Mona On WCW Live!

On January 26, 2000, Mona wsa on WCW. Here is a summarry of what she had to say.

MONA joined the show. She is out in Las Vegas on vacation. She is still with WCW even though her character is "fired." Mona competed in powerlifting and gymnastics while growing up. She is able to benchpress 160 lbs. She has been training every day and is very eager to get back on TV. Mona feels that Midnight and Asya are phenomenal athletes and would like to wrestle them someday. Rey Mysterio is her idol so she is all about taking on the bigger guys. If WCW has a women's division, she would love to be part of it. If not, she would not mind coming back as a valet. She just wants to be involved.

Mona has made several appearances on Independent shows but has basically kept busy in the Power Plant. She was then informed about her biggest fan from Australia (MMM) in the WCW chatroom. She was very touched by all this but he was not in the chatroom to talk to her. Mona started out working in Florida in 1997 in the Independents. From there she worked in the ECWA and Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling but basically she worked in Florida.

Mona is a big fan of Rey Mysterio, Eddy Guerrero and Kidman. She is willing to be the valet for any wrestler. She sees herself as a scientific wrestler and she was taught a lot from Dean Malenko and Prince Iaukea. They really helped her in terms of the technical aspect of wrestling. It was great for her working with Randy Savage. He was a big reason for her break in wrestling. She says that Randy was not selfish with the spotlight because he let the ladies in his group (Mona, Madusa and Gorgeous George) get involved.

Mona has watched Japanese wrestling and thought she would get her neck broken over there and she admires Madusa for going through that. She is also a big fan of the entertainment aspect of wrestling. Mona would like to be in wrestling as long as it stays fun. Her friends and family ask her about wrestling when she goes home but basically they think of her as the same girl who left the town. She thinks it's amusing when her younger cousins ask her for autographs.

Mona has not really thought about getting involved in acting but would consider it if the role was right. This is her first time in Las Vegas and she loves it there. When she was growing up, she had no idea that she would be a wrestler. There were really no women wrestlers at one point so she just started training for fun. Mona's opinion about the role of women in the WWF is that she is not really against it but she would not want to be a part of that. She wishes that women could still be used for really good wrestling matches. In terms of influences, she has always looked up to the guy wrestlers such as the cruiserweights. It is very tough for her to sit on the sidelines because she wants to be on TV to show off her new moves.

Mona feels that Chuck Palumbo and Elix Skipper will be real big future stars in the business. Elix is one of the better wrestlers to come out of the Power Plant but she thinks that Palumbo will be the next main eventer in terms of overall package. She says that the Power Plant is really a team atmosphere and everyone helps each other out a great deal. Mona talked about Tank Abbott being at the Power Plant and she says that he is a real tough guy. People would find excuses not to work with him because they were intimidated.

Mona is one of those people who goes right to her room after the shows. She does not drink so that is usually the norm. However, since she is in Las Vegas, she may consider going out. Her musical interests include classic rock, modern rock and country music. Mona may hit the blackjack tables while she is in Vegas.