WCW..Bring Back Mona!: by Nickey Fairchild

Madusa, Torrie Wilson, Spice, Tygress. Is anyone else tired of seeing eye candy matches in WCW?? Before Russo and Ferrara came along, WCW was developing good, if not great women's matches featuring women such as Brandi Alexander, Little Jeanie, and more importantly Mona. So what happened?? Russo and Ferrara. First worthless, lame eye candy matches. (Spice versus Tygress didn't exactly put asses in seats.) Then in November, they "fired" Mona for not defeating Madusa in a three way match. The reason, they only had room for one woman. OK, fine, get rid of Madusa. She is a glory hog and has no wrestling skills.

During the summer of 99, after both Mona and Madusa were gone form Team Madness, Mona was getting a good push, while Madusa was out getting PLASTIC SURGERY! (That is the reason their match for Road Wild was canceled.) Now in the winter of 1999-2000, Madusa has the Cruiserweight title, and Mona is reportedly is doing a gimmick based on the movie "Scream," as the mystery person who lays everyone out. How stupid are Russo and Ferrara?? WOW magazine voted her the Number One best wrestler. Let's hope WCW gets their act together very soon.