Worlds Apart. Written by Shelly and Nickey

Mona laid in her hotel room that Monday morning.  She had just defeated
Brandi Alexander in a house show the night before.  She rolled onto her
left side and watched Raven sleep.  He had been out the night before
with Konnan, and he didn't get to bed till 6 am.  She knew they would
have to get going soon.  They had to go to the next town and to Nitro.
She climbed out of the bed and took a shower.  After Mona got out of the
shower she put on a pair of jeans and one of Raven's shirts. 
She wrote a small note to Raven.
Dear Scott, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. I'll be right back. Love, Mona
She then got on the elevator and went down to the hotel to get breakfast. Down in the lobby she saw two members of the Filthy Animals, Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. "Hey Mona! What's up," Mysterio called out. Konnan turned and waved at her. Rey jumped on Konnan's back and told him he wanted a piggy back ride. Mona laughed and waved to them. She got up in the cereal line behind Fyre and AC Jazz. "I take it your man is still asleep," Fyre said. "Scott is not a morning person." All of a sudden when Mona looked at the food she got a queasy feeling in her stomach. She dashed out of the line and ran to find the bathroom. In the bathroom she almost ran right into Kimberly and Spice. The two Nitro Girls said hello to Mona as she rushed past them. She went into a stall and got sick. "What the hell," she thought. Mona got up off her kness, flushed the toilet, went over to the sink and washed her mouth out. She left the ladies room. She decided not to have anything to eat and just go back to bed for a little while. She got back on the elevator. Brittany and Kidman were just getting off the elevator. "Hey Mona. You ok," Brittany asked noticing that she looked a little sick. "Yeah you look a little green," Kidman said. Brittany smacked him upside the head. "Well she does!" "Seriously are you ok?" "I feel a little queasy, but I'll be fine." "Ok. Get some rest and give Scott a kiss for me," Brittany said and leading Kidman away. "I will," Mona said and pressed the button for the elevator. Mona got back to her hotel room and to her surprise, Raven was awake and in the shower. She took off her jeans and crawls back in bed. Raven gets out of the shower, wraps a towel around him and kisses her. "Did you have a good breakfast?" "Not really, I'm too sick to my stomach to eat anything. I was going to bring you back something, but I decided to come back to the room and lie down for a while." "I like the shirt you have on, it looks familiar." Raven smiled and got dressed. "I'm going down to get something to eat. Do you want anything at all? You might feel like eating later." "If they have some Oranges can you get me some of those please?" "Sure thing." He went back over to the bed where Mona is lying and kissed her. He was in the bed with her. "Think we should forget breakfast," Mona whispered to Raven as she pulls his shirt off of her. Raven chuckled to himself as he kissed Mona's neck. Mona helped Raven remove his clothing and they made love. After they make love, Mona drifted off to sleep in his arms. HOURS LATER AT NITRO "Bischoff has called everyone in to a meeting," DDP told Mona and Raven as they arrived at the arena. Raven, Mona, and DDP go into the room where everyone is sitting. Raven sat down on the floor next to Konnan. Mona sat next Raven. "Yo Man! Rough night last night," Konnan laughed. Raven chuckled. He grabbed Mona's hand and squeezed it. She looked at him and smiled. "Oh good," said Bischoff. "Everyone is here. Now it seems a few people in WCW are unhappy. People like Buff Bagwell, Scott Levy, and Randy Savage. Those who want out of their contract, I suggest you leave now." Raven stood up and walked out. No one except Mona was surprised. Mona stood up. "I'll...I'll be right back." She turns and runs out of the room. "Scott! Wait!" Raven turned around and saw Mona. He sighed. He knew this might happen, but she knew he wanted out. He said so publicly on the radio. He hoped she wasn't going to talk him into staying. "Mona..." "Please, I beg you. Don't leave. You know Eric isn't going to let you go to the WWF." "That's fine. I'm going to ECW anyway. Sweetheart. You know I want out of here." Mona sighed. She knew Raven wasn't happy. Suddenly, an idea popped in her head. "I'm going with you." "What???" "I said I'm going to ECW with you." "No Mona. It's too rough there. Besides, you are getting quite a push here. You are happy here Mona." "But what about us?" She looked away. Tears filled her eyes. "Mona sweetheart," he said taking her into his arms. "You know I love you. We'll see each other plenty of times. ECW and WCW travel to mainly the same cities around the same time. Now please no tears." He held her tight and then looked down into her eyes. "Go back to the meeting and I'll see you at the hotel." Raven walks over to a phone booth and calls his agent. Mona goes back into the meeting,, and is trying not to cry. Bischoff looks over at her. “Is he coming back in, or is he leaving WCW??’’ Mona shook her head no. She knew if she opened her mouth to talk, that she would start bawling. “No what Mona?? Is he staying, or is he leaving??” She shook her head no once more. She didn’t want to cry. Not in front of all these people. The nausea that she felt that morning has now returned. She was having a hard time fighting back both the tears and the nausea. She needed to get to the ladies room, and quickly. She ran out of the room, and down the hall. She ran into the ladies room, and got sick for the second time that day. A few days later Mona was dreading saying goodbye to Raven, but she knew he would be happy in ECW and they would see as much of each other as they could. She had been to the doctor to see why she was feeling so tired and queasy lately. She was sitting in her hotel room reading. Scott had gone out with Kidman and the rest of the Filthy Animals. The phone rang. "Hello" "Yes is this Mona," the voice asked. "Yes it is," she said wondering who it was. "This is Doctor Carter at the hospital. Mona I got the results of your tests," he said. "Yes," she said nervous now. "Congratualtions. You're going to be a mommy," he said. "Thank you doctor," she said stunned. "I suggest you go to your regular doctor," he said. "Yes I will," she said and hung up. She sat staring into space. "I'm pregnant," she said to the empty room. Just then there was a knock at the door. She stood slowly and walked to the door. When she opened it she saw Brittany standing there. "What's wrong," Brittany said seeing the look on Mona's face. "I just got a phone call," Mona said stepping aside so that Brittany could walk in. "I've been feeling kinda crappy lately so I went to the hospital and had some tests done. The doctor just called and told me that I'm pregnant." "Oh Mona! That great news," Brittany said hugging her. "Brittany what am I going to do? Scott is leaving for ECW in a few days and I don't want to hold him back. I don't want him to feel like he has to stay here just for me," she said tears filling her eyes. "I don't know what to do." "Everything will be fine hun. Scott is not the type of guy to just walk out on you. He will make sure that you and his child are well taken care of. He loves you Mona," Brittany said "I should get back to my room. Billy will be back soon. I just wanted to see how you were feeling." Brittany left the room leaving Mona alone with her thoughts. She wanted to wait for Scott to come home, but about 3am she fell asleep. THREE WEEKS LATER: Mona was at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The new writers at WCW, Russo and Ferarra, gave Mona an evening gown match against Madusa. As she put on her evening gown she thought about how she was going to sneak out and go to the ECW arena that night. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She grabbed a nearby pilow and put it under the gown, so she could see what she would look like in a few months. She hoped the match would be quick and easy. She didn't care if she won or lost, she just hoped the match wouldn't get too physical. Mona came out to a huge pop. She smiled and waved to all the fans in the audience as she climbed in the ring. Then her opponent, Madusa, came out. Madusa climbed in the ring and stared at Mona. She didn't know Mona was pregnant. A lot of people in WCW didn't know. The match started off by Madusa shoving Mona and the following it up with a dropkick. Crossbody off the top rope by Mona. Madusa kicked Mona in the midsection. Mona's eyes watered in pain, and she began to want out of the match. She knew Scott would not be pleased. Madusa slapped Mona right across the face. The ref got whacked with a chair by accident by Madusa. Bridge by Madusa, but no pin due to the referee being out cold. Madusa grabbed the chair and hit a fallen Mona. Madusa then went over and yelled at Tony and Bobby for her having to be in an evening gown match. Mona then came from behind and she ripped off the short evening gown of Madusa to gain the victory. Mona walked towards the back as the referee came to his senses. She held the small of her back all the way to the dressing room area. She sat down as a worried Brittany, who saw the entire match on the monitor, came into her dressing room. "Mona are you crazy!" "What?" "You're pregnant! You can't be wrestling," Brittany yelled with her hands on her hips. "Look I know you're new to this whole pregnancy thing, but trust me you have to take it easy." "I know," Mona said looking away. "Have you told Scott yet?" "No." "Mona! He deserves to know. It's his child too." "I know. I just don't know how to tell him." Mona went over to her locker and pulled out her duffel bag. She brushed her hair and reapplied her makeup. She put the brush and her makeup back in the bag. She put on sunglasses, a hat, and a big overcoat. She then opened up her dressing room door, making sure no one could see her, she went to the back exit of the arena and climbed in a waiting cab. She had the cab take her across town to the ECW arena. She went to the back enterance of the arena. Raven was waiting there for her. He lead her to his dressing room. He closed the door and kissed her. He laid her down on the nearby couch. She sat back up and removed her hat and sunglasses. She got up off the couch and took off her overcoat revealing her gown that she wore in the match with Madusa. "Nice dress," Raven said as he got up and walked over to her. He began kissing her neck as he pulled the straps of her dress down. "Oh Scott, how I missed you," She said as he kissed her shoulders. Her dress was now on the floor. Raven picked her up and carried her to the couch. He laid her back down on it and kissed her some more as she helped him take off his clothing. They made love on the couch. After they made love they lied there. But not for long, as Mona's queasiness returned. She leaped off the couch and put on her evening gown. "You leaving already?" "No..I..feel...." She was trying not to get sick right there in the locker room. Raven leaped up and threw on his jeans. He grabbed Mona by the hands, and showed her where the ladies room was. She ran in, ran in a stall, and got sick immediately. She then flushed the toilet, left the stall, went over to the sink, and straigthened herself up. Just as she was doing that, Dawn Marie and Tammy Sytch walked in. They both stared at Mona wondering why someone from WCW was at the ECW arena. "What's wrong with you," Raven said when she came out of the ladies room. "You've been getting sick a lot lately." "Scott I need to talk to you in private," she said. He took her by the hand and lead her back into his locker room. "What's on your mind sweetheart?" She sat down on the bench and looked up at him. "Mona what's wrong?" "Scott I went to see a doctor a few weeks ago," Mona said. Raven sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. "What is it? Tell me." "Scott I'm pregnant." He stood up and ran his hands through his hair. "Scott say something please." "I...I...just don't know what to say," he said turning to face her again. She stood and was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist. "Mona don't leave. I'm sorry. You just stunned me. Look we'll work something out. You know you can come with me on the road." "What?" "Well, you won't be wrestling while you're carrying my child," he said smiling. She looked up at him and smiled. He took the news better than she thought he would. "Now we have to tell Russo and Ferrara as soon as possible about this so you get the proper time off and you young lady are going to take better care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, eat the right stuff and take it easy." "Ok," she laughed. He dipped his head and kissed her softly on the lips. "NO! Absolutely not," said Paul Heyman, Owner and President of Extreme Championshp Wrestling. "There is no way Mona is traveling with us! Do you realize we could be sued by World Champioship Wrestling?? She is still under contract with them you know??" "Paul. I'm not saying she is going to get in the ring, or be on television. Mona needs me right now. It is my child." Paul sighed, took his hat off and scratched his head. "What does the front office at WCW think about this??" "We are not sure. She just went back to tell them of the situaiton." "I just don't like the idea, Levy." Heyman sighs agian and shakes his head. "When did you find out about this??" "Earlier tonight, when she came here to see me." Heyman sighed once more and leaned back in his chair. He sat back up and looked at Raven. "I'll tell you what. She can come along, but only on two conditoins. The first condition is that WCW agrees, the second condition is that she DOES NOT show up on television, since she is still under contract to WCW. Got it??" "Yes, Thank you." The two men stood up out of their chairs and shook hands across the desk. Raven left Heyman's office and almost bumped right into Rob Van Damn. "Hey, I saw your woman on television tonight. She was getting her butt kicked in an evening gown match agaisnt Madusa. She won the match, but Madusa gave her one hell of a beating during it." Raven looked confused. "RVD can't be talkng about Mona. She's pregnant. He must be referring to some other female in WCW," he thought to himself. "Are you sure it was Mona??" "Positive. She was wearing a long black gown with light blue sequens around the top of it. Man, Madusa did everything but break her in two, I was surprised she won the match. Fonzie and I watched it on tv about an hour ago." RVD knocked on Heyman's office and went inside. After the office door closed, Raven leaned up agianst the hall wall and closed his eyes. "It was Mona", he thought to himslf. "RVD described the dress she wore when she came to ECW arena. She must have wrestled before she came here." he thought. He went to his locker room, grabbed his leather jacket. He had a few hours before him and Dreamer had to wrestle the Impact Players. He had to find out why Mona wrestled that evening, and more importatnly, why she didn't tell him. He paseed Tommy Dreamer's locker room and told Francine that he would be back, he had something to take of. He got in his car, and drove to the Philladelphia Spectrum. Back at the Spectrum, Mona went into Busch's office to meet with him, Russo and Ferrara. "Mona great match tonight," Busch said when she came in and sat down. "What can we do for you?" "Well, sir, I recently found out that I am pregnant and I need some time off," she said slowly. "Congratulations. Anyone that we know," Russo asked. "Scott Levy. Raven," she said. "Ah I didn't know you were into the dark brooding types," Russo laughed. "You take the time you need. You shouldn't have wrestled tonight you know," Busch said scoldingly. "I know. Thank you sir," Mona said, but before she could get up and walk out there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Busch said. Raven poked his head in. "I'm sorry to interupt, but I need to have a word with you fellas," he said smiling at Mona. "I take it Mona has told you the news?" "Yes she has. What's on your mind Scott?" "Well, sir. I'd like for Mona to come with me on the road. Not appear on TV at all, but just be there with me in case anything happens. I want to be there for her as much as possible." "I see no problem in that," Busch said. "Could you please give your consent to Paul Heyman. He's not thrilled with Mona going along and he wants to make sure it's ok with you guys before she comes." "I'll get on the horn and talk to him right away," Busch said. "Thank you," Raven said and shook all three men's hands. Mona shook their hands too and walked out into the hall with Raven. "Now when were you planning on telling me that you wrestled tonight?" "How did you.." "RVD told me," he said. "Mona are you crazy?" "Scott I couldn't refuse I would have lost my job," she said trying to avoid the argument. "That was before they knew you were pregnant. Look Mona I love you and I just wouldn't know what I'd do if I lost you or if you lost the baby." "Oh Scott," she said and hugged him. Later on that night, Nitro Girls, AC Jazz and Fyre were in Mona's hotel room watching her pack. "So you are leaving for ECW??" AC Jazz asked. "I won't be working for them, just traveling with them. Scott wants to keep his eye on me, since I'm pregnant and all." "We wish you weren't leaving Mona." said Fyre. "By the way, we got you something." AC Jazz pulled out the gift from behind her back. It was wrapped in blue and had a pink ribbon on it. Mona sat down on the hotel bed and unwrapped it. It was a big yellow materenty shirt with BABY ON BOARD written on it and a big arrow pointing down. "Oh you guys." Mona hugged them both. "It's from all the Nitro Girls. Fyre and I came up with the idea, and they all chipped in. I picked it up yesterday and Fyre here wrapped it." "Well, I love it!" She folded the shirt up carefully, and placed on the top on all the items in her suitcase. She then turned around and Fyre handed her a card. "I almost forgot to give you this. It's also from all the Nitro Girls" She opened the card. " sweet.' She put it on top of the shirt and closed the suitcase. There was knock on the door. "I'll get that for you." said AC as she opened the door. She opened up the door and saw Brittany and Kidman on the other side. Brittany had a package in her hand. "We just wanted to say goodbye to Mona," Brittany said. AC stepped aside and Brittany and Kidman walked in. "Hey there mommy," Brittany laughed as she hugged Mona. "We got you a little something," Kidman said taking the gift from Brittany and handing it to Mona. "You guys didn't have to do that," Mona said taking the package and carefully opening it. "Oh it's just darling!" She held it up for Fyre and AC to see. It was a little yellow sleeper with pink and blue bunnies all over it. "There's something else there too," Brittany said. Mona looked and pulled out a card. "Read it out loud if you want it's not personal. "To my friend Mona, May your days be filled with dirty diapers and may your nights be filled with the music that babies make. Love always, Brittany and Billy too! You guys are the best. I'm gonna miss everyone so much." Brittany and Mona hugged. Mona put the sleeper and card in her suitcase and closed it. Raven came and saw everyone in the room. "Is there a party I missed??" he joked. He picked up Mona's suitcase and duffel bag. "Ready hon??" Mona looked around the room at everyone. AC Jazz, Fyre, Brittany, and Kidman. He eyes filled up with tears. She would miss WCW these next few months. She sighed, looked at Raven and shook her head no. "Mona, I have a match in a few minutes, we have to get to the ECW arena." Mona started to cry. "I...I don't want to leave WCW. I made a life there." "You have a life with him now Mona." said AC Jazz. She nudged Fyre, and motioned her head towards the door. She knew Raven and Mona had to leave plus they probably had to talk. Fyre looked at AC in confusion. AC widened her eyes, and Fyre got a knowing look on her face, and her mouth formed an O. They got up off the hotel bed that they were sitting on. "You two leaving:?" Mona asked. "Yeah. we have to practice for next week." Said AC Jazz. Fyre looked at AC in confusion agian. AC nudged her and she replied,"Oh Yeah! We do." Mona and the two Nitro Girls hugged. "Thank you for the gift and the card. Tell the other girls I said thank you as well." "You are very welcome. Good luck and take care Mona." said AC Jazz and Fyre. The two ladies waved good bye to Brittany and Kidman, who were sitting at the table. They walked past Raven, who was standing by the door. "Good luck and gratulations Scott." said AC Jazz. "Thanks ladies, goodbye." "Bye" AC and Fyre said as they walked out the door. "Are you ready now?" Mona sat on the edge of the hotel bed. She looked at the floor and shook her head no. Raven leaned against the wall and sighed. "I'm going to go put this luggage in the car, and get us a Pepsi from the machine. Then, honey, I want to leave. Remember, I still have a tag team title match tonight." Raven grabbed Mona's luggage and walked out the door. Brittany whispered to Kidman, "Why don't you go with him??" "He already left." Brittany kicked Kidman and glared at him. "OW! Alright, alright, I'm going." Kidman got up off the chair and walked over to Mona. She stood up off the bed and he gave her a hug. "Take care you." he said. He waved to Brittany and then left the room. Brittany got up and sat next to Mona on the bed. "Mona you know that Scott loves you right?" She nodded wiping tears from her eyes. "You know that you will always have a place here at WCW right?" Mona nodded again. "Then what's the problem?" "I'm gonna miss you and Billy and everyone here," she said crying. Brittany held her and stroked her hair. "I know you're gonna miss us hun. You and Scott have a new life to look forward to though. You're gonna have a baby in a few months. You can't stay here and wrestle pregnant. You know that. It's not safe for the baby and it's not safe for you." "But I won't have any friends at ECW," Mona sobbed. "Don't be silly," Brittany said pulling away from her to look Mona in the eyes. "Who wouldn't want to be your friend? You're a sweet lovable girl and a great friend to anyone. If you need to call me. You know my cell number. I'm always here for you." "All right, but I'm scared," Mona said. "I know. Becoming a mother is scary and leaving a place that you love is scary too, but that can be taken care of with Scott's love," Brittany said. "He'll take good care of you and if he doesn't I'll kick his ass for you." Mona laughed. "You ready now honey," Raven asked. "Yeah, I guess I am," Mona said hugging Brittany one last time and walking out with Raven. AT THE ECW ARENA Mona and Raven are in his locker room. She sat down on the couch that they made love on previously that evening. She looked unhappy. She knew that she was going to have a hard time making friends here in ECW. She heard rumors about Tammy Sytch and Dawn Marie not being that outgoing or friendly to newcomers. The two were not to pleased earlier that evening when they bumped into her in the ladies room. She wasn’t so sure about how Francine would react to her being there as well. Raven, almost as if he could read her mind, spoke up finally. “Sweetheart, don’t worry. Things will be fine here. It’s not like you are out to take anyone’s job. You and I both know you have your job in WCW. As for Tammy and Dawn, don’t worry abut those two. They will warm up to you. I talked to Francine earlier, and she knows your traveling with us, and she knows why. Franny is a great gal, I’ve known her for years. Trust me, she is happy about you being here.” A knock was heard at the door. “Come in Dreamer!” The door opened and Tommy Dreamer and Francine walked in. "You ready to go out there Levy," Dreamer asked "Yeah in a minute Dreamer," he said turning to Mona. "I'll be back in a few minutes. You'll be fine." Francine walked over to Mona and looked down at her. "Welcome to the assylum," she said offering her hand to Mona. Mona shook it and smiled. "Thanks, I think," she said and Francine, Tommy and Scott all laughed. "I gotta get out there, but I'll be back soon if you want there is a monitor at the end of the hall. You can watch me wrestle if you want," Scott said kissing her forehead. He left with Dreamer and Francine. Mona decided to find the monitor. As she was watching Tammy Sytch and Dawn Marie walk by. "Well lookie here it's the new girl," Dawn says. "I'm not here to work. I'm here with Scott," Mona said pointing to the screen. "Really? You're not his type sweetheart. Scott likes em big breasted and ultra slutty," Tammy said with an evil smile. Mona looked at them blankly. "Yeah you don't know how many times I've had to bang on my hotel room wall for hiim to keep it down," Dawn said. "Yeah wasn't that just last week," Tammy said with a laugh. Mona didn't know what to say. "That's not true Scott loves me," she said. Dawn and Tammy laughed. "He says that to all the girls," Dawn says and walks away. Mona ran to the ladies room tears in her eyes. She stood at the sink and splashed cold water on her face. The queasy feeling returned and she ran to a stall and got sick. "Hey are you ok," a voice asked when she returned to the sink. Mona spun around to see a woman. "I'm Amy Dumas," she said offering her hand. Mona shook it. "I'm Mona," she said splashing cold water on her face and washing out her mouth. "You must be Scott's girl," Amy said. "You're all he talks about." "Really?" "Yeah. He's totally in love with you. Listen I heard Dawn and Tammy talking to you. Don't let Barbie and Midge get to you. They're just afraid someone might take their jobs," Amy said. Mona smiled. "Thanks Amy," she said. "Anytime. My locker room is always open to ya," she said and walked out. Mona went back to Raven's locker room and grabbed her bag. She went to the ladies room again. She hadn't changed out of her gown and she wanted to be comfortable. So she pulled out a pair of jeans and the shirt that the Nitro Girls had give her. She went into a stall and changed. When she was dressed she went to check herself in the mirror. Tammy and Dawn walked in. "Look who's here," Tammy said smiling. Mona turned to face them and Tammy's smile faded. "You're pregnant?" Dawn's jaw dropped. "Yeah. It's Scott's baby," Mona said. "We are so sorry," Dawn said. "We had no idea. We just saw you in that gown and thought that you were the new girl," Tammy said. "I had an evening gown match tonight," Mona said smiling. The three women walked back to Raven's locker room. "There you are," Scott said when she walked in with Tammy and Dawn. "I got scared when I didn't see you here." "I was just changing," Mona said. "Cute shirt," Tommy chuckled. "I guess our secret is out now," Scott said wrapping his arms around her and looking at Tammy and Dawn. They smiled and left. "I told you they'd warm up to you," he whispered to her. "Let's go back to the hotel. I'm beat." They said goodbye to Francine and Tommy and left. THREE MONTHS LATER Mona was now four months pregnant. She sat in the hotel room that she shared with Scott. Francine was keeping her company. "Franny, I can't believe how big I am," Mona whined. "I have to wear Scott's jeans now." Francine just laughed. "We'll take you shopping for maternity clothes tomorrow," Francine said. Tommy and Scott were at a photo session. The phone rang. "Hello," Mona said. "Hey there mommy to be," Brittany said. "Hey Britt what's up?" "Not much I just wanted to see how you were. We all miss you here. There are a few people here who want to say hi," Brittany said with a giggle. "HI MONA," a chorus of female voices said. "We miss you," AC Jazz and Fyre yelled. Then two very familiar male voices said, "We misss you too!" It was Rey and Konnan. Then Mona heard Billy's muffled voice, "Tell Mona I said hi too." "Did you hear everyone," Brittany asked. "Yeah. Thanks Britt. I needed to hear some familiar voices," Mona giggled. "I gotta go. I have to have my millionth fitting for my gear tonight. Talk to you again soon." "Bye," Mona said and cradled the phone. As Mona hung up the phone, Raven and Tommy came into the hotel room after their PPV photo shoot. "Well ladies, guess it is time to go to the arena." said Tommy. Mona got in her duffel bag and pulled out a book to take with her. The four of them left Mona and Raven's hotel room, got in the car and drove off to the ECW arena. AT THE ECW ARENA They were in Raven's locker room. She sat down on the couch. He sat down beside her. Tommmy and Francine left the room. "Don't you have to go out there with Tommy?" "No, I come to the ring later on." Tommy and Francine come down to ringside, and him and Lance tied up right away. They started to fight in the crowd, as Tommy drank a couple of beers then smashed them against Lances head. Tommy walked to the back, and brought out a ladder. He set it down put Lance on it and climbed the second rope. He went for a elbow drop, and missed. Lance then took the ladder set it up in the turnbuckle, and tried to throw Tommy into it, but instead he got thrown into it. As Lance bounced back out from the ladder, he got nailed with a spicolli driver. Dawn Marie came in to help Lance Storm, but Francine also, came in, and both women got into a catfight. Raven then runs down the ramp, and DDT's Tommy. Lance takes advantage of this, and pins Tommy for the win. As Raven started to walk back to the locker room, Justin Credible came out, and caned Raven. Raven was a bloody mess, in the ring, and Tommy saved Raven. Raven then got on the mic, and said he hates the Impact Players, but he hates Tommy more, and that never ever needed Tommy's help, then gets a DDT from The Innovator of Violence. An Exhausted and bloddy Raven walked in the dressing room. "Scottie!" esclaimed Mona, as she leaped off the couch. She runs over to him and helps him to the couch. "Oh honey!" she said. "Mona, I'm fine, it's just a little blood, besides in ECW you are suppossed to bleed." "No more hardcore matches?? Ok?? Promise me that, please??" The EMT came in to bandage Raven's head. "Mona, you know I can't make that promise. I have been wrestling hardcore style for a good portion of my carreer. You know that that is what I enjoy." Mona looks as if she is about to cry. "Now Mona, honey, please don't cry." he sighed "I'll see what I can work out with Paul concerning my matches." Raven took Mona's hand and walked down the hall to Paul's office and knocked. "Come in." Scott walked in. "Ah Scott what can I do for you?" "Listen my girlfriend Mona got kinda scared when I came back all bloody and she wants me to not wrestle in hardcore matches." Paul looked at him a second and then laughed. "Is she aware of what ECW is all about?" "I don't know Paul, just humor her please. She's right outside," Raven begged. "All right. Bring her in," Paul said. Scott opened the door and got Mona. "Mona hello. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." He shook her hand. "I understand your concerns about Soctt in the hardcore matches, but that is what ECW is all about." She was about to protest when he said, "I can't guarantee that he will not be in any hardcore matches, but we will try not to have him bleed. How does that sound?" "I guess it's better than having him bleed all the time," Mona said sighing. She shook his hand and left the office. Raven turned back and mouthed 'Thank you' to Paul before he shut the door behind him. FOUR MONTHS LATER Mona was now 8 months pregant. She was sitting in the locker room waiting for Scott to come back from a match. She was reading a magazine when she had the urge to go to the bathroom for the millionth time that day. She got up walked to the ladies room. On her way she bumped into Dawn Marie and Tammy Lynn Sytch. "Oh hi Mona," Dawn said. "My goodness you like about ready to pop," Tammy laughed. "Can I feel the baby kick?" "Sure," Mona said with a laugh. Tammy placed her hand on Mona's belly and laughed. "This is amazing. Dawn you gotta feel this." "May I?" "Yeah," Mona laughed. Dawn did the same and smiled. "That is amazing. I bet it will be a cute baby too." "Ladies if you'll excuse me. I gotta get to the ladies room. I have a baby weighing down on my bladder," Mona said with a laugh. Dawn and Tammy laughed and walked away. Mona went into the bathroom. When she emerged from the stall Amy was there. "Hey Mona," she said hugging her. "I saw Barbie and Midge feeling ya up." Mona laughed. "They weren't botherin ya were they?" "No. They just wanted to feel the baby kick." "Oh ok cause if they were botherin ya I would have kicked their asses for ya." Mona just laughed. "I gotta go. Take care kid." Mona walked back to the locker room. Seconds later Raven came in. "You ready to go babe?" "Yeah," she said sighing as she got up off the couch. It was getting harder and harder for her to get up and down. Raven came and helped her up gently. They drove back to the hotel. As they walked through the lobby Mona heard a familiar voice. "Mona? Is that you?" She turned to see Brittany and Kidman standing near the phones. "Brittany what are you doing here," she said as Brittany ran over and hugged her. "Billy and I have a few days off and we wanted see how you were and maybe hang out." Billy came over and shook Raven's hand. "My goodness! When are you due?" "About another month," Mona said rubbing her belly. "Couldn't ECW afford a better hotel," Billy said looking around. Brittany smack him. "OW! Sorry." "Hey excuse me if we aren't as rich as WCW," Raven laughed. "Let's go to the bar and chat." "Sounds good to me," Brittany said taking Billy's hand and leading him in the direction. Mona couldn't help laughing. "They haven't changed at all," Mona whispered to Raven. He laughed and wrapped his arms around her shoulders as they walked to the bar. "So what have you two been up to," Raven asked pulling out the chair for Mona. "Not much," Brittany said answering for Billy. "The Filthy Animals are doing good, but they might be breaking up soon and then Billy is supposed to get a push." "That's great," Mona said. "Yeah," Raven said clapping Billy on the back. They ordered their drinks and sat chatting. "So Scott," Brittany said. "When are you planning on marrying Mona?" "Babe! Why do you gotta be so nosy," Billy said. "I'm just curious," Brittany said innocently. ONE MONTH LATER IN THE ECW ARENA: Mona felt a sharp pain in her back, she put her book down and put her hands over the pain. Then, a new pain coarsed through her side and down her leg, making her back pain seem insignificant. She stared at the red liquid that was streaming down her legs and across her feet, and formed a puddle on the concrete floor. "My water broke," she thought to herself."and it's red." She finally manged to get up off the couch and get to the door of the dressing room. Raven had accidently locked it when he left for the ring. She pounded on the door and screamed for help. No one answered her pleas. "This isn't suposed to be happening. I read that when water breaks it is clear, not red. Something has to be wrong." The baby kicked inside her and more blood gushed out. "Oh god, more blood. I don't like this." She pounded on the door and screamed for help agian. No one came. "Fine time for my water to break, while Scott is in the ring. Why is it red?? Oh no, more gushing. At least I'm not in any pain. I'm hardly having contractions at all, so why all the blood? Am I going to bleed to death in here? Where is everyone? Isn't there anyone who can hear mescreaming? Oh God, the blood...I'm not going to panic. I can't. If I panic I will go crazy." She pounded on the door. "IS ANYONE OUT THERE?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!" she screamed. Just as she was pounding on the door and screaming, New Jack and Balls Mahoney walked by. "Mona?? Are you all right??" asked Balls. Mona began to cry. The blood would not stop coming out of her. Raven was still in the ring. The door was locked. She begian to panic. "Call 911," she sobbed. "Mona, what is wrong?" said Balls. "My water broke. Something is wrong. It's all bloody. Blood is gushing out of me..." she began to sob. New Jack turned the door knob, but only to find out that the door wouldn't open. "The door is locked." He told Balls. Balls then tries to turn the knob. He too found the door locked. "I'll go call 911, you ge the key from Heyman." He told New Jack. The two men left. Minutes later, Mona hears the unlocking of the door. Paul Heyman is standing in the doorway. his mouth gaping open in shock. "Mona!" He turned around and ran out of the room. She heard him yelling to someone down the hall. "Tell Levy to get his ass out of the ring, and back here imediately!" He came back in the room. He looked around at the blood on the floor. Then he looked at Mona, who was trying not to go nuts. "Mona, are you in any pain?" "No, but I wish this awful bleeding would stop. I mean, what will happen when I really go into labor? There will be blood everywhere!" Just then Raven entered the room. “My God! Mona!” he said, as he ran to her. Mona smiled weakly at him, not wanting him to know how frightened she is "I'm not in any pain, there is just a lot of blood." she says to him. Finally after what seemed like forever, a stretcher with two EMTs come into the room. They gently put Mona on the stretcher and in an ambulance, along with Raven and head off to the hospital. AT THE HOSPITAL Raven paces back and forth. The doctors have been working on Mona for over an hour. They would not even let him in the room. Something was wrong. "Oh god, how could I have been so stupid as to wrestle tonight. I knew the baby was due anyday, and yet I still got in the ring. I should have checked that door when I shut it..." Just then Brittany and Billy are in the hallway. Raven had called them earlier, but had not told them anything was wrong. "Congratulations Scott.! I'm so happy...." Britanny stops in mid sentence when she sees the tormented look on Raven's face. "Scott? What's wrong?? Is it Mona, the baby, what??" Raven looks at her. "Britany, she's dying. It's all my fault. I should have stayed home. I shouldn't have wrestled tonight. But no, what did I do?? I dragged her to the ECW arena with me tongiht. I knew the baby was going to be due soon. And the door. I should have been more careful when I shut the door. Oh god, if I lose her or the baby. The doctors won't even let me in the operating room. She has to be dying. And maybe, maybe the baby too. Oh god Britany, if I lose either one of them.. " He tries not to break down. "Scott, she'll be fine. Doctor's sometimes make things seem worse than they really are," Brittany said hugging him. She looked at Billy for help. "Yeah man. You'll see Mona and the baby will be fine," Billy said clapping Raven on the back. "Any minute now the doctor is going to come out here and tell you that you are the proud daddy of healthy baby," Brittany said optimistically. Raven looked at her and smiled weakly. "I hope you're right," was all he could say. Brittany and Billy sat and waited as Raven paced. Billy held Brittany. He could feel the worry that she felt for her friend. He was worried to, but he sielntly prayed that Mona and the baby would be fine. Few minutes later, a doctor came out of the room. "Mr. Levy?" "Yes." Raven stands up and walks towards the doctor. Brittany grabs Billy's hand. "Congratulations, you have a fine, healthy baby girl." Raven is about to breathe a sigh of relief when his fears about Mona come rushing back. "Mona, how is she??" The doctor sighed. "Ms. Greenwald lost a lot of blood during the labor. She is unconscious right now. She will have have to stay here for a while." "Doctor, are you telling me that Mona is in a coma?" The docter closes his eyes, sighes and shakes his head yes. He pats Raven on the shoulder and goes over to another patient. Brittany begins to cry when she heard the news. Billy holds her. Raven walks over to her and hugs her trying not to cry himself. "You were right about the baby," he tells her. "Oh Scott I'm so sorry. I just don't know what to say," she says to him. He hugs her tight. "You don't need to say anythiing else. Just knowing that you two are here is enough for me and Mona," he says smiling weakly. Billy gives him a quick hug and he and Brittany head for the elevator. "We'll check back in the morning Scott," Billy says as they get on the elevator. THREE DAYS LATER Raven is sitting by Mona's bedside, He has not left her side, except to look look at Starla Anne through the nursery window. Just then he hears voices by the door. AC Jazz and Fyre's. "Starla is a beautiful baby that has blond hair, just like her mother." AC says to Raven as she walks into the room. "Thank you" he says. "We are going to get a cup of coffee, do you want anything?" asks Fyre. "No, I'm not thirsty." he says. The two Nitro Girls go to the cafeteria. Raven leans forward in his chair and touches a strand of Mona's hair. "Come on sweetie, wake up. I need you Mona,. You and Starla are my whole world If I lost either one of you..." He puts his head in his hands. Suddenly he hears what sounds like a soft moan coming from her. "Mona? Honey?" He stands up out of his chair to get closer to her. Her blue eyes begin to flutter open. She is in a groggy state as she looks up at Raven. She looks around and sees that she is in a hosital, but she can't remember why. Suddenly her hands go to her abdomen and she remembers. Thinking that she lost the baby, she begins to cry softly. Just then, AC Jazz and Fyre walk back in. "She's awake!" AC Jazz exclaimed. Raven tells the ladies that he will be right back as he leaves the room to go tell a nurse that Mona is awake. "Mona, why are you crying??" aks Fyre. "I...I lost the baby." she sobbed. Fyre sits on the bed next to Mona. "No you didn't honey. You had your baby. Although you had to have a C-section, you still had your baby. A beautiful baby girl." "You gave us quite a scare Mona." says AC. "How long have I been asleep?" "Three days. Raven hasn't left your side at all, except to go to the nursery to see Starla." Raven walks back in with a nurse and a doctor. They look over Mona, and inform her that she has to stay overnight for observations. The nurse is about to leave the room, and Mona asks her to bring her daughter to her. The nurse smiles and tells her in a few minutes she will be able to see Starla. Five minutes later, Raven is siting on the edge of the bed as Mona is holding their child in her arms. Just then Raven stands up and reaches in his jeans pocket. He pulls out a little, black velvet box. He gets down on one knee beside the bed. He opens up the velvet box and revelas an emrmous diamond ring. "Mona Greenwald, will you marry me?" Tears of joy floods Mona's eyes as she shakes her head yes. Raven carefully slips the ring on her finger. He then gets up off his knees, stands over her and kises her softly on the lips. THE END