, and unlock the door. I would, but I have her in my arms.” Sid does so 
and follows Raven in the room. “You can set the wallet and the room key on 
the dresser,” he tells Sid as he carefully lays Mona down on the bed. 
“Thanks man.”
Sid waves goodbye, and closes the door on his way out. Raven carefully 
removes Mona’s MISS MADNESS 99 sash, shoes, gloves and dress from her body. He 
stares at her body for a while, knowing that with her injured ribs, and the 
fact that she was drugged up, there was no way they would be able to make love. 
He sighs as he removes his own clothing, climbs in bed, and tries to go to sleep.

Mona wakes up. Pain shoots through her sides as she tries to sit up. Raven 
awakens at the sound Mona groaning in pain as she tries to get out of bed.
“Honey, what are you doing?”
“I have to go talk to George about something.”
“Right now?”
The memory of what the doctor told her the night before flashes through 
her mind.  She puts her hand over her mouth to stifle a cry.  
Suddenly there is knock on the hotel room door.  Raven informes Mona that he 
will answer it. 
When he opens the door, Savage and  Gorgeous George are standing on the 
other side.  
“We came to see Mona, how is she?” Savage asks.
“She has a few broken ribs, that’s all.  She’s awake if you want to see her.  
She was just trying to get out of bed anyway, to go and talk to you, George.
The three of them walks into the room and find Mona, sitting on the bed, with 
her head in her hands, crying.  Raven rans over to her and kneels down so 
he is eye-level to her.
“Mona, honey, what is wrong?” he asks her.
“N-n-nothing.” she sobs.
“Are you sure?” he asks.
“Uh huh.”” she says.
Raven tells Mona that him and Savage are going to go get some coffee. 
“George, will you stay here with me? I have to tell you something important.”
As the men leave, George sits on the bed besde Mona.
“Mona, what is it? What is wrong??”
“I had a miscarrriage” Mona says as she bursts into tears once more.
“Oh honey! I am so sorry! When?”
“Last night.” she sobs.  “Don’t tell Scott, he doesn’t know I was pregnant.”
“You didn’t tell him?”
“I had no idea I was pregnant. I wasn’t even a month along, the doctor said.”
“And because he didnt’ know you were pregnant, therefore he doesn’t know about 
the miscarriage either.”
Two minuts later, Raven and Savage walk in the hotel room.  Both men are 
carrying two cups of coffee.
“Are you  ok, Mona?” Raven asks.
“Everything is fine.” George says.  Savage looks at his girlfriend, knowing she 
is lying about something.  

Macho Man and George decide to leave and let Mona get some rest. As soon as 
they get out of the room, Savage grabs his girlfriend by the arm and glares at 
“Ok, what is really going on?” he asks.
“Randy, I’m not sure Mona wants a lot of people to know.  I promised her I 
would keep her secret.  Please respect that.  Ok??” she says to him as she 
touches his cheek.  
Savage sighs.  He is worried about Mona, but he realizes George is right.  
“Is it that bad?  So bad she can’t even tell Scott?”
“Especially him.” George says.
Meanwhile in their room, Mona has quit crying long enough to go back to sleep.  
Raven sits in a chair and stares at her, wondering what was so upsetting to her that morning.  
Mona awakends hours later, Raven is not in the room.  She begins to panic. Thinking 
that Raven somehow found out the secret and left her, she begins to cry once more.  
Raven comes back in the room, and sees Mona crying for the second time 
that day.  
“Mona, what is wrong, sweetheart?”
“Noth-nothing.” she tells him.
“Now Mona, this is not nothing.  Honey.  Something is wrong.  Please, please 
tell me what it is.”
“I’m just sore and tired, that’s all.” she lies.
Soon, there is a knock on the door.  Raven gets up to get it.  When he answers 
it, Sid is on the other side.
“Sid! Come on in man!”
“Is Mona ready? It is time to go.”
“She’s in here.  Mona, Sid is here. I guess Team Madness is ready to go to the 
next to the next town.”
She tries her eyes and nods her head. She begisn to pick up heer duffel 
bag, and Raven tells her that with her ribs being sore, she isn’t carrying
anything. He lifts her duffel bag and Sid grabs her suitcase. The three of 
them head to the elevator.  
“How you felling? How are your ribs?” asks Sid.  
Mona gives him a weak smile and nod.
“Nash is a dead man.” declares Raven.
“Well, he’s saying someone put him up to it.” says Sid.
“Who? Sid, who did this to Mona?” asks Raven angrily.
“He’s saying Madusa was the mastermind behind this.  Savage let her have it 
real bad last night.  Threatened to kick her out of Team Madness.  He told her 
one more mess up and she is gone.”
“Madusa? But why Sid?” asks Mona.
“I don’t know. Ask Nash. Maybe he will know.”
“Madusa may or may not have thought of this, but Nash is still a dead man as 
far as I’m concerned.” Raven tells them.
They walk out of the elevator and through the front doors of the motel.  
Savage, and George are waiting in front of the car.
“Ahh, there they are.” Savage says smiling.
George looks  at Mona and notices she’s been crying.
“You ok, Mona?” she asks her as Sid loads Mona’s luggage in the car.
“Yeah.  I’ll be fine.  I think.” Mona replies. 
“Where’s Madusa?” Raven asks.
“She’s not riding with us.  She and I had a little disagreement last night.” 
Savage replies.
George climbs in the backseat as Save gets in the drivers seat.  Sid opens Mona’s 
opens door. She kisses Raven softy and got in the backseat with George. Sid  
closes her door and gets in the passenger seat next to Macho Man.
“Are you ever going to tell Scott about the miscariage?” George whispers 
to her.
“Maybe..One day. Maybe.”
“Mona, you should tell him.  He has a right to know.  Don’t you think?”
“George, if he had known about the baby before hamd, then yes, I would 
tell him. Why put him through this pain? I wish this kind of pain on no one. 
I can tell you that.”
“Pain? How is your ribs doing Mona?” Savage asks.
“My ribs will be okay within time, Randy.  Thanks for asking.”
“Well, I heard you say the word pain, so I figured I’d ask.  You don’t have 
to interfere tonight.  I don’t want to risk you injuring your ribs, or 
damaging soemthing else.”
“I’m glad all you injured was your ribs last night.” Sid said.
George and Mona just give each othe a look. Randy, looking in his reveiw 
mirror, sees this and frowns.
They get to the hotel. Mona sees Raven waiting in the hotel lobby.  
“I have our room already.  Let’s go upstairs and get some shuteye.” he tells her.
“Actually, I’m more hungry than anything else. Can we go into the restraunt 
and get something to eat? Please?”
He gives her a kiss on the cheek, and they go into the restraunt.  When they 
get into the restraunt, Raven sees Kevin Nash laughing and talking with Konnan.  
Still furious at Nash for what he did to Mona the night before, he lets go of 
Mona’s hand, runs over to Nash and tackles the big man. He has Nash by the hair, 
and slams him face first into a table. Mona runs over to him and tries to 
pull him off of the seven foot giant. Sid, Savage, and George walk into the 
restraunt and see the scuffle. George moves Mona out of the way, as Sid, 
Savage and Konnan break up the fight. Saturn and Kanyon, who are seated 
nearby, come over and try to restrain a very angry Raven. He
pushes  them away and goes at Nash once more. Nash pushes Sid, Savage, and Konnan 
away and  punches Raven in the nose, causing it to bleed. Raven picks 
up a chair and attempts to break it over Nash’s head. Eric Bischoff comes 
between them and orders Raven to put down the chair. Raven does so as he 
continues to glare at Nash.
“Ok, what in the hell is going on here?” demands Bischoff.
“He gave Mona four broken ribs last night!” shouts Raven as he points at Nash.
“Look, I admit I slammed her to the mat a little hard last night.  But, 
Madusa told me to do that.She said that’s what Savage wanted.  I had no 
clue she was lying.” 
“Did you know anything about this?” Bischoff asks Savage, Sid, and George.
“No, we did not. Not until after the match last night when we confronted 
him.” Savage replies pointing to Nash. “I will tell you that I did have a 
talk with Madusa last night, and I informed her that if she ever pulled 
a stunt like this again, she is out of Team Madness.”
“Mona, I am sorry for last night.  Really I am.” says Nash.
Mona nods her head. 
“You still hungry?”Raven asks her, as he whipes the blood away from his nose.
“Yes.” she replies.
Raven grabs Mona by the hand, and lead her to a corner table.
Meanwhile, back at the Team Madness table, George looks over to where Mona and 
Raven are sitting.
“Nash is damn lucky that Scott doesn’t know the whole truth about what 
happened to Mona last night, or he would literally be dead by now.” George 
thought to herself.

Bischoff knocks on Team Madness’s dressing room one night before a house show.  He has some medical papers in his hand. Sid answers the door and lets Bischoff in.
“Hi all.” Bischoff says. “Mona, I’m a bit confused on your ER release from last week, not only does it have your broken rips listed, but it states here that you suffered a miscarriage as well.”
Mona gets a deer caught in the headlights look on her face as the rest of Team Madness, except George, stare at her.  She puts her head in her hands and begins to cry.
“If I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in the match that night...I swear I wouldn’t have.” 
“So, it is true? asks Bischoff.
“Yes” she sobs.
“Ok, just wanted to clear that up.” Bischoff says as he leaves the room.
“I’m sorry Mona.” Savage says softly to her.
“Yeah, so am I.” said Sid.
“So how does lover boy feel about all of this?” Madusa asks.
“He doesn’t know.” Mona says as she dries her eyes.
“You mena you haven’t told him?” asks Savage.
“I didn’t know I was pregnant, therefore he didn’t know. Why tell him about this painful ordeal?”
Savage shakes his head. “I still think he should know.”

”Sting, wait up! I need to talk to you!” Madusa shouts as she sees Sting walking through the
arena one night.
“What is it Ducie?” He asks.
“It’s about Bash At The Beach.  I have a job..I mean Team Madness has a job for you to do in that match up.  
“And that job is?”
“Injuring Mona..Miss Madness 99. All you have to do is give her a few Stinger Splashes.  That’s it.”
“How does Savage feel about this??
“Randy. Randy wants her out of Tean Madness. Trust me, you injuring Mona will be doing him a favor.” Madusa says. 
“If I give Mona a few Stinger Splashes, Savage won’t get upset??”
“As long as you don’t harm George, he’s cool.”
"Ok Ducie, I’m taking your word for it.” Sting says as Madusa is already walking away.

“WHAT UP MACH?” blares through the arena as  Savage and Sid comes to the ring with,George, Miss Madness, and Madusa. Before the match started Savage says some words to George and instructs her to stand outside the ring. George walks over to the other side of the ring
and stands behind Nash. Savage gets pissed and walks over and has a stareoff with Nash. The match starts when Sting comes up behind Savage and attacks him. Sid knocks Sting off his feet with a lariat to the chest. Sid holds a reverse chinlock on Sting for about two minutes before Nash comes in and decks Sid. Savage and Sid double team Sting while the ref's back is turned. Sting hits a standing dropkick on Savage. Nash throws Savage into the corner and clotheslines him. George is cheering Nash on. Nash slaps Sting's hand hard for a tag. Sting throws Savage to the outside and misses a stinger splash and hits the safety rail. Sid goes to the outside and drops Sting across the safety rail. Miss Madness and Madusa hit Sting and throw him back in the ring. Sid applies another rear chinlock on Sting. Sting fights back with a shoulder block then falls out head first between Sid's legs. Nash tagged in and cleaning house. All four men in ring now. Madusa comes in and kicks Sting. Miss Madness comes in and gets the Stinger Splash three times in a row. Madusa looks at Sting from the outside and smiles slyly. Nash gets caught in a Stinger
Splash along with Savage. Nash goes for the jack knife powerbomb on Savage and George comes in and racks Nash. Sid slams Nash and Savage comes off the top rope with the elbow to get the pin.  Sid, Savage, George, and Madusa all celbrate the win.  Mona, however is leaned up against the ring post, where she recieved the three Stinger Splashes from Sting.  She is holding her sides, and grimicing in pain.  George runs over to her.
“Mona, honey, is it your ribs agian?”
“I think so.  I think they have been re-injured”  

Raven comes barling out of the dressing room and heads towards the ring area as Sting is heading towards the back. He tackles Sting, and begins to pummel him.  Sid, Savage, and Nash try to break up the fight between the two men. As soon as they pull them apart, Raven lunges at Sting.
“How dare you! at the hell did you give her three Stinger Splashes for!?!?”
“Whoa Whoa Whoa! Man, I’m just doing what I was told to do.  Blame Savage. He wants Miss Madness out of Team Madness, he wanted her injured.”
Savage grabs Sting by his collar. 
“Who told you this bull shit?”
“One of your ladies...”
“Madusa.” said Nash.
“Yeah, how did you know?” said Sting.
“I got the same song and dance last month, the night before The Great American Bash.”

Raven leaves the coversation, and gets in the ring.  George is standing with Mona. He goes over to them, tells George hello, and gently picks up Mona in a fireman’s carry.  He cilmbs out of the
ring, and heads to the back.

Savage gets in the ring and walks up to George.
“Where is Madusa? She was behind the Stinger Splashes. She told Sting to do that to Mona”
“Damn it! And she knows what hapened to Mona last month at the hands of Nash!” I don’t know where she went, she left the ring as soon as Raven came out here.”

WHAT UP MACH?” blares though the arena as all of Team Madness come to the ring. Then the NWO theme blares through the arena as Hogan comes to the ring. Hogan is a bit distracted by the women at ringside. Savage pounds Hogan in every corner of the ring. Hogan chants are heard through out the arena. Miss Madness and Madusa come in the ring and they try to attack Hogan. Miss Madness distracts Hogan, so that Madusa can low blow him, by slapping him in the face. Madusa just stands there, however, and Hogan recovers and bangs their heads together. 

Outside, of the ring, once the women recover from having their heads banged together, Madusa gets in Mona’s face.
“You little bitch! You have ruined everything!  Now I am going to ruin you..for good!” Madusa hisses.
She slaps Mona across the face, knees her in the gut, and puts her in a headlock.  Mona’s ribs, which were renjured the night before, begins to throb in pain. Mona, trying to block out the pain in her sides, tries to fight off Madusa, and fails. Security comes out and pulls Madusa off of Mona. They drag both women to the back.  

Raven, who is in his dressing room, watching the match on the monitor, becomes furious. Seeing that both women are now in the back, he goes over and hugs Mona, who is shaken up by the fight
between her and Madusa.

Savage, George and Sid head to the back after the match.  Savage is furious, he lost his World title to Hogan, thanks to Madusa slacking.  He saw her attack Mona, and fact that she had told Sting to give Mona the Stinger Splash the night before at the Pay-Per-View. They get in the Team Madness dressing room, Madusa is in there.
“You,” Savage says pointing to her.. “are out of Team Madness as of right now.”
“What about Mona, is she out as well?” Madusa replies.
“No, she didn’t set anyone up last night, and she managed to do what she had to do to Hogan tonight.  You were the one who messed up tonight when the two of you tried to ambush Hogan.”
“Oh, I forgot.  She is never at fault is she? Sweet, perefect little Mona.  Are you forgetting the tag match against Raven and his cronies? Huh? She set everyone up then. ”
“She didn’t set someone up to get injured, like you did to her...twice.” George shouted back.
“Don’t you take that tone of voice with me, miss George. Mona is slut that opens her legs for every man in the fed.  She got what was coming to her. She probably didn’t tell Scott Levy about the baby because it probably isn’t even his.” 
Hearing this, George sees red.  She runs over to Madusa and slaps her across the face as hard as she can.
“Get out of, now Madusa. Before I decided to really harm you.”
Madusa leaves the Team Madness dressing room.  She sees Raven at the vending machines getting a Pepsi One for Mona.
“Oh Scott! I am sorry so about your and Mona’s loss.  I just heard.” Madusa says in a concerned voice.
“What are you talking about?”
“Why Scott? Surely you must know. Mona suffered a miscarriage last month when Nash powerslamed her at Great American Bash.  I’m sure she told you.” seeing the look on his face, she continues her fake concered act. “Oh Scottie! I am sooo sorry! I have no why Mona kept
something like this from you!”
“Wait, are you sure.  Knowing you, you are probably making this up. “ He says.
“Oh no, believe, this is NOT made up.  All of Team Madness knows. Even Eric Bischoff knows. As a matter of fact, Eric let me, Sid, and Randy know. Apparently George already knew, and lord only knows who else knew of this secret.”

Just then Eric Bischoff is walking down the hallway. Raven excuses himself from Madsua and goes over and asks him to confirm what Madusa just told him.  Eric stalls, knowing that Raven should be hearing this from Mona, not someone else.  Raven pressures him some more, hoping that it is Madusa, and not Mona, is lying to him. He assures Bischofff that Mona will never find out who told him. Bischoff relutantly closes his eyes and nods his head, confirming what Madusa
had just told him. 

Raven turns and heads off to his locker room, forgetting about the Pepsi One sitting in the vending machine. He opens the door fiercely and slams it as soon as he walks in the room. Mona sits up with a jolt.  She sees he is furious about something.
“Honey what’s wrong?” she asks as she stands up and walks over to him.
He grabs her and glams her back hard against the wall.
“How could you lie to me? Why didn’t you tell me about the baby?” He yells at her.
Mona opens her mouth to speak, to explain her actions. But no sound comes out.
Raven, livid with anger, slams back her agianst the wall again. “You lied to me you bitch! I do everything for you! I buy you fancy dresses, cater to your every need, and YOU LIE TO ME! Why Mona? Huh? Oh don’t answer will probably be just another lie.  Hell, the baby probably wasn’t even mine, that’s why you didn’t tell me, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”
He slams her back agianst the wall once more.  Mona, in a mixture of fear, sorrow, and remorse, begins to cry.
“Scottie, please...”
“Get out of here, get out of my dressing room, and out of my life.”
Raven grabs Mona by the arm roughly.  He opens his locker room door and shoves her out of the the door.  
“Don’t think of coming back!” he yells. He slams the door.  

Mona looks at the closed door in dispair.  She goes to the Team Madness locker room, but when she gets there, no one is there. Sid, Savage, and George are gone, even their luggage is gone. Mona sits on the bench, puts her head in her hands and begins to cry. Hot tears streak her face as she sobs uncontrollably

Outside in the arena parking lot, George remembers that she left her lipstick on the counter in the locker room.  She goes back in the locker room.  When she gets  there, she sees Mona, sitting in the room, crying her eyes out.
“Mona, honey, what is wrong?” 
“S-S-Scott broke up with me.  He found out about the miscarriage. He-he-he slammed me against the wall three times, and yelled at me. Oh GG, what will I do?” she bawls.
George puts her lipstick in her pocket, goes over and hugs Mona.  As she is doing that, Savage walks in the room.  
“He knows.” George says to Savage.
“Who knows what? What’s wrong with Mona?” Savage asks.
“Scott knows about the miscarriage.” Mona bawls.
“They just broke up.”  George adds.
Randy sighs and looks down at the floor. Randy tells Mona that her luggage is in his rental car, and she is welcome to ride along.  The three of them leave the arena and go out to the paking lot to the car, where Sid is waiting.