I am writing this with a heavy heart.

For those who know me best, (James of Ringbabes, Blubeetle, Monafan, Narotic, Lita Fan, Rodrigo, Greg, and The Wrestling Fan), I hope y'all will understand why I am going to do what I am going to do.

Now I am still a Nora fan. Don't forget that.

But the time has come for Mona/Molly Madness to shut down.

I am not pleased with what Nora is doing in the WWF.

I am not pleased that everytime I turn around, some teenage girl that never knew of Nora's career as Mona in WCW, or in the indies as Starla Saxton, is putting up a Molly Holly site. (and some of them claiming to be the first no less, since this site was started in the fall of 1999)

I loved Mona Madness. I still do. It was my heart and soal. And a part of it still is.

Tears are streaming as I write this.

I will however keep up the link to the board on the entrance page.

If you want to go to another great Nora site, I suggest Blubeetle's site, seeing how he is as dedicated to Nora as the rest of us.

Just remember, Mona Madess WAS the first, and IMO the best.

The Message Board:
Blubeetle's site on Nora: The Second site ever created, it too was created in 99, right atter Mona Madness was created