New Beginnings: Written by Nickey

Mona finishes putting on her makeup and her Miss Madness outfit. She 
looks at her watch sitting beside her on the makeup table. Madusa is still 
fixing her hair and putting on her make up. Mona got up out of her seat and 
headed for the door.
“Where you going?? Randy will be here any minute, and we have to head to the 
ring in an hour.” says George.
“To the ladies room and to get a can of Pepsi One.  Don’t worry, 
I’ll be back.” says Mona.
She leaves the dressing room and closes the door behind her. Making sure 
no one sees her, she turns left and runs down the hall.  She comes to a 
dressing room that has WCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS written on it.
She knocks three times then whispers, “It’s me, let me in.”
The door opens up and on the other side is Raven. He has a pair of torn 
jeans on and no shirt.
“I thought you would never get here.”
“Madusa moves at a snails pace! Saturn, where is he? He’s not coming back 
anytime soon, is he??” 
“No, I sent him and Kanyon away for a while.”
Mona is about to say something else, when Raven kisses her.  They stop kissing just
enough so Mona can get her MISS MADNESS 99 sash over her head.  He kisses her neck 
as he begins to take off her long blue gown. As they move towards a bench, 
she helps him undo his clothes.  They make love on the bench.  Afterward, she 
lays there in his arms, and closes her eyes peacefully.  But the peacefulness is over 
when they begin to hear voices in the hall. Kanyon and Saturn’s.  Mona leaps up from 
the bench. She quickly puts her blue gown back on.  She grabs her sash.  She looks 
around frantically for a place to hide in case they come in the room. But soon their 
voices disappear down the hall. Mona and Raven both breath a sigh of relief.  
Mona looks around in the dressing room for a clock.  She knows she had to be 
in the Team Madness’
dressing room soon. Raven sees her looking around and chuckles.
“My dressing room is the same as yours Mona,” he says.
“I was looking for a clock. I have to be back the Team Madness dressing 
room soon..." She is stopped in mid sentence by a long kiss from Raven.
“Scott, Savage and the girls are probably wondering where I am...” she says 
in between kisses.
He quits kissing her and allows her to pull away.  He knows they both have work 
to do.  She stands there for a moment, not wanting to leave Raven, but at the 
same time knowing she had to, just for a little while.  Just while Team Madness 
was in the ring.
“You better leave, or you will be late.”  Raven says as he gives her a quick kiss.  
Mona dashes out the door, and runs down the hall, hoping no one sees her.

Macho Man Randy Savage paces back forth yelling at everyone, and no one.
“Where the hell is she?? She knows we go to the ring in ten minutes! George, 
are you sure you checked all the ladies rooms in the arena?”
“And you checked all the places that had vending machines??” he asks Madusa.
“Yes, Randy.  No Mona at any of the vending machines.” 
“OK, she said she went to the ladies room and to get a pop, and she will 
be right back, except she isn’t in any of the ladies rooms, she isn’t 
getting a pop anywhere, and she hasn’t come right back.”  Randy says as he
paces back and forth.
Just then, the dressing room door swings open, and Mona walks in.  She is 
unaware of how she looks.  Her hair is a bit out of place, her lipstick 
is smeared and her  MISS MADNESS 99 sash is on her..upside down! Savage 
and George look at her in amazement, while Madusa just leans up
against the wall, and smirks.
“Boy, do you look like a train wreck.” says Madusa.
“What?? What do you mean??” asks Mona
“Hun, your sash is on upside down.” George says, trying to be tactful, 
since Madusa wasn’t.
Mona fixes her sash.  As she as doing so, Madusa lets loose with some
more comments.
“You hair looks hideous, and your makeup is smeared all to hell.”
“MADUSA!” exclaims George.
“Well, look at her!”
Mona goes over to a mirror.  Sure enough, all the kissing that Raven and her 
did had smeared her lipstick.Her hair was coming out of it’s bun. 
She brushes her hair, and fixes her face. As she does so, thoughts of
Raven floods her mind.  She puts down the brush, and smiles happily to herself.
Are you ladies finally ready?” asks Savage.
“Yes Randy.” all three ladies replied.

“WHAT UP MACH?” blares through the arena as Macho Man Randy Savage, Miss 
Madness 99, Madusa, and Gorgeous George make their way to the ring. As she 
is walking down the aisle, and past all the fans, she is humming softly 
to herself., lost in thoughts about Raven.

Sting’s music blares through the arena as he makes his way to the ring. The match 
got underway between the two men. While the match was going on inside the ring, 
George and Maudsa were trying to get answers from Mona about where she was.
"Mona! What are you keeping a secret??" asks George
"Yeah, who's the boy toy that you've been hiding??" asks Madusa
"Oh, I think Randy may need some interference." replies Mona, trying to avoid the 
subject of her personal life.
Mona climbed in the ring. Sting went for a Stinger Splash, but Macho Man pulled 
Mona in front him, and she got a Stinger Splash. George and Madusa interfered, 
allowing Savage to get the win over Sting. They help Mona back to the dressing 
room after the match.
Raven watching from the monitor in the hall, was not pleased at all with 
what he saw.

“Come As You Are.” blares through the arena as The Tag Team Champions, Raven and 
Saturn, along with Kanyon, Make their way to the ring, bring a table with them. 
Out come their opponents, Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, and their manager, Arn 
Amderson. Horsemen sucks chants before the bell even rings. Raven and Saturn 
get a huge pop. Saturn takes on both members of the Horsemen, and slings 
Benoit into Malenko. Saturn drop toe holds Benoit, and Raven follows up 
with an elbow into Benoit's back. Arn Anderson  and Malenko double team 
Raven on the outside. Raven puts Benoit in an inside cradle on, but ref Charles
Robinson has his back turned. The ref is clearly on the Horsemen's side, as he 
lets Malenko and Benoit double team Raven. Saturn comes in and cleans house; 
knocks Anderson off the ring apron and T-bone suplexes Malenko. Malenko 
locks the cloverleaf on Saturn. Saturn gets to the ropes. Saturn hits the DVD 
but Benoit stops the count with the diving headbutt. Benoit with a backbreaker on 
Saturn for a two count. Benoits does a drop toe hold on Saturn and Malenko baseball 
slide dropkicks Saturn one second later. Saturn belly to back suplexes Malenko. 
Raven gets tagged in and cleans house. Raven does a drop toe hold on the
chair to Benoit. Malenko pushes the chair into Raven's face. Raven hits the 
evenflow, and gets the pin.

Mona watches the entire match from a monitor in her dressing room.  Secretly 
cheering Raven on. Madusa walks up behind her.
“Oh God! You are watching this match??” Madusa says as she shakes her head and 
walks off.
Savage and George walk up behind Mona.
“You coming?”” asks Savage
“To the hotel. Are you coming with George and I to the hotel??”
“Sure. In a minute.”
Seeing that the match was over, and that Raven won, she stood up, changed into a 
pair of overalls and a white T-shirt.
Savage, George, and Mona left the arena, got in Savage’s rental car, and drove 
off to the hotel.

Mona, George, and Savage are in the lobby. 
“I’m going to get us a room, then we will go into the restaurant and 
eat.” Savage tell George.
“You have your room yet??” George asks Mona.
“Yeah, I got mine when we first came to town”.
Mona fails to tell George and Savage that it isn’t just her room, it is 
Raven’s room as well.
As Randy is getting his hotel room, Mona leans over and tells George that she 
is feeling tired and that she is going to her hotel room and going to bed.

Mona gets in the elevator, leans her head back, and closes her eyes.  Her body is 
sore from that Stinger Splash.  She can’t wait till Raven comes to the hotel.  She 
would have rode with him, but neither one of them want to get caught.  The elevator 
stops on the third floor, and Mona gets off.  She walks down the hall to room 308.  
She sets her luggage down and opens the door. She takes her hair out of the bun.  
She feels sleepy.  She takes off her overalls, puts them over a chair, and crawls 
into the bed, wearing her white T-shirt.

Downstairs, at the restaurant, Savage, George, and Madusa are eating dinner.
Isn’t Mona eating??”  asks Savage
“She said she was tired and that she was going to bed.” replies George.
Madusa just grunts and mutters something under her breath.
“I said, she is probably with that secret lover of hers.”
“What secret lover??”
“Oh come on George! There has to be somebody.  Every night for the past three weeks 
she has used her 'going to the bathroom, and to get a Pepsi One, be right back’ 
excuse.  But she never comes ‘right back’ and she never has a Pepsi One with 
her when she does finally come back! She is seeing someone, on the sly.  And I think 
we should find out who. I mean,  you saw how she came back to the dressing room 
tonight. Her hair all a mess, her makeup smeared, her MISS MADNESS 99 sash on 
UPSIDE DOWN! Please, you can’t tell me she’s not banging someone.”

Hours later, Mona hears the door of her hotel room open up. Raven creeps quietly in 
the room.  He puts his suitcase in the corner of the room.  He takes off his jeans 
and climbs into bed.  He rolls over onto his right side, and begins kissing 
the back of Mona’s neck..  He then starts kissing Mona’s’ shoulders.
“Are you awake??” he whispers.
“I am now.” she replies with a giggle.
“I can’t believe you got that horrible Stinger Splash tonight, hon.” Raven says 
as he continues to kiss Mona’s neck and shoulders.
“Oh I don’t want to think about work right now.” replies Mona.
He rolls her  over onto her back.  The kiss passionately as he helps her take 
off her white T-Shirt. She helps him remove his clothes, and they make love.  
After they make love, they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, Mona wakes up, and hops in the shower.  She climbs out of the shower, 
and looks over at Raven, who is still sound asleep in bed. She crawls in the bed
and leans over and plants him a kiss.  His eyes flutter open.  He sees Mona sitting 
in the bed, towel drying her blond hair..  He props himself up on his shoulder, 
and looks up at her.
“You’re up early.”
“I’m meeting George and Randy for breakfast. Want me to bring you  back anything??”
“No. Kanyon, Saturn , and I will get something later.”
She gets up off the bed and throws on a pink shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts. 
She then goes in the bathroom to do her hair and makeup.

Yes miss, can I help you?? says the man behind the check in desk.
“Yes, I need Mona Grenwald’s room number.”  says Madusa.
The man looks on the computer.
“Sorry,  there is no Mona Greenwald registered here.”
“Miss Madnes 99, did you see her come in with anyone last night?”
“No ma’m. Sorry. Wait! I remember she came in here with a man yesterday,  
he’s a wrestler.”
“Who?? Who??”
“I’m sorry m’am. I can’t give out that information.”
“Ok. Thank you.”
Madusa walks away from the counter.
“Mona, I‘m gonna find out what you are up to,” she thinks to herself, “and who you 
are up to with.”

Mona wakes up Friday morning, and is laying in Raven’s arms.  She lays there, 
thinking about how long they have managed to keep their relationship a secret. 
Five weeks.  People in WCW, especially Madusa, are getting suspicious of her 
actions of late. She looks at him, sleeping peaceful for a minute.  She kisses 
him on the cheek , gets up off the bed and gets in the shower. She hears the 
shower curtain open as Raven steps inside the shower behind her.  He begins to 
rub her shoulders as he kisses her neck.  He wraps his arms around her waist as he 
nibbles gently on her neck and shoulders. She turns around to face him. They begin
kissing passionately.  He breaks away for a minute, just to turn off the water.  
He then scoops Mona in his arms, and carries her out of the shower and to the bed.  
He lays her down in the bed, and then he climbs in. They make love.  After they make 
love, Mona lays in his arms.  She is happy, content and peaceful. She looks
over at her watch for a minute, and her blue eyes widen.

“OH shit! I was supposed to meet Savage, Sid, and the girls for breakfast.!” 

She gets up and runs over to open to her suitcase.  She pulls out a pair of jeans 
and a light blue shirt. She runs into the bathroom to change clothes and fix 
her hair. She emerges form the bathroom, goes over to Raven and gives him a quick 
kiss on the cheek.  She opens up the door to her room, unaware that Madusa is 
coming down the hall.  

Madusa sees Mona, knowing the Mona doesn’t see her. She ducks around the corner. 
She sees Mona come out of her hotel room, then she sees a man’s hand grab Mona 
by the arm.  What Madusa saw next both shocked and amused her.  The hand that she 
saw let go of Mona’s arm, and Raven walks out of the room she saw Mona
just walk out of. Raven tilts Mona’s head up, and he kisses her softly on the lips. 
Mona touches Raven’s cheek, with his newly grown facial hair, and smiles 
softly at him.  She kisses him once more before pulling away, and heading down the 
hallway towards the elevators. 

Madusa still hiding around the corner. She begins to chuckle to herself.
“So little miss Mona is sleeping with Raven.  Wait till the rest of Team 
Madness find this out.” Madusa says to herself.  She turns the corner, and 
heads to her hotel room, which is just across the hall from Mona and Raven’s room.  

Downstairs, Mona arrives to the hotel restaurant.  Macho Man, Gorgeous George, and 
Sid are sitting down and eating.  Mona sees a plate with half eaten eggs, and 
a piece of bacon on it.
“That’s Madusa’s plate”, says George. “She had to go to her room to get 
something she said.”
“Nice of you to finally join us.” says Savage, as he begins to take a bite 
of sausage.
“I’m sorry Randy.  I overslept.”
Madusa walks into the restaurant and joins the rest of Team Madness at the table.
“Good morning Mona.” she says, a bit too sweetly.   
“Morning Madusa.” she replies.
Mona puts her napkin on her lap as the waitress comes to take her order. Mona orders 
French toast and some bacon.  

Raven, along with Kanyon and Saturn walk into the hotel restaurant  Madusa sees 
them right away.  She nudges Mona.
Mona, isn’t Raven just dreamy??” she asks.
“What??” says Mona.
“Raven, isn’t he HOT, MONA??” she asks this question a bit louder then the 
previous question. 
Mona is trying to play dumb, but Madusa makes it very hard. Mona excused 
herself from the table, and went to splash cold water on her face.

She bumps into AC Jazz and Fyre in the ladies room.
“Hey Mona” says AC
“What’s wrong?? You look frazzled.” says Fyre.
“One word...Madusa.”
Mona dries her face off with a towel, and leaves the restroom.

While Mona is in the ladies room, Madsua is sitting at the Team Madness table.  
She sees Mean Gene Okerland sitting across the restaurant at a table by himself .
“Excuse me everyone, I have to talk to Mean Gene for a minute.” Madusa says as she 
gets out of her seat.
She goes over to Gene
“Hi Gene.”
“Hello Madus, have seat. Can I order you a cup of coffee or anything??”
“No, I just came to tell you a bit of information that you will want to use on 
the hotline.”
“Oh really?? What??”
Madusa leans over and whispers in Mean Gene’s ear.  His eyes widen and his mouth 
drops open.
“NO! Are you for sure?? Mona and Raven??”
Madusa nods her head
“Yep, I saw her come out of his hotel room with my own two eyes.”
“Well, thank you Madusa, this is news.”
“Oh you are VERY welcome,” says Madusa as she heads back to the Team Madness table.

As Mona walks out of the ladies room, she bumps right into Raven.  
“Excuse me” they say to each other.
They stare at each for what feels like forever, wanting to kiss. But they are in the 
lobby, and you can see the lobby from the restaurant.  They don't want to be caught.  
They have gone six weeks without anyone knowing.
"See you later, at the arena??" she asks.
"Sure." he replies.
"Love you."
"I love you to Mona."
Mona heads back to the restaurant, as Raven heads back to their hotel room. 

When Mona arrives to the breakfast table, after her run in with Raven, she just 
picks at her French toast and bacon. Madusa’s comments, plus her seeing Raven, and 
not being able to kiss him or anything, has taken away her appetite. As she 
picks at her at food, George looks at her.
“Not feeling good hun?”
“Huh? Oh...I feel fine. I’m just not as hungry as I thought I was.” she replies.

Madusa looks over at Mona out of the corner of her eye and smirks. She saw Mona 
and Raven in the lobby, trying to hide their relationship. God how she wanted 
to tell Randy, Sid, and George about Mona’s little secret. But she told Gene, 
and that was more than good enough. Because Madusa knows that if Gene puts it 
on his hotline report, not only will the rest of Team Madness, and the WCW 
find out, but so will the wrestling fans.
“What are you smiling about?” Sid asks Madusa.
“Oh nothing,” she says slyly.

“Well, if you ladies are ready to go, then George and I will get our suitcases 
and load up the car.” Savage says as he stands up 
“I’m ready.” says Madusa.
“Me too.” says George.
Sid stands up, “I guess I’m ready too,’ he says.
“Mona? Are you ready?” Savage asks.
Mona heaves a sigh and looks at the other members of Team Madness.
“I guess so, let me go to my hotel room and get my luggage.”

She leaves the hotel restaurant and goes to the elevator. It lets her off on the 
fifth floor, and she finds room 509. She is about to put her key in the door, when 
it swings open. Raven is standing on the other side. He pulls her in the room, 
closes the door, takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. 
“Team Madness is ready to get on the road.” she said in between kisses.
Raven begins kissing the left side of her neck. He lifts her up and carries her 
to bed the second time that morning. He lays her on the bed and continues 
kissing her. She gently pushes him off of her and sits back up. 
“Scott, we can’t do this right now. I have to leave. If I’m late, Randy will not 
be pleased. He was already upset with me this morning whwn I showed up to breakfast 
Raven sighs, looks at Mona, and climbs off ther bed. She goes over to the corner 
of her room and gets her luggage. She opens up the door to the hotel room and 
her and Raven step into the hall. Raven kisses Mona softly on the lips before 
she turns around and heads down the hall to the elevator.

Both of them are unaware that Madusa, and Sid, who offered to carry her luggage 
for her, is spying on them from Madusa’s hotel room, which is directly across 
the hall. She has her dor open a crack so she can spy on Mona. She turns to Sid.
“See? What did I tell you?” 
Sid chuckled as he grabbed two of Madusa’s many suitcases.
“I don’t know who pack the most stuff, you or George. At least Mona carries only 
one suitcase and one duffel bag.”

Savage and Sid finally get all of George and Madusa’s luggage in the car. But there 
was no room for Mona’s duffel bag in the trunk.
“I’ll just set my dufflebag in my lap.”
“Are you sure?” asks George and Savage
Before Mona can even reply, Madusa does it for her.
“Of course she’s sure.” Madusa says as she gets in the car

Just then, Raven comes out of the hotel with his suitcase. He waves to the members 
of Team Madness, but mostly to Mona. He decides to go over and have small talk 
with Savage, and get close to Mona. As he walks over there, he sees Savage 
and Sid trying to fit Mona’s duffelbag in the trunk.
“Having trouble there Macho Man?”
“Between George’s stuff, Madusa’s stuff, my suitcase, Sid’s suitcase, and Mona’s 
suitcase, I have no room for this duffel bag of hers.” Randy replies, pointing 
to Mona. 
Raven takes Mona’s duffel bag from Savage. 
“I have room for this in my rental car.”, he says as he looks in Savage’s trunk. 
He points to Mona’s suitcase.
“Who’s is this?”
Raven puts the duffel bag on the ground and lifts Mona’s suitcase out of 
Savage’s trunk. 
“I have room for these two things in my trunk, not much else though, seeing how 
Saturn and Kanyon are riding with me, that is if it’s ok with you.” 
“Fine with me.” siad Mona. Inside she was jumping up and down for joy.
Sid and Madusa give each other knowing looks.
“Why don’t you just take her with you?” says Madusa,“There is no room for five 
people in that car.”
Madusa is hoping that both Mona and Raven will take the bait, and thus expose 
their relationship.
“I can’t. Saturn and Kanyon are coming. Besides a lady should not have to ride wth 
three unruly men.” Raven says as he laughs to himself.

Mona thanks him for taking her luggage before he goes back to his rental car. 
Sid and Savage climb in the front seat of their car, while the three ladies, 
with George stitting in the mddle, sit in the back. The entire drive to the 
arena, Mona’s thoughts are on Raven. 

“I’ll be back. I have to go get my luggage” Mona says to the rest of Team Madness. 
She leaves the room before anyone else from Team Madness can say anything.  
She runs down the hall the and goes to Ravens’ dressing room.  She taps on the door 
lightly, three times.  But to her surprise, when it opens , Kanyon is on the 
other side.
“Came for your luggage did you?? he said smiling.  
She stands the in the doorway, not knowing what to say. Kanyon turns around and 
looks at her as he walks towards her luggage.
“Well, are you coming in??”  
She comes inside the room and sand beside Raven. He reaches over and grabs her hand.  
He lets go of her hand as Kanyon walks toward them with Mona’s duffel bag and 
“Here you go.” he says as he hands her her belongings.
“How much do I owe you for carrying my stuff around?” 
Kanyon and Saturn shake their heads no, but Raven has a different idea.
“How about dinner tonight, after the show.”
She smiles coyly at him as she sings her duffel bag over her shoulder.
“Dinner...hmm, I think I can handle that,” she replies with a giggle.
She waves to the the men as she leaces thier dressing room.  Raven winks at her.

Raven and Mona are sitting across from each at the hotel restaurant. They are holding 
hands across the table.  
“Oh Scottie, this is so nice, we should do this more often.”
“We would, if you didn’t insist on keeping this a secret form the rest of 
the world.”
He lets go of her hand and sighs.
“Mona, I love you. You know that.  But I don’t think I can’t take this sneaking 
around anymore. We are both consenting  adults. You’re twenty-one, I’m thiry-four. 
I don’t see why we have to sneak around.”
Mona leans back in her chair and sighs.  She knows Raven is right. She looks at him.
“I know, you are right..”
“ I don’t know.”  she leans back in her chair and sighs, “I guess, I’m just worried 
about my place here in WCW.”
“What did you mean?”
“I was brought into WCW as part of Team Madness. I get to walk beside Randy 
Savage for God’s sake!”
“Honey, I don’t understand...”
“All I am in this company is Miss Madness, if I lose that...”
“If you lose that, then what?? Mona, WCW is not going to get rid of you just 
like that. Sweetheart, you are a good woman wrestler, and as soon as WCW lets 
you showcase your talents, then you will get a push. Besides, it might be helpful 
for you if you leave Team Madness. You are outshadowed by George and Madusa anyway.  
Even thought you have more wrestling talent in your pinky finger then the two of 
them combined. Look, we are both tired why don’t we get the check and go to bed?”
“Sounds good to me.”
Raven asks the waiter to bring the check, he pulls out his credit card and signs the 
reciept. He gets up out of his seat, then goes over to Mona and pulls her chair out 
for her. They walks arm in arm to the elevator, which take them up to the fourth 

Raven unlocks the door to their hotel room. Mona goes in the bathroom, and 
changes clothes.  She comes out of the bathroom and climbs into the bed.  Raven 
takes off his jeans and his shirt and crawls in bed next to Mona.  Mona rolls over 
onto her left side. Raven puts his left index finger under her chin and kisses her 
softly a couple times.  Their kissing becomes more passionate.  They begin to make 
love.  When they are finished, Raven wraps his arms around Mona and falls asleep 
while she lies there wondering if she should leave Team Madness.  She doesn’t want 
to, but what Raven told her at dinner began to make perfect sence.  Her thoughts 
soon tumble into dreams as she nuzzles against Raven and falls asleep.

“WHAT UP MACH??” blares through the arena as Macho Man and his three Machoettes make 
their way to the ring.  Savage grabs the mic.  He talks about how he is going to be 
world champ, and how George and Madusa are going to be forces to reckon with.  
He fails to mention Miss Madness.

Raven, who was watching this on the monitor in his dressing room, is upset at Savage.
“Oh come on Randy! The least you could do is mention Mona.  She standing right there 
for God’s sake!” he yells angrily at the monitor.
Kanyon leans over and whispers to Saturn “I guess that dinner that they had last 
week went well.”
Saturn looks over at Kanyon and nods his head.

Wolfpac music blares through the arena as The WCW World Champion, Kevin Nash, 
makes his way to the ring. He has a mic in his hand.
" Hey Macho Man! How is it I brought one bag down with me and you decided to 
bring three? I see you've used your American Express card tonight already 
with your dates." 

Raven, still watching on his monitor is livid now. In his mind, Nash has 
just insulted Mona.  Rage runs through him as runs his fist through monitor, 
shattering the glass. His hand is all bloody, and the television monitor is broke.  
But Raven is still furious. He kicks the monitor over on its side.

“Damn it all to hell!” he yells.
Kanyon and Saturn leap up from their seats.  They had been laughing at Nash’s 
comments until Raven went ballistic and  broke the monitor.
“Dude! We were watching that!” yelled Kanyon.
“Did you hear what he said?!?!” Raven yelled, still enraged.
“About the Machoettes? Yeah.” said Saturn as he giggled.
“It’s not funny!” 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is fake man, remember? None of what Nash said in 
the ring was real. Macho knows that, GG knows that, Madusa knows that, and 
your little lady friend Mona knows that.  Man, I would not get all worked 
up about what happened in the ring just now.”
“He should not have said what he said. And as for Savage and the other two 
Machoettes, I am sick of hern taking a back seat to them.”

He leaves the dressing room. He sees Nash at the vending machines getting a Pepsi.  
He runs over and attacks him. Nash drops his pop as Raven is wailing away on him, 
not even thinking about the shards ofglass stuck in his hand from busting the 
monitor. He is on top of Nash, pounding away on him. Security and other wrestlers 
separate the two men as Raven is yelling and screaming at Nash.
“You ever say anything bad about her again and I will rip your fucking head off!”
Nash, having no idea what or who Raven is talking about, looks at him in confusion.  
Raven shoves the security away and walks angrily in the direction of the Team 
Madness dressing room.

Macho Man and Sid are relaxing while the girls are in their separate part of the 
dressing room, changing clothes.  All of the sudden, the door swings open and a 
furious Raven is standing there.  
“You!” he says pointing to Savage.
Savage and Sid stand up out of their seats.
“ How dare you just come in here and...” said Savage.
“ How dare me!? How are you! You have all three women in the ring with you tonight, 
but only mention two of them.. Granted, George is your girlfriend, but how could 
you not mention Mona?!”

The  three ladies emerge from the separate room. Mona walks over to Raven.  She 
puts her hand on his shoulder.
“Scott, it’s ok.”, she looks at him in concern.

He looks at her and grabs her by the arm.  They leave the dressing room as Mona 
turns around and looks at the rest of Team Madness.

He walks towards the back exist of the arena, pratically dragging Mona by her arm.  
They get to his rental car. He unlocks the doors.  
“Get in.”, he orders.
Mona gets in the car.

“Where are we going??” she asks him.
“To the hotel. I’m in no mood for anyone’s shit in WCW tonight.”
She looks over at his hand.
“What happened.” she asks.
“I broke the televsion monitor.”
“With your fist? Why?”
He turns to face her. He is still angry at Nash and Savage.
“Doesn’t it bother you that Savage overlooked you?? Didn’t what Nash said in the 
ring earier get to you?”
“No, and it shouldn’t bother you either.”

Mona is siting in a chair. She has a towel ove her jeans. Raven puts his glass 
ridden hand is on the towel. She takes a cotton ball that she soaked with Peroxide 
and is goes over his hand with it. She then takes a pair of tweezers and is trying 
as gently as she can to get the glass out of Raven’s hand. He winces in pain with 
every tug.
“I’m sorry, I’m doing this as gently as I can. I wouldn’t be having to do this if 
you hadn’t gone on a rampage in your dressing room and broke the moitor.”
“I was angry. Savage and Nash were both wrong tonight.”
Mona sighs and shakes her head as she continues to get the glass out of Raven’s 
hand. When she is through, she pours more Peroxide on his hand and wraps it in 
an Ace bandage.

Down in the lobby, Nash is furious. He was attacked for what he felt was no reason. 
He sees Savage, and George walk in the hotel room. They too look angry. 
“I’ll tell you what George. Levy has messed with the wrong person...” 
“Randy. I wil talk to Mona next time we see her. Maybe she can shed some light 
on what is going on.”
“She damn well better.”
Randy looks over at Kevin.
“Hey man, you look like you got beat up.”
“I’l tell you what, when I see Levy agin , he is a dead man.” says Nash.
“Take a number. Randy is furious at him too.” 

Just then Madsua walks in the hotel rom. Saturn and Kanyon walk in with her. She 
is having a converation with them.
“So you mean to tell us that he was seeing her before they had dinner last week?” 
asks Saturn.
“Um hm.”
“No wonder he went nutso tonight.” Kanyon says.
Nash and Savage see Raven’s tag team partners and friends. They walk over to 
Kanyon and Saturn.
“Your freind is a dead man! I don’t apreciate geting attacked when I’m doing 
nothing but getting a Pepsi.” says Nash, as he points to Kanyon.
“And I don’t aprreciate him coming into the Team Madness dressing room, getting 
in my face, then kidnapping one of my valets.”
“Savage, if you are talking about Mona, then I have news for you. He is dating 
that valet, and has been for some time now according to Madusa here.” says Saturn.
“Why do’t we go sit down, have a drink, and I will tell you all the whole story,” 
saya Madusa.
They all go into the hotel restaurant, and Madusa begins to tell them all what 
she has seen lately.

Upstairs, in thier hotel room, Mona is brushing her hair and getting ready for bed. 
She climbs in the bed next to Raven. She leans over and kisses him. He kisses her 
neck and her shoulders. She climbs on top of him and they make love, unaware that 
Madusa is telling people their secret.

“WHAT UP MACH” blares through the arena as Macho Man, his three valets and Sid 
Vicisous make thier way to the ring. The five of them climb in the ring, and 
Savage has the mic. 
“Ohhh Yeah!” He says as the crowd pops huge. 
“You know George”, he says. “I don’t want to take the World Title form Big Sexy. No, 
I want the big man Sid and I to go after the tag team titles..Tonight! How do you 
ladies feel about that?”
“Macho, I think it’s great.” says George when Savage put the mic in her face. 
He then put the mic in Madusa’s face.
“What do you think? Oh Yeah!”
“Macho, I would love to se you kick thier asses all over this arena.” says Madusa 
with a wicked smirk on her face.
Savage then turns to Mona.
“Mona, Miss Madness 99. How do you feel about the big man and I going after Saturn 
and Raven,” says Savage, as he puts emphasis on the word Raven. 
“Randy, all you have talked about is getting the World Title from Nash. Why the 
change of plans?” she asks innocently.
Sid takes the mic from Savage.
“Listen hre little girl, our mind is made up!! We will be going after those 
tag titles tonight.!”
Panic flows her Mona’s body as her mind races. She has to think of a way to 
not let this match happen. But how?? Why is Team Madness doing this? Do they know 
about her and Raven?? Oh god! What if they did, and that’s why Randy and the rest 
of them are doing this?
Mona grabs the mic. “I would be very careful if I were you. You aren’t dealing with 
a regular wrestler. You are dealing with Raven and his ‘rules’. I don’t think that 
beating him will be easy.” 
Savage, feeling that Mona is trying to betray Team Madness, takes the mic back from 
Mona. “Oh Yeah, you better tell me now if you are planning to...”
Madusa walks over to Savage. “Macho, let me.” she says.
Savage gives the mic to Madusa. 
Ok, Miss Madness, what are you doing?? Switching sides on us??” Madusa says 
with a smirk.

Raven was watching this the entire time on the monitor in his dressing room. He 
sighs a big sigh when Mona goes across the ring, looks into a camera and mouths 
the words ‘I’m Sorry’. He hangs his head. He knows Mona can’t and won’t go agaisnt 
Team Madness. He closes his eyes sighs and walks away from the monitor. 

Menawhile in the ring, Mona has assured the rest of Team Madness that she stands 
by them. The supposedly happy stable leaves the ring together, but Mona has a plan 
brewing in the back of her mind. On the way to the Team Madness locker room, she 
informes that that she has to go to the ladies room and that she will be in the room 
in a minute. She goes in the direction of the ladies room, she watches as Team 
Madness goes in their dressing room, and shuts the door, She then runs as fast as she 
can to Raven’s dressing room. She gets there, and pounds on the door.
“Scottie! Let me in!”
He opens the door, but he does not look pleased.
“Well, well’ well, if it isn’t little Miss Madness. I’m glad you warned me ahead of 
time about the match tonight.”
“I didn’t know! This is a complete surprise to me as well!” she began to cry. “I’m 
so sorry.”
He huggs her “Shhh, it is ok. I’m sorry.”
He pulls her away as she sobs quietly. “I came here to tell you that I have a plan.”
“A plan??”
“Yes, shut in the door in case Team Savage walk by."
As she walk out the door five minutes later “Kanyon and Saturn should know, tell it 
to them when they come to the room”

The tag tem match is under way, but instead of Raven wrestling, Kanyon and Saturn are 
doing it. Raven is at ringside. Mona gets up on the apron to distract the ref, while 
George and Madusa run interferrence. Raven runs around the ring and grabs Mona from 
the apron. He puts her over his shoulder, and carries oher out of the arena.
“Raven has grabbed Miss Madness Brain! He is carrying her out of the arena!Where is 
he taking her Brain?”
Macho Man and the other two Machoettes sees that Mona is gone, and that Raven took 
her. But it is too late.

Raven and Mona, get into his rental car, sitting outside of the arena. They cilmb in 
the front seat and kiss.
“We did it! Our plan worked! You didn’t have to wrestle Savage, and I wasnt’ stuck 
in the middle.”

They decide to drive to the next town and not stop at a motel.

Inside the arean, Savage is mad as hell.
“She turned on us!” he yelled.
“Randy, baby, calm down.”
“This is Levy’s faults!”
Madusa speaks up “Savage, Mona will not get away with this, I will see to it.”

Madusa is sitting in Nash’s booking office.
“Here is the plan Nash, during your match with Macho, you know all three of us ladies 
will involved somehow. Now, I know for a fact that Mona will try her best to use her 
so called arial moves. Ground her the best you can. I dont’t care what you have to 
do to her”
“How does Savage feel about this??"
“Randy. Randy is still pissed about what happened during the tag team match two 
nights ago on Thunder. Trust me, you injuring Mona won’t mean squat to him.” Madusa 
says. Nash hs no clue that Madusa is lying to him about Savage giving the ok to 
injure Mona. 
“Yeah, I saw what happened two night ago. You mean to tell me Savage didn't know that 
Raven was going to take Miss Madness from the ring area”
“He had no clue, and neither did Sid, George, or I.”
“Seems that Scott and Mona are creating quite a stir. A while back, Levy attacked me 
for what I thought was no reason at all. But it turned out he was pissed about the 
comments I made int the ring about you ladies. He took it seriously and thought I was 
really insulting Mona.”
“He attacked you, huh?”
“Yeha but he wil pay. He just informed the front office of WCW that he is taking time 
off to have surgery on his torn rotator cuff. I have decided that while he is gone, 
that I am allowing Page to take Levy’s Freebird gimic. Instead of Raven, Kanyon, and 
Saturn, it will be DDP, Kanyon, and Bigelow. Raven is very enthusiastic about this 
gimic he came up with. But after doing what he did last week, I guarantee it won’t 
last long. So you mean to tell me, if I give Mona a powerbomb, Savage won’t get 
“As long as you don’t harm George, he’s cool." Madusa lies. "See you tomorrow night 
at the Pay Per View.”
Madusa stands up out of the chair, and leaves the room.

Nash and Savage were in the middle of their World Title match. Nash is about to 
powerbomb He looks up and sees Mona on the top turnbuckle. She flies off the 
turnbuckle coming towrds him. He catches her in mid air and power slams her to the 
mat, not realizing that he broke a few of her ribs while doing so. He contiues his 
assult on Savage until Madusa and George distract the referee, allowing Sid 
to come in and poerbomb Nash. Savage covers Nash as Sid leaves the ring. The referee 
counts to three. Macho puts George on his shoulder as she holds the World title belt 
that Savage just won high above her head. Madusa comes in the ring, raises two 
fingers in the air in the shape of a V. Meanwhile in another corner of the ring where 
Nash power slammed her, Mona is laying on her side trying to block out the pain. 
George tells Macho Man to put her down. She runs over to Mona, and shakes her.
“Mona, you ok??”
“Brain, Miss Madness has not moved since she got slammed by Nash. I think something 
maybe wrong.” Tony Schiavone says at the announce table.
Macho Man and Sid go over to Mona to find out if she is ok. Sid motions for 
paramedics. Madusa is standing over Mona with an evil gleam in her eye. Mona, in 
excruaiting pain, blacks out. 

Raven, watching this at a monitor this from his dressing room, if furious and 
“Mona, get up, please...”
He runs out of his locker room and towards the ring. He climbs in the ring, moves Sid, 
Savage, and George out of the way. Not even waiting for a stretcher, he gently picks 
Mona up and carries her out of the ring. He is about to head up the ramp when he 
approached by two paramedics with a stretcher. He lays her genlty on the stretcher, 
and gets in the ambulance with her. As he gets in the ambulance, Saturn 
approached him.
“Man, are you going with her?? We have a tag team match tonight.”
“You and Kanyon defend the titles, I have more important business to take care of.”
The ambulance doors close, and heads to the local hosptial. 

“She broke about four ribs but she should be ok. We taped her ribs and gave her a 
pain killer that made her sleepy. If you want you can take her home now.” the 
attending doctor tells Raven. 
Raven thanks the doctor shook his hand, walked over Mona, gently lifts her up, and 
carries her out of the hosptial. He has a cab waiting for him, he carefully puts her 
in the cab, climbed in and then tells the cab driver to go to the Hilton.

The cab pulls up to the hotel door, Raven gets out and pays the cab driver. He then 
gently lifts Mona out of the car. She is still asleep from the painkiller the 
doctor gave her. AC Jazz and Fyre are outside looking at the stars and talking. AC 
opens the door for Raven. He goes to the elevator, and sees Billy Kidman standing by 
it. Kidman pushes the button for the sixth floor for Raven when they get in. Raven 
gets off the elevator at his floor, and sees Sid coming down the hall.

“Sid man, can you give me a hand?”
Sid walks up to Raven. 
“What you need?” he asks.
“I need you to take my wallet out of my back pocket, get my room key out of it, and 
unlock the door. I would, but I have her in my arms.” 
Sid does so and follows Raven in the room. 
“You can set the wallet and the room key on the dresser,” he tells Sid as he 
carefully lays Mona down on the bed. “Thanks man.”
Sid waves goodbye, and closes the door on his way out. Raven carefully removes Mona’s 
MISS MADNESS 99 sash, shoes, gloves and dress from her body. He stares at her body 
for a while, knowing that with her injured ribs, and the fact that she was drugged 
up, there was no way they would be able to make love. He sighs as he removes his own 
clothing, climbs in bed, and tries to go to sleep.

Mona and Raven has just finished making love in his dressing room.  After 
laying hin his arms for five minutes or so, Mona gets up off the bench 
to put her gown back on. As she picks her gown up off the floor,
remembers something. He leaps off the bench adn grabs a pachage from the corner.
“Don’t put that on.” he tells her.

She looks at him in confusion. He hands her the package he got out of the corner. 
“Scott, it’s not my birthday...”
“Just open it Mona.”
She sits down and opens the package carefully. Inside she finds a long, 
light baby blue dress with what seems to be circles cut out of the bodice 
for decoration.  With the dess was a long sash to drape over her neck. 
She carefully takes the dress out of the boc, and puts it on.
“Scott, I feel like Cinderella in this dress. Honey, this must have cost 
you a fortune” she tells him as he fastens the back of her dress and drapes 
the sash across her neck.
“So what if it did? for once, the fans are going to be staring at you, 
not George, and certainly not Madusa!”

She laughs as he grabs her by her hand and twirls her around the room. 
Soon they hear a knock on the door.
“HEY MONA! ARE YOU READY!?” Sid yells from the other side of the door.
Mona and Raven look at each other in surprise.
“Sid knows! But how??” Mona says, mostly to herslef.
Raven gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. “I don’t know, but you better 
go with him.”

Mona sighs and lets go of Raven’s hand.  She opens up his locker room, 
and takes once last glance at him from behind her shoulder before leaving 
his locker room.  She steps out into the hallway, where Sid is waiting 
for her.
“Savage has been wondering whrre you are. I see you have a new dress.  Nice.”

Mona and Raven are dancing in the hotel ballroom.  She still has on the 
dress he gave her earlier that evening.  No one but them are in the ballroom.
“I’ve have never been so happy in all my life.” she tells him.

“Miss Madness has just defeted Brandi Alexander fans.” Tony Schivone exclaimes.
Savage and George walk down the aisle  and climb into the ring.  Savage 
has the mic in his hand. 
OHH Yeah! Well, as we all know, Madusa was fired from Team Madness last 
week!”  the crowd erupts with joy.  Mona and George clap their hands. Macho 
man turns around and faces the ladies.  “But now I am really going to clean 
up Team Madness.” He walks over to Mona and takes her Miss Madness 99 sash 
off of her.  Thank you for your services, but they are no longer needed.” 
He tells Mona to get out of the ring.  She heads to the back.

Raven is sitting in the back, furious at what Savage has done.
“How dare he do that to her!”

Mona comes to his dresing room, knocks on his door.  He opens up the door, and 
she hugs him.

“Well, now that I am no longer Miss Madness. We will see what WCW has in 
store for me.  

She kisses him lighly on the lips


Author’s note: Yes, I know it was a bad endinf, I purposely made it that 
way. You see, Mona's saga as Miss Madness is not completely over.  I have 
a story within a story.  The next story will take place during her Miss 
Madnness time perios and continue past that.  I hope you did enjoy the 
good part s of this story, because I sure enjoyed writing them.