Mona Levy pulled her back into a ponytail as she got her wrestling outfit out of her gym bag. The small television in the ladies locker room was on. She was only halfway listening to it as she applied her makeup. She had called the house earlier that night to speak to the nanny. She wanted to make sure her daughter, Starla, was fine. All of the sudden, Mona hears something on the television that shocks her.

“Earlier this evening, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, professional wrestler, Scott Levy, better known as Raven, died this evening during a hardcore wrestling match in the ECW arena.” the female newscaster said.

Mona, in shock and rage, picked up the TV and threw it across the room.

“NOOOO!” she screamed over and over as she continued to trash the ladies locker room. She smashed the mirrors using chairs, she grabbed the lockers and pulled them down, making them crash to the ground.

DDP and his wife, Kimberly, are in his locker room watching the news.

“Wow. Scott, dead.” Page said.

Kimberly looked over at her husband and put her hand on his shoulder. She knew Raven and her husband were close friends for many years.

“Somebody should tell Mona, before she finds out from the news.”

“Oh god. Mona. How is she going to take this?”

Eric Bischoff and his pregnant girlfriend Elaine were sitting in his locker room, planning the night’s show. All of the sudden, Shannon Spruill ran in his locker room. Her eyes were wide open.

“Eric! Come quick! I think there is a fight or something going on in the ladies locker room!”

“A fight?”

“Well, something is going on. There is a lot of screaming and smashing. It sounds like the lockers are being toppled over or something!”

The three of them ran out of his locker room and down the hall.

DDP looked over at his wife and sighed.

“I think I should go tell Mona about Scott. It might be easier to take if she hears it from me.”

DDP and his wife walked out his locker room and heard a loud commotion coming from the ladies locker room.

DDP ran in and saw Mona smashing mirrors, pulling down lockers, kicking the already broken television. He ran up behind and gently held her tight. He kept whispering “shhh” to her, trying to soothe her and calm her. Mona quit shrieking and screaming and began crying softly as Page attempted to whisper words of comfort in her ear.

Kimberly stood in the doorway. She turned around and saw Eric, Elaine, and Shannon walking down the hall. Kimberly walked towards them. She told Eric what her and Page saw on the news. She then told him that Page and her were going to tell Mona, but apparently she already knew.

Eric walked in the trashed locker room and looked around at the damage. Shannon, Kimberly, and Elaine began picking up the broken glass. Elaine looked over at her friend, who was sobbing while Page was trying to soothe her.

“Mona, why don’t you go home to your daughter. Take some time off.” Eric stated.

Page let go of Mona, whose body was limp now. She nodded her head numbly. She looked around the room slowly. Then walked out of the arena and hailed a cab to the airport to take a flight home to be with her fourteen month old daughter.