Macho Man Gorgeous George, Mona, and Madusa. By Debra Fan

Macho Man sat nude on his and Gorgeous George's bed, waiting for George to come out of the bathroom. She soon did, wearing only a white lace bra and panties. Randy got fully erect just looking at her, and George seductively walked towards him, climbing onto the bed like an animal. George took his cock in her hands, and brought it to her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth, and gradually took all of it in. She began going up and down slowly, gaining rhythm. Randy grabbed hold of George's perfect breasts, and felt them through the bra. He ripped the bra off, wild with passion. Randy groaned with pleasure as George kept sucking his dick, but he pulled out of her mouth. He threw George on her back on the bed, and brought himself up to her chest. He fucked her breasts, and George took his cock in her mouth. Then the door to their bedroom opened, and Madusa and Mona, wearing no clothing, came in. Madusa went straight to the action, getting on the bed over George. Madusa put her breasts right in Randy's face, and he started licking in between them. He then moved over to her left breast, and started sucking her perfect pink nipple while caressing her right breast. Mona then joined the action, moving toward George's pussy. She spread George's smooth tan legs, and slowly started licking George's cunt. George squealed as she brought her mouth away from Randy's cock, and Mona smiled, glad she was pleasing George. Randy stopped fucking George's tits and licking Madusa's breasts, and went to a drawer across the room. He brought out some vaseline, and spread it over his cock. He then moved back to the bed, pulling Madusa down on the floor. Madusa got down on all fours, knowing what Randy was going to do next. Randy parted Madusa's cheeks, and spread vaseline on the crack of her ass. He then put the vaseline away, and guided his prick into Madusa's firm ass. He pushed all the way in, and began moving in and out of her as she moaned in pleasure and in pain. Her ass tightened around his cock, and some pre-cum made it's way out of his dick. Soon after, he shot his semen into her ass, but continued fucking her. Meanwhile, Mona was still working her tongue around George's cunt, trying to find the magic spot that would release her juices. She found it, sending George's juices all over Mona's face. Mona then made her way over to Madusa and Randy, laying down and spreading her legs apart, revealing her pretty pink pussy. She urged Madusa to pleasure her, and Madusa obliged. Madusa first seductively licked Mona's pussy lips, and then went further. She pulled away, and stuck two fingers into Mona's awaiting clit. She began moving her fingers in and out, and Mona moaned with pleasure. Randy moved back to the bed where George was still laying, recovering from Mona's oral assault on her pussy. He flicked his tongue over George's right breast, and then the left. He then rammed his cock in her cunt without warning. She screamed in surprise and pleasure as he began his rhythm. On the floor, Madusa was still shoving her fingers in Mona's pussy. She shoved them in extra-hard one last time, knowing Mona was close. She was right--Mona soon let her juices flow out of her wet cunt, and all over Madusa's fingers. Madusa licked her fingers clean, and then looked up on the bed. Randy was still fucking George, and Madusa could tell both were close to coming. Madusa decided to move them along. She went up on the bed, and straddled George's face, wanting a little pleasure herself. George immediately stuck her tongue in Madusa's awaiting clit, licking her wetness. Madusa started moaning, which turned Randy on. He shot his load into George's pussy, pulled out, and laid down beside Mona on the floor. That was all it took for George, and she let her femininity flow free. George began rapidly licking Madusa pussy, and finally found the spot that let Madusa's juices free. Madusa came all over George's face, and then rolled over next to George on the bed. Just as Mona and Randy had a few minutes earlier, the two fell asleep.

That was my first story, thanks for reading. If you would, let me know what you think.

- Debra Fan -