A Hardcore Love: Written by Tangelo

Raven and Mona had first met right after she had been hired by WCW and right before he had been released. They had gone on a couple dates before finally deciding to have sex. When they finally did decide, Mona waited for him to finish his match with ECW before leading him to a nearby Motel 6. They went into their cheap room and closed and locked the door. Mona turned to face Raven when he spun her around again, placing her back to him. He kissed her neck and then licked from her neck to her chin. He got down on his knees and pulled down her skirt and panties. He turned her around and moderately licked her wettening pussy before grabbing her wrists in one hand and holding them over her head and against the wall. He kissed her pink lips hard before using his free hand to tear the buttons off of her shirt. He spread it apart before moving her blue push-up bra down to her flat middle. He bent down again and licked her navel before moving up to the curve underneath her breasts. He arched his neck up as high as he could before nibbling on her nipples.

He turned her around again before letting go of her wrists. He licked the backs of her legs and then moved up to her ass. He kissed each cheek before licking them, coating her cheeks with a very thin film of saliva. He pressed in with his hands and began to rub her ass cheeks dry. He pushed her over to the bed and she fell onto it before turning over, her tits pointing up. She had never been dominated before, and loved it. Seconds later, Raven climbed onto the bed, also. He spread her legs and allowed her to hold them up, giving him access to her pussy. He licked at her in long, hard strokes of his tongue before moving back up to her breasts. As he moved up to her navel, he tore the bra, which was still around her middle, and tossed it aside. He swirled his tongue in her navel before finally getting to her delectable breasts. He swirled his tongue around each nipple before sucking on them hard, his lips pressing roughly against her aeriola. He then gave the same treatment to the other one. He flipped her over and told her to get on all fours. When she did, he split her ass cheeks and began licking her anus before closing his lips around it and sucking hard. He found her clitoris with his fingers and began to massage it.

While Raven was paying attention to her two main pleasure centers, Mona was writhing in pleasure. She tried to steady herself, but found it an impossible task under the intense ministrations of her hardcore lover. To her regret, he stopped attacking her clit and anus and flipped her back over. He spread her legs with his forearms before holding them apart with his hands. He thrust his long, hard cock into her pussy and began to pump. Unfortunately, she came quickly from the fury of his thrusts. Raven, not disappointed but actually happy, flipped her over again. As she was trying to get up to her hands and knees, Raven shoved his enflamed penis into her pussy from behind. After burying his rod to the hilt in her wetness, he picked her up and pulled her off the bed. He stood up, still inside of her, and allowed her to steady herself by grabbing onto one of the loops in the mattress--the type used to pick up beds. He began pumping excruciatingly hard, fucking her rough like a cheap whore. He let go of her legs and fastened his hands onto her firm, shapely hips. He began pumping again before releasing her left hip and using it to grab onto her left breast. He squeezed it hard as he held her in place with his right hand. Mona's orgasm-hungry body shuddered as she came, bathing his penis in her sweet juices.

Raven pulled out and let go of her, allowing her to drop onto her knees. He grabbed her shoulders with his hands and turned her around roughly, his cock standing out in front of her puckered pink lips like an exclamation point in the middle of a fuzz of pubic hair. She flicked her tongue over his foreskin before taking in the first few inches of his shaft. Mona began sucking, moving her head forward and taking in more of his dick as she did so. Her tongue rubbed the underside of his shaft as he began to eagerly thrust his hips forward. He finally came in her warm mouth, squirting his pre-cum and cum onto her pallate and tongue. Raven pulled out and fell to the floor, pulling her firm, toned body on top of him.