She is one of the most beautiful and talented ladies to grace the world of sports entertainment in many years. She is Mona!!! Mona made a huge impact on WCW last year. She is not only very gorgeous, but she knows how to wrestle and wrestle well. Mona will soon be debuting in the World Wrestling Federation. The possibilities are endless. Mona will definitely make an impact in the WWF. Recently I had the chance to speak with Mona about various things including her upcoming stint in the WWF and her departure from World Championship Wrestling. Let's get the scoop from the lovely Mona!!!

Shannon Rose: I am now joined with the one and only Mona. How you doing Mona?

Mona: Everything is great, thank you.

Shannon: Well, what should I call you? Should I call you Mona?

Mona: Yes we'll stick with Mona until I get called something else myself.Just don't call me late for dinner.

Shannon:Let me ask you, lets start off with what everybody is asking. You signed with WWF, is that correct?

Mona: Yes, that's correct.

Shannon: And if you can say ... what are the terms and conditions of that?

Mona: No I can't say, but let me just say, that I am very very pleasantly surprised with what they offer.

Shannon: When are you going to be premiering with the WWF?

Mona: They said sometime after Summer Slam, I don't know if that is right immediately following Summer Slam or if that means months down the road, but they haven't really given me an exact start date yet.

Shannon: Have they given any programs, or any gimmicks that you are going to be portraying?

Mona: They told me of a couple of ideas that they had in mind, the writers were still discussing about which character I would portray best, but they haven't made their final decision yet.

Shannon: Why is it that you left WCW?

Mona: I was released, but I am not sure why. I really felt that I was doing everything I could do to do a good job there, I trained at the power plant, I helped when I could, I always showed up on time, I stayed drug free, there is no telling why.

Shannon: You helped some of the girls out is that correct?

Mona: Yes, helping whenever I could.

Shannon: How did you get in touch with the WWF?

Mona: Actually, there were a few people I knew from before because I used to work with the WWF and it was those same people that I contacted and let know that I was released. I ended up going to Smackdown to talk with Jim Ross.

Shannon: Now also your former partner and also opponent of yours Malia Hosaka signed under a developmental deal here also, is that correct?

Mona: I haven't talked to her, but I heard that rumor.

Shannon: Now you're not under a developmental deal when most are, is that correct?

Mona: Actually, I was informed not to comment on my exact contractual agreement.

Shannon: How did you break into the business?

Mona: The first person to bring me in was TNT Mahoney and him and The Black Knight trained me in the backyard in Zepherhills Florida and that's where it all began.

Shannon: You were close friends with Lanny Poffo did that help you at one point in your career?

Mona: He helped videotape my matches.

Shannon: When you went from the indies to WCW,how did you go about entering World Championship Wrestling?

Mona: Malia Hosaka was friends with Terry Taylor who was the booker at the time, and we were given Dark Matches.

Shannon: When you went to go out to ringside with Randy Savage, do you feel that they went on with your character correctly from that point after you broke away from Savage? Mona: I was actually very happy. They let me have a lot of individual matches from Brandie Alexander,who was a fantastic opponent, and I was also able to bring in people like Kat,who was good to work with, and I was very happy with everything that they allowed me to do there.

Shannon: Yes I have seen Kat many times and she is a super worker.

When you were in the WCW who were actually your close friends when you were there?

Mona: I hung out mostly with Jung Dragons because they were mostly in my age group.

Shannon:I'm sure one of the matches that everyone wants to see is you against Lita?

Mona: I am looking forward to working with Lita,if I don't get to work with her right away I'm sure I will get to work with her eventually.I really like her style and I am really looking forward to working with her.

Shannon: Do you see that women wrestling today is basically in a better light than it was in the past with WWF basically pushing girls better than WCW does, and do you feel that WCW treats the girls correctly?

Mona: I never felt mistreated at WCW, I enjoyed working there very much, and I do like what WWF is doing with women now, and I do think that women wrestling has been going in cycles, it has been hot and kinda dies off. I am really looking forward to working with WWF's women program.

Shannon: Do you agree with them having mud matches and the Miss Hancock pregnancy angle? Where do you think that is going?

Mona: Well the fans seem to like it and they are the ones that buy the tickets.

Shannon: Where do you see yourself fin the next year or two?

Mona: So far in my life, every year has just been better than the last, and I'm sure that It will just continue this way ,I am very blessed and I am looking forward for the days to come, and even if my future does not involve professional wrestling, I will still be blessed and very happy.

Shannon: what do you like doing outside of pro wrestling?

Mona: I like classic car shows, I like in line skating, and I like going to the beach and renting movies, just normal stuff.

Shannon: Has the WWF asked you to enhance your looks at all?

Mona: They just told me to be in the best shape as I possibly can,they did not mention any plastic surgeries. I just think that they want their stars to be the best that they can be.

Shannon: Thank you, Mona.

Mona: You're welcome,