Harcore Love 2, written by Tangelo

After taking a piledriver to a chair, Raven was in physical hell. He needed a brace to stabilize his neck, and also needed to take some Codeine to numb the pain. Obviously unable to drive, he called up a special friend to give him a lift home. This special friend wasn't exactly his best friend, but was a very good friend, and, he had to admit, was the best looking friend he ever had, or ever would have. He got to the waiting room and looked around for her. *Dammit!* Raven thought. *Where is she? Of everyone I know, she's the easiest to trust. Whatever the hell is keeping her better be damn important.* He sat down in a chair, gingerly, and waited for her to show up. As time passed, he became seriously worried that she may have been in an accident. Finally, almost an hour after she was supposed to drive him home, Mona came in the room. After apologizing, she helped him to her car before starting to drive to his home. It would be a pretty long trip--a trip she wasn't looking forward to. Mona tried to explain to him that she had to catch a flight and then drive(after convincing Bill Busch to give her time off, which is a story for another time)a long way, but when Raven had his dander up, it was impossible to get through to him.

They made good time on the first night, and stopped at a decent hotel--not cheap and crummy, but not the kind of place you'd expect a professional wrestler to stay. She'd be able to reach his house by the early evening of the next night, if driving conditions were good. She helped him undress to his boxer shorts, and felt a tingle go through her body at the sight of his semi-erect penis. The fact that he was semi-erect told her that he also felt something from her touch. She got bold and wrapped her arms around him, from behind, and started to run her tongue up his cheek. She glanced down and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he enjoyed her touch.

"Come on, Scott," Mona started, "for old time's sake? Besides, I want to make it up to you...for being late, you know." She didn't know if she really felt guilty, or if she was just putting up a smokescreen so that she could sleep with him. It didn't matter. Surprisingly, his hands slipped behind her, before his right hand awkwardly slapped her ass. "Take off your clothes." was his only reply. Mona did as he asked, stripping herself of the confining garments, and showing her beautiful, tan body to Raven. She pulled back the sheets and got on her knees on the bed. Mona was getting ready to ask him what he was waiting for when one hand shot out and grabbed the back of her head. The other lightly caressed the side of her face before he moved forward and kissed her soft lips. She felt his tongue invade her mouth, and felt her faint moistness turn into wetness. The hand holding her cheek moved down and cupped her breast before tweaking the nipple, increasing her excitement. She then felt his other hand grab her ass. He let go of her, and then moved behind her. Mona put her hands on the bed.

Raven, to her surprise, slapped her ass with his right hand. "Hey! What the hell was that for?" she inquired. "Punishment. Maybe this'll teach you not to leave me hanging ever again. Either way, this is what you asked for, so just enjoy it." He repeated the process, again and again, until her bottom was bright red. His hand was a matching color, but he didn't care. He was in control and was gonna have some fun. Raven slid his penis into her wet folds, slowly entering her channel. He then slammed the last inch or so into her before grabbing her breasts. He wasn't even thrusting--he was just standing there with his penis inside her. Little did she know it, but this was more punishment. "Come on, ass hole! What are you waiting for? Fuck me!" a confused Mona yelled. *I like it when she talks dirty* Raven thought to himself, and then said outloud: "Talk dirty, Mona." It was a simple command that Mona didn't understand or care to understand. Just the same, she began to insult him, calling him a jackass and a loser, as well as an "uncle-fucking, dickhole"(she had no clue where that one came from). Raven felt his excitement build as she insulted and degraded him, and he began to thrust inside of her. As soon as he did, she stopped the talking. Shortly after, he started. "You like this, huh? Is this what you want, you little cunt?" "Ungh, harder...faster!" she replied. He sped up his thrusting, listen to her litany of "Ohhh, yessss! More, Scotty, more, ugh!", until he knew she was about to come.

He pulled out(crossing his eyes in pain as he did so) and moved over to the bucket of ice she had gotten earlier. Some of the cubes had started to melt, but he selected a nice cold one. He moved back over to the bed and Mona, who had rolled onto her back, and rubbed the ice cube over her lips. She started to suck on it before he moved it down her body and to her breasts, circling each aeriola with it before making a trail down her stomach and to her vagina. He rubbed the cube over her pussy until she couldn't stand it anymore. She knocked his hand away, sending the ice cube flying, and pulled him to her. The power she yanked him with was uncanny, and the next day he would need several codeine to numb the pain in his neck from the pull(as well as the night's "other" actions). Raven entered her for a second time, and before he could go in to the hilt, her muscular legs wrapped themselves around his back and pulled him closer. When he was fully in, her legs locked together and he began to thrust quickly and strongly, pleasuring both of them to new levels of sexual stimulus. He wanted to bend down and taste one of her pink nipples, but didn't quite dare. Instead, he cupped her breasts, massaging the buds with his calloused palms.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby...Ohhh! Faster, Scott...I'm close......Come on! Finish...finish, honey.....please!" Mona was nearly begging him, which was a very big turn on to Raven. He let go of her breasts and grabbed the headboard before slamming in and out of her. He felt a drizzle envelope his cock, and knew that she was coming. He closed his eyes and sped things up, making the bed creak and moan almost as uncontrollably as the two of them. "Mona!" Scott yelled, as he came. She came with him, mixing their fluids, with soft moans of pleasure. He collapsed on top of her, both of their bodies sheathed in fine layers of sweat, before falling asleep on the bed. She softly cradled his head(being careful not to move his neck)and placed two pillows underneath it. She ran her fingers through his hair and fell asleep a few minutes later, her leg in between his, and with her head touching his.