Evening Gown Match. Monday Nitro. October 18, 1999. Philadelphia, PA

First Mona came out in a black gown with blue sequins on it. Madusa came out in something other than an evening gown (she told Mike Teany earlier in the evening tht she might now take place in the match, she did not want to be in an evening gown match) It was a fierce battle. First Mona had the upper hand, then Madusa turned the tide. Madusa then went to the outside, grabbed a chair and whacked Mona in the back with it (grrr) then somehow, I'm not sure how, (I was complaing to a friend online about what Madusa just did) but somehow the ref got knocked out. Madusa went back to the outside, but this time to yell at Tony and Bobby about her having to be in an evening gown match. Tony put his hands up and yelled "This was't our idea". While Madusa was harrassing poor Bobby and Tony. Mona, who was in the ring, recovered, climbed outside the ring and yanked Madusa's short "gown" off her. Mona, the victorious winner, walked to the back as the ref was stil in the ring trying to recover from being knocked out earlier. Mona must have hurt her back during the match because she kept holding it as she walked. Madusa, who was still at ringside, grabbed the mic, and had a temper tantrum. Basicaly she stated that she did not care to be in that match in the first place and that the fans could kiss her ass.