Before he even turned on the lights, Raven had a premonition that he'd see her. Different companies with different schedules had reduced their time together, but he still felt as though she was the closest thing he had to a soulmate. He enjoyed spending time with her, and could even see himself spending the rest of his life with her. He tried to ignore the fact by spending time with other women--even cheap whores like Francine, but in the end, his mind always turned back to Mona.

He wasn't wrong. In the split second it took for the lights to flicker on, he saw her. Her blonde hair was held back in a ponytail. She was also wearing a pair of black leather gloves, leather knee-high boots, and a leather corsette. His cock immediately stiffened as he realized that she was here to have sex. Then apprehension dawned on him, when he realized that she was looking right past him and at Francine. He was in deep shit, and so was his new valet.

"Hey, bitch, do you mind?" Francine enquired, in her New York accent. "We was kinda gettin' ready to get down to business, in case you couldn't figure it out."

Mona's hand was so fast that Raven didn't even realize what she had done at first. She had grabbed onto Francine's dark hair and was tugging fiercely at it, while still retaining her composure. Her other hand--her right hand, made a dull sound as it hit Francine's face. Francine screamed in pain. Mona then yanked her left hand down, consequently pulling Francine's hair down, while lifting her knee into Francine's face. She screamed again. Mona then executed a very quick scissor sweep, knocking Francine against a wall. Sobbing in pain, Francine began to stagger towards the door, trying to escape the punishment. Mona gave her a swift kick in the ass on her way out, before slamming the door shut. She turned to Raven, and as his eyes locked with hers, he saw that she wasn't done handing out punishment.

She spoke: "Over there, by the banister." Raven obliged, not reluctantly. "Stick your hands out in front of you." He did so. A second later, he felt the cold metal of handcuffs being clapped together around his wrists. He was stuck. "You know, Scotty, you're better than that. The fact that you'd even look at that...that skank...makes me mad enough to beat some sense into you. So I'm going to."

As he wondered what she was talking about, he felt his button and fly being undone, just before they were pulled down to his shins. He winced in pain as his own leather belt slapped him right behind the knees, knocking him off of his feet. The only thing keeping him up was the handcuffs. Still, he felt his erection growing from this strange treatment. There were five more lashes with the belt, each one across his back. If he hadn't still been wearing a shirt, his back would have blistered from the strength that Mona had behind her swings(as it was, he would have a few red welts the next day). Then, his pain was finally eased as he felt her hand wrap around his penis. The gloved hand gave it a few strokes...and then stopped.

"Come on, Mona! What the hell are you--" he started. "No. You're being punished. If you want to cum, you have to earn" With that, she climbed up to the second stair bordered by the banister, and began to undress. First came off the gloves(no pun intended). Next, she began to slowly, erotically pull the corsette off. At the sight of her bare breasts and neatly trimmed pubic hair, Raven felt pre-cum start to make its way towards his cockhead. Finally, Mona laid down in front of him, wearing only a pair of leather boots, and spread her legs, showing him a treasure that he longed for. Carefully sliding her body towards his face, she allowed his tongue to lick her inner thighs before moving to her labia. He traced her outer lips before delving his tongue inside of her. Her body lightly shuddered as he began to work on her, using her extreme sensitivity to his advantage.

He felt her hips begin to buck forward as his tongue wriggled its way inside her, tasting her essence. Soon after that, he felt her hand wrap around his cock again. She began to pump his fully erect member, causing him to moan against her vagina. She let out a loud sigh at that, signalling to him that she was close. He began to work faster, slipping his tongue in and out of her at a very maddening rate. He thought that he would need more practice to learn how to satisfy this woman, when she came against his face, letting out a flow of her sweet fluid. He licked what he could, but let the rest drip down his chin. Her hand on his cock was replaced by her mouth, sucking on him very quickly, trying to fulfill him. As her tongue rubbed up and down the tip of his dick, he came. She moved her head out of the way, letting his seminal fluid shoot against the side of the staircase. Exhausted, he felt himself getting tired and falling, despite the handcuffs. When he woke up the next morning, he was uncuffed, in his bed, and fully-clothed. The note next to his pillow simply read: "Thank you."