Mona/Molly News

1-8-2001 I got this from WWF Officials are finishing up a storyline in which Molly Holly will feud with Lita. Lita has great in ring ability, especially when it comes to high-risk maneuvers. Molly is another woman wrestler who is hardly a rookie at this point. The two should begin to feud in the near future, leading up to a possible "Bra and Panty" match at WrestleMania.

1-8-2001 Last night Molly Holly squared off against Jackie on Heat. It was a pretty even match between the two ladies, unlike when Nora first faced Jackie back when she was known as Starla Saxton. Nora proved she can hold her own against Jackie, and got a few near falls against the other woman. In the end though, Jackie won.

1-1-2001 On, Molly Holly is ranked number three on their weekly bombshell ranking!

12-31-2000 I found this on WWF is very happy with the matches within the Women’s division. They are very happy with the work of Molly and have had her working hard with Trish and the other WWF women. They feel they have a good mix of women now and are really excited with the workers that they have. They feel that people like Lita and Molly can put on a top-notch match that the fans can get into. They are hoping that Trish can polish her skills and be able to mix it up with them in a 5+ minute match. Watch for all the women to get more TV time, and for the Women’s division to start heating up.

11-25-2000 I found this on The WWF had been very impressed with Molly Holly and after Smackdown they are nearly extatic. She is very versatile as she can work matches and be in a big spot. Look for a women's title match featuring Holly to occur in the near future.

11-21-2000 I found this on www. After debuting a few weeks ago, Molly Holly has been a perfect addition to the WWF's Women's Division. She was brought in with Crash to be his sidekick; however, expect her to leave in the near future just like Lita did with Essa Rios. The WWF has big plans to make her a major player in the Women's Division.

11-21-2000 I found this on has added pics of new WWF Diva Molly Holly. She does not have her own actual Diva section like Trish, Tori, Chyna and the other’s, but they have added pics of her. They plan to have a full section dedicated to her within the next month. This will feature a bio, pics, and videos, just like all the other WWF Divas.

11-21-2000 I found this on Before their match at the Survivor Series pay per view, Trish Stratus and Molly Holly, real name Nora Greenwald, were working on spots for around 40 minutes, comprised of two 20-minute sessions. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was on hand to provide assistance and advice.

11-20-2000 I found this on Look for the push of Molly and Crash Holly to continue. The reason that Molly was put with Crash, was because WWF writers felt that them being together would be a win/win situation. Molly is getting good WWF experience, and she is helping Crash get over. These days, in the wrestling world, it is very easy for a beautiful woman to get over, for this reason, she was put with Crash to help him out as well.

11-20-2000 Molly, Crash, and Blackman faced T&A and Trish Stratus last night at the WWF Pay-Per-View, Survior Series. Molly got the three count and the win over Trish!

11-19-2000 has updated their weekly Bombshell rankings, and Molly has moved up one space from #3 to #2! You go girl!

11-14-2000 I found this on Contrary to other reports out there, Lita is not expected to regain the Women's Title in the near future. The reason being, the WWF wants the title to mean something, it wouldn't be any good for anybody if one person dominated the division, and always help the title. For example, look at Dean Malenko. Look for Ivory to hang onto the title for a while, and when she finally does drop it, it is just about confirmed to go to Molly Holly.

11-13-2000 I found this on The WWF has already bought the Internet domain name, It was registered last week, shortly after Nora Greenwald made her debut Molly Holly, Crash's cousin. There may already be plans for an upcoming site, or the domain was bought just to make sure someone else did get their hands on it.

11-13-10 Eric Gargiulo from had an interview with former WCW and former ECW valet, Gorgeous George. In the interview she mentions Mona. Here are the excerpts:

Eric: What was your relationship like with Mona (Molly Holly) and Madusa?
George: Great, both of them. I respect Madusa a lot for being in the business with the boys and also Mona. She's great and she was a sweetheart to me. She's the one that taught me everything that I know.

Eric: How did you get into ECW?
George: Mona had actually gave me a call and told me that they were coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin by my house, driving distance. So I drove up there, she was with her friend. I went backstage and I met Paul and he said he was interested in me and that he really wanted me to come work for them, this and that. I went a couple of times, I never got paid and I mean, I don't know what happened with that whole deal. I have no idea. I haven't even talked to Paul since then. I just know with all of these network changes and things, everything is kind of up in the air. I'm just kind of waiting around to see what people are doing.

11-10-2000 Molly is # 3 on's Bobmshell Ranking! Pretty good for her first week in the WWF!

11-10-2000 I found this on The WWF does not plan to keep Mona at her current low status with Holly. WWF management is testing her out, so look for Mona's role to increase in the women's division soon.

11-10-2000 I found this on The WWF is trying to put the Right to Censor over. Ivory has been getting involved a lot more with the storylines, and is expected to be defending her Women's Title very often. Unlike Stephanie, or Trish, Ivory is a wrestler. Lita, and the newly introduced Molly Holly will be the stars of the Women's Division, along with Ivory, as the Division is expected to be given a lot more attention now. Many things have been resting on Mona's (Molly's) shoulders, and now that she is here, it is time we expected to see some Women's Division matches very frequently.

11-9-2000 I found this on Too Cool, Crash Holly, and Mona may take on Test, Albert, Trish, and another opponent at the Survivor Series. Survivor Series is usually one of the biggest events of the year for the WWF, and it seems they are making this year no exception. Another possibility is to have Mona team with Too Cool to take on Trish, Test, and Albert, however, Survivor Series usually features an 8 man (or woman) tag match. Be sure to keep an eye on WWF Survivor for the latest updates and developments.

11-8-2000 According to several newsboards, Nora's WWF name is "Molly Holly".

11-8-2000 I found this on On a somewhat related note to Mr. Holly, last night we saw the (re)debut of Nora Greenwald, known as Mona in WCW and Starla Saxton in the WWF for all of one match. Greenwald appeared alongside Crash, apparently as either a cousin, a sister, a friend or even a girlfriend (go Elroy). Despite internet rumors that I read last night, I'm pretty sure Greenwald will continue to stay with Crash; after all she wore the same outfit as him and is apparently on the brink of a feud with Trish Stratus. She'll definitely be enterting the women's division and anyone who has seen her in action over the past year, will attest to the fact that she is the complete package of wrestling ability, athletic ability and looks. I've never heard on the mic so I won't go there, but mic skills can be improved while natural talent cannot. Since I've been doing this WWF website thing for nearly three years, I think I have a fairly good idea about what WWF fans will like and what they won't, and I'm pretty confident that it won't take Miss Greenwald very long to establish a following. Anyway, back to the Hollys for a second, is it just me who noticed that all of a sudden Crash (a singles wrestler) and ex-Mona (a female) are feuding with T & A (a tag team) and Trish (a female). Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but next week, November 13th, just happens to be the return date for one Hardcore Holly and it would be a nice sight to see Crash and Nora get beat up only to see cousin Hardcore come running down for the save. Yeah, I know what you're all thinking...the WWF in the past has tried to distance the Holly cousins from one another, but let me put it another way...when has anything in the WWF gone exactly as planned?

11-8-2000 I found this on Mona/Crash alliance short-term On Raw Is War last night, we saw the debut of Mona to WWF television. Those of you who watched the show last night, or read the results, will know that Mona was introduced in an angle with Crash, as they both went about attacking T&A and Trish Stratus. This will most likely lead to a feud between these two teams as we've seen altercations between T&A and Crash over the past few weeks, and we will also get the opportunity to get a good look at Mona's ring work, as it was earlier thought that she would be brought onto into storylines in a managerial role. This has to go down as a surprise though as it was thought almost certain that Mona would debut as a heel, but nevertheless she is likely to appear on programming quite a lot in the coming weeks and may even capture the Women's title soon. The WWF are very high on Mona's wrestling ability and are said to be ready to give her a Women's title reign before the end of the year. It is also being said that Mona and Crash aren't expected to align for very long, as having "Elroy" as her side-kick is believed to be just a way to bring her onto television.

11-7-2000 I found this on Mona has debuted as a "sidekick" for Crash Holly. As has been stated, she is expected to join the ranks of the Women's Division. Either way, don't look for her to be involved with Crash Holly for too long, Monday Night was definitely a huge Raw, and since Mona has been waiting for such a long while to officially debut on television, she was brought in tonight. When all the smoke clears, look for Mona to be involved with Chris Jericho somehow.

11-6-2000 I found this on Mona is just about ready to debut, she is accompanying some wrestlers to the ring in Dark Matches. As of right now, it seems they are just looking for a good angle to insert her into. Once she debuts, Mona may somehow be involved with Chris Jericho.

11-5-2000 I found this on As of right now, as it stands, there are both rumors and strong evidence suggesting that a "Stable War" is just about ready to happen in the World Wrestling Federation. As of right now, the only stable is The Right to Censor. However, Triple H's recent face turn, Billy Gunn's return, and what has occurred over the past few weeks, it seems that Degeneration X is set to reform, with Triple H, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Road Dogg, and possibly Mona, once she debuts. From what I have heard, this is the reason she was not put with the RTC, as originally planned

10-24-2000 I found this screen shot at a website about wrestling video games:

10-24-2000 I got this from The WWF has been giving Nora Greenwald (Mona from WCW) dark match tryouts at both RAW and Smackdown. She wrestled Ivory on Monday and Jacqueline on Tuesday, both times under the "Lady Ophelia" gimmick. According to many reports, Greenwald looked very impressive and is right in line for a full-time callup to WWF TVs in November. As of press time, I believe she is back in Memphis working matches and angles down there (most recently against BobCat) and could make it back up to the WWF for dark matches again next week or the week after. There is also a sensible report going around indicating that she could be paired with William Regal, as both his valet and a wrestler in her own right. In the past, it was rumored that Greenwald would join the RTC as their first female inductee, however, that plan never really got off the table. Before Regal was called up to the WWF, he had a mananger in Memphis who went by the name Lady Bristol Ophelia. Although this was NOT Nora Greenwald, it would make sense to keep a valet of similar gimmick with him, especially since it would play nicely into his Englishman character. Apparently, the final decision will be made by Vince McMahon himself later this month.

10-21-2000 I got this from www. Mona participated in a WWF dark match this Monday night. Some reports are that she wrestled as "Miss Ophelia." Miss Ophelia is the name that was used by Regal's valet in Memphis, and this means that Mona is being groomed as Regal's valet/mixed tag partner

10-17-200 I got this in a mailing list that I belong too (thank you Kai): Just thought I'd mention that Mona wrestled her first dark match for WWF recently, battling against Ivory. She jobbed, but hopefully it won't be too long before we actually see her on-camera. Don't know what name she's going to use, but it won't be Mona.

10-12-2000 I found this on Nora 'Mona' Greenwald is currently in MCW working a program with BobCat to get back into ring-shape after her release from WCW. According to a few people, she is still a good month away from debuting in the WWF and her role in the federation has yet to be finalized.

10-4-2000 I found this on Billy Gunn might be joining Right To Censor with Mona.

10-2-2000 I found this on Lita recently sustained a “jammed toe”. The injury is not very painful and Lita has chosen to work through the injury, as opposed to taking time off and resting up. Plans for the Lita/Mona feud are now under development and it is expected we could see the debut of Mona (could go under a new name in the WWF) as early as this week at WWF television with Mona jumping straight into a feud with Lita over the WWF women’s championship

10-1-2000 I found this on Nora Greenwald (Mona), if the current plan holds, will be sent to Memphis to work a program with Bobcat, who, as a ho, briefly won the WWF Hardcore Title earlier this year. Greenwald was signed in August following her release from WCW.

9-28-2000 I found this on Mona, formerly of WCW, is expected to be shipped to the WWF's farm system in Memphis. She will be working a program with Bobcat.

::I guess the NEVER will debut her. My patience is now gone. I say to hell with WCW for keeping her off television and then firing her and to hell with WWF for taking so long to debut her::

9-26-2000 I found this on The WWF added Mona weeks ago to their roster. Although an official name has yet to be decided, the WWF will be using her debut for next week's RAW is WAR or Smackdown. Mona's name will be revealed then. She will however be using the Right To Censor gimmick as the only female member and they way she will be brought in is a run in on Lita's match and she will challenge Lita to a women's title match.

::Damnit! I think they should keep it Mona. I don't want to have to rename my site, LOL::

9-24-2000 I foung this on Although Raven has been rumored to debut tonight, the WWF is said to want to make him and Mona debut at the same time. Possible debuts are rumored for tomorrow night, when the first Raw is War comes to us live from TNN. Ratings may be a bit lower, considering some WWF fans may not have access to The Nashville Network. Upon Mona's debut, she is expected to feud with Lita for the Women's Championship.

::Mona and Raven debuting at the same time, sounds good to me. :) ::

9-18-2000 I found these on Mona is now said to be debuting after Unforgiven but her role as of yet has not been decided. The WWF will have another creative meeting soon where her role as well as the other unused ladies' roles will be given some direction.

All rumors concerning Mona joining the Right to Censor are totally false.

9-18-2000 I found this on Shannon Rose of PWD had a chance to speak to Mona last night and discuss a couple items of interest. She said that all the rumors of her premiering soon as a heel and part of the RTC are that just that, a "rumor". She said she is getting paid, but has not been told anything about how she will be brought in.

9-17-200 I found this on Former WCW Wrestler, Mona who was recently hired by the World Wrestling Federation, does not know at the time what role she will be playing when she begins appearing on WWF TV. No plans as of yet of her joining the RTC has been made. Despite recent internet rumors stating otherwise

9-17-2000 I found this on The WWF wants to push the Women's division more then they have been in recent weeks. When Mona makes her WWF debut, look for her to immediately feud with Lita

9-14-2000 This came from Patty Therre on "Now, we have Nora Greenwald (Mona) debuting on WWF TV, with a possible Lita feud in the works. Nora is a young and very talented real wrestler who, given the opportunity, will show the fans that she isn’t all blonde hair and boobs. She can wrestle with the best of them. I am looking forward to seeing her work in the WWF. God knows she was wasted in WCW."

9-14-2000 I found this on Val Venis seemed to get lots of heat in his new gimmick with the Right to Censor. Look for Steven Richards to abduct and convert more wrestlers; including former WCW wrestler, Mona.

9-13-2000 I found this on Another angle being tossed around the innards of the WWF is that of Mona aligning with the RTC, appearing in long gowns with no cleavage, and feuding with the other women, especially Lita. This moral vs. oral angle is a near duplicate of that which is being done in RollerJam.

9-12-2000 I found this on Mona is almost set to debut. Although she is expected to join up with The RTC, this is not yet confirmed. Look for Mona to make her debut shortly following Unforgiven, where she will join the Women's Division and battle with Lita and Ivory, the two top women wrestlers in the division

9-11-2000 I found this on When Mona comes into the World Wrestling Federation, she will probably not be pushed right into the Right to Censor Angle. Look for her to possibly be "brainwashed," much like Val Venis. Although this is not confirmed, it would be a great way to keep the RTC angle going. Upon her joining, look for Mona to open up a feud with Lita, and possibly Ivory

9-7-2000 I found these on As you probably already know, Lita is expected to defend her Women's Title at Unforgiven. Her opponents may be either Jacqueline or Ivory. The reason being, the WWF is trying to make the division successful, and as of late, Stephanie, Trish, and Lita have been the only regular participants. Upon Mona's debut, look for her to get involved in things. She may be the person to beat Lita for her Women's Title.

Look for Val Venis to return in a short while and join RTC after being "brainwashed." When Val returns, Mona might come along with him, as she would have helped to "brainwash" him. As far as I have heard, the WWF has huge plans for the RTC.

9-7-2000 I found this on Lots of talk have been about Nora "Mona" Greenwald joining the RTC as the opposite to the rest of the women, by wearing long gowns, showing no cleavage and opposing the regular instances of T & A we see on television today. If it happens, Greenwald would enter into a feud with Lita most likely.

9-7-2000 I found this on Nora Greenwald (Mona) has been talked about as a member of the RTC wearing long gowns with no cleavage as sort of the antithesis of the rest of the women.

9-6-200 I found these on The latest on Billy Gunn suggests that he will be returning very soon, and possibly with a female valet in Trish Stratus (face) or Mona (heel), depending on whether or not he will become a face or a heel. Early reports suggest that he will return and play a role with what is going on with X-Pac and Road Dogg. Tori will probably get involved with this as well. Billy Gunn will return within a month.

The WWF signed former WCW women's wrestler Mona. Mona has competed in both Japan and in the LPWA and has been around the business for a long time. The WWF is currently re-packaging Mona and coming up with a new fresh gimmick for her. Meanwhile, Mona has been training very hard before her debut for the WWF. The WWF is very strict on conditioning and wanted Mona to shed about 10 pounds. Although a gimmick hasn't been decided for sure, it's been rumored that she will get a run with the Right To Censor as a female member. Mona is expected to recieve a large push in the WWF.

Mona has apparently officially now signed her WWF contract and will be debuting on federation programming very soon. She is supposed to go straight after the women's title belt upon her arrival.

In a recent interview, Mona said that she is very happy she signed with the World Wrestling Federation. She is expected to debut soon. Among many things said, she stated that she is looking forward to working with Lita. Expect Lita and Mona to have a good feud upon Mona's arrival into the World Wrestling Federation.

It is being planned to have Nora Greenwald, a.k.a. Mona, to wear long gowns with absolutely no cleavage showing at all when she joins the RTC. Supposedly they are going to make her the opposite of all the other women in the WWF.

9-6-2000 I found this on Mona has apparently officially now signed her WWF contract and will be debuting on federation programming very soon. She is supposed to go straight after the women's title belt upon her arrival.

9-5-2000 I found these on As of late, everyone has been talking about Mona's debut in the World Wrestling Federation. It seems that the rumors are true, and that she will be the star joining the Right to Censor in the near future. This news is confirmed.

Another new talent to the WWF, Mona, has also been heavily rumored for a debut. Although I do not have a date right now, the current word is that Mona will be brought in, and she will join up with the Right to Censor, and open up a feud with Lita.

9-4-2000 I found this on Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that there is talk that Nora Greenwald (Mona in WCW) will be on RAW tonight. Meltzer reports that the WWF has discussed making Mona a part of the Right to Censor. Mona will also fued with Lita for the WWF Women's Title. This should be a great fued as both ladies can go at it in the ring and the fans will appreciate both competitors.

9-4-2000 I found this on If Nora Greenwald, who appeared as Mona in WCW, joins the heel stable Right to Censor, then a feud with current WWF Women’s Champion Lita already has a basis to occur. The RTC, comprised of messieurs Richards, Buchanan and Goodfather, have often made mention of Lita’s, real name Amy Dumas, choice of attire, and have stated that they plan to take action to rectify their grievance. Greenwald and Lita’s feud would be based on their differing views on female representation; the former demanding a clean, wholesome image, while Lita follows a very different opinion: that every women has the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable with. Both women are very good workers, therefore a number of athletic bouts could be in store.

9-4-2000 I found this on The LAW is reporting that Nora Greenwald, known to the wrestling world as Mona may make her WWF debut tonight as the new member of the RTC. WWF officials know that bringing a woman into the group may help increase the interest of fans, and this could be the plan for Mona upon her debut. There have also been talks of Mona feuding with Lita. Placing Mona in the RTC may be a way to help get her name over and known more with fans before pushing her to the Women's Title.

9-4-2000 I found this on LOP: There has been talk of putting Nora Greenwald (Mona) into the RTC and probably to feud with Lita.

9-2-2000 I found this on Mona has recently been backstage at almost every RAW for a few weeks now.

9-2-2000 I found this on Mona will feud with Lita for the WWF Women's Heavyweight Title.

9-2-2000 I found this on Former WCW valet Mona is set to make her WWF debut within the next two week’s. She will start off by feuding with WWF Women’s champion Lita. Mona is known as a very good worker and can really move in the ring. WWF is very high on her for that.

Before Mona was released by WCW she was training other female wrestlers in the WCW Power Plant. WCW let her go due to cut backs in the company. She is best known as her role of Miss Madness when she was the right hand lady to Gorgeous George.

9-2-2000 I found this on Mona was told by the WWF that she will be starting soon after SummerSlam, therefore her WWF debut looks imminent. Mona was recently released by WCW, where she was training women in the Power Plant training facility. The blond-haired grappler is a good worker, but was featured most prominently as part of Randy Savage’s entourage in WCW.

9-1-2000 I found this on LOP: The WWF has a big creative meeting taking place this week. Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski, Steve Regal, Mona, Tom Howard, and Raven should be getting word on their assignments within the company following this meeting.

9-1-2000 I found this on The WWF is on the verge of jump-starting their Women's division once again. Though officials have tried to keep the division alive, due to the low number of physical women on the WWF roster, the Women's division has deemed unsuccessful and has been as good as dead during the past few months while Stephanie McMahon reigned as champion. It now looks as though things are set to change once again, as Lita took the title a few weeks back. Recent rumors have said that management had plans for Trish Stratus to feud with Lita for her newly won title, but that seems to be untrue, as officials would like to shy away from pushing the less experienced women toward the title while attempting to build the division back up. With the recent signing of former WCW superstar Mona, it is expected that she will step right up and start a feud with Lita for the title. Mona, much like Lita, has great in-ring ability and a feud between the two should be quite entertaining unlike a lot of the women feuds in the past. Later this week, a creative meeting will be held in which WWF management will most likely make the final decisions on plans and a debut date for Mona. There should be a more official word on Mona's status in the next week or so, but there is no doubt that she will be a huge asset to the WWF women's roster upon her debut, and be key in making the Women's division respectable once again.

8-28-2000 I found this on 'As I type this, Raw is one hour away. So far, there have been many rumors flying around concerning somebody debuting on Raw is War tonight. These rumors are not confirmed, and personally, I do not see why the WWF would let anybody debut on Raw is War tonight. Raven and Mona are the only two that come to mind when the word "debut" is mentioned, however, both having prior arrangements, it may or may not be one of these too.'

8-27-2000 I found this on Recently, there have been rumors concerning both Raven and Mona's debuts. Upon Mona's debut into the federation, expect her to trick many superstars, disguising herself as a friend of all. The current rumors suggest that she will join up with RTC is their quest to clean up the federation. Look for them to target Steve Blackman, Rikishi, and the Dudley Boys, saying that their behavior is unacceptable. Look for Mona to begin feuding with Lita and Trish Stratus shortly after her debut in the WWF.

8-26-2000 I found this at Wrestling Warzone: There is some talk of bringing in Mona as a member of the Right to Censor.

8-23-2000 I found this on Now that Lita is the World Wrestling Federation's Women Champion, look for the Division to be re-launched with frequent title defenses. Trish, Stephanie, Kat, Terri, Ivory, and Jacky will all participate in the division. Look for Mona to be introduced into the federation sometime after Summerslam, posing what may be the most serious threat to Lita's Women's Title. Look for these two to have a great feud. It may go as far as Mona being a valet for Edge and Christian, but this is not confirmed

8-23-2000 I found this on LOP: There is some talk of repackaging Muffy (the former personal trainer of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) as a member of the Right to Censor. She would be playing a heel role much like the old Ivory did, where she would call men "perverts" for wanting to see her nude, and lusting at her body. This may put her in a feud with Lita over the WWF Women's title. However, I have also heard that this role with the RTC may be given to the soon to debut Mona

8-20-2000 Shannon Rose from had this to say: I had a chance to interview Mona recently in Tampa,Florida and we will have the exclusive interview next week here at Scoops.She had some of this to say about signing on with the WWF.I asked her for sure whether she has signed on with the WWF and Mona said 'Yes, that's correct'.

I also asked her whether the WWF asked her to enhance her looks and she said 'They just told me to be in the best shape as I possibly can, they did not mention any plastic surgeries. I just think that they want their stars to be the best that they can be'.

8-19-2000 I found this on Mona, who was previously with WCW will most likely be starting with the WWF right after SummerSlam.

8-18-2000 I found this on 'Live Report from NWA Florida at the Armory in Tampa on August 15. There were alot of fans but also past and present workers in the crowd.Here is just some of the people that were looking on: Mona(just signed by the WWF),WCW's "Prince"(Mike Haynor),Jerry Flynn(former WCW star),Robert Fuller(former WWF and WCW star Col. Robert Parker),IPW's Shane Twins,Joe Gomez,"Nasty"Ned Brady,Hector Guerroro(Eddie's brother),Jimmy Del Ray,Chato Vega(Eddie's WCW bodyguard,and a host of others.I saw wrestlers and fans that date back to the old days of Florida wrestling.'

::Normally I would NOT go to that site, becuase the people that control the pictures part of that site are nothing but a bunch of selfish prick-faced bastards! They have two pics of Mona which I do not have, and when you try to get the pics, some copyright BS comes on the screen, so I give that site, a huge FUCK YOU!::

8-18-2000 I found this at Women's Wrestling Illustrated: 'Still # 2 and trying harder, WCW continues its attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator with its bookings and TV shows. The brain trust in its latest moves have given Starla Saxton, aka Mona/Miss Madness, her release and have decided to offer the fans cheese cake in the form of evening-gown and other matches that expose the high-price plastic attributes of the women still under contract. The word on Saxton's release focuses on the fact that she refused to become involved in the more seedier ideas that the promo's brain trust were hatching, so Vince Russo,, bid her adios, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

So much for what started out to be a refreshing turn of events when Saxton first appeared in WCW and the promo was bringing in real wrestlers for its women's division like Little Jennie and Brandi Alexander. However, with Saxton's release the only true lady wrestler left is Madusa Micelli who's been suspiciously absent from the scene these past few months. Micelli still drives a monster-truck that's sponsored by WCW, but we've yet to see her in the ring with Major Gunns (the boys really topped themselves when they came up with that name) or any of the other cat-fighters left in the promotion. In fact, we wonder what Micelli's take is on all this, but she hasn't been around to ask.

On the plus side of the equation, at least as far as Saxton is concerned, is the exposure and publicity she's gained from her stint in WCW. You know the old saying, good PR or bad PR - just make sure you spell the name right, well Saxton's name, or perhaps we should say Mona's name, will carry extra substance in whatever direction she decides to pursue in professional wrestling, so it hasn't been all bad. Nevertheless, we'd still like to see Saxton try her hand at wrestling for one of the Japanese women's groups. Blonde hair, blue eyes, attractive face and a body to match, she'd be huge in Japan. So Mona if you're reading this, give it some thought, OK.'

8-18-2000 I got this from The World Wrestling Federation likes the idea of having Kat and Terri feud. They seem to get a good reaction from the crowd, and bring ratings up a bit. These two women are set to renew their rivalry, and they will continue to go at it throughout the upcoming weeks. Look for the Women's Division to being upon Mona's debut, as all of the current feuds will become entangled, thus, mark another Genesis for the Women's Division.

8-15-2000 I got this from 'Nora Greenwald (who worked as Mona in WCW before recently being let go) has agreed to terms to start with the WWF and is expected to sign in the next week or two. She's 22, and with her gymnastics ability, has a good athletic base and has a pretty face. It's a different fit. If anyone cared about the women's division as wrestlers, a pretty woman who is a good athlete and has potential to be a good worker would sound like a good investment.'

8-12-2000 I went to Books-A-Million today. I was looking at Pro Wrestling Illustrated. In it, they had the top 25 best looking women in wrestling. Mona was number 14. Now you might think that being 14 is not that great of a number, but let me tell you, the last one time they had this, Mona was number 24. So I say YOU GO GIRL!

8-12-2000 I got this from ' Definitely one of the most beautiful women in the wrestling business, Mona, has also signed a deal with the World Wrestling Federation. Mona will definitely be a great addition to the WWF's Roster of Women. As of late, there have been numerous rumors regarding the Genesis of the Women's Division. Look for Mona to come in and have an immediate impact. She will serve as good competition for Lita, Tori, Stephanie, and The Kat, all of which are involved in the Women's Division. Look for Mona to come into the federation, and get the Women's Title, in order to stir things up, and give the belt some meaning. Although Stephanie is a great champion, she is not a fighting champion, and that is what the WWF needs. Look for Mona to show up immediately following Summerslam.'

8-11-2000 I found this on Mona has officially signed with the WWF; terms of the contract have yet to be announced. Expect Mona to debut ASAP.

8-11-2000 I got this from 'By now, I am sure everyone has heard the news of Mona signing, or at least agreeing to sign with the World Wrestling Federation. The WWF is very happy about this new acquisition, as they feel that she can bring a lot to the Federation. She will be a valet, and she will participate in the Women's Division. The WWF has very big plans for Mona, and they are very happy that she decided to come up north, to the "Good Old WWF." Look for Mona to battle with Lita and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and become the Women's Champion pretty soon'.

8-9-2000 I got the new WCW magazine today, it had an article about the ladies at WCW training at the Power Plant. Although the article gives Madusa FULL credit for training the valets (Bastard journalist), the article did have two pics of Mona which will be on the site in a matter of weeks. I have a feeling this will be the last time we see Mona in WCW mag in any way shape or form. Looks like I'm NOT going to renew my susciption to the magazine this coming February.

8-8-2000 I found this on Mona at IPW/Former WCW star now IPW trainer sent in by Shannon Rose: Future WWF star Mona was seen recently at the IPW wrestling school in St. Pete, Florida called Florida WrestlePlex. Former WCW star and International wrestler now trainers at Florida WrestlePlex.

8-8-2000 I found this a Mona's Role In The WWF: Former WCW superstar Mona, who was released from WCW is said to be on her way to the WWF.

The WWF is excited to be signing Mona, as she is a very talented female athlete and beautiful on top of that. As reported before, the WWF is looking to boost their Women's division and feels that Mona will make a great addition and really help bring more competition for the title.

Expect to see Mona feud with Lita when she enters the WWF. Officials feel that a feud between these two women would really bring a lot of interest back to the Women's title. By the time Mona and Lita fued, Lita should have the title and Mona will waste no time in stepping up and challenging her for Women's gold.

8-6-2000 I found this on Mona Signs with WWF. Nora Greenwald and the World Wrestling Federation have agreed to terms on a contract. Information on the deal at this point is still sketchy with little being known of the terms or a possible starting date for her.

8-4-2000 According to several newsboards, it seems that Mona has been picked up by WWF. Hopefully she will have a good fued with Trish Stratus or fued with Stephanie for the title. I wonder if she will keep the name Mona?

8-1-2000 P.S. In order to further my quest in getting Mona back in WCW, I have emailed Asya, Bobby Hennen, Chae, Jeremy Borash (the guy from WCW LIVE), Konnan, Lance Storm, Lenny Lane, Midajah, Paisley, Scott Steiner, Shane Helms, Tylene Buck (Major Gunns), and Vampiro, asking them to ask Russo, Bischoff and Brad Seigel to rehire our heroine. I will keep you up to date if I get any replies.


8-20-2000 Got an email reply from Bobby Hennan today. Talk about late! Here is what he said: "Norma Who?" then he signed it Bobby "The Brain".

8-1-2000 Lenny Lane replied. Here is what his email said: "Mona is definately a LANIAC. I think we should let her go to WWF and make some real money and become a star. Lenny Lane"

7-30-2000 Found this on in the Buck Woodward section: WCW cut Mona, who was teaching the WCW females how to bump without killing themselves, as part of a "cost cutting" measure? Yeah, I'm sure Mona's salary was really big chunk of the $80 million the company will lose this year. Again, aren't there some people getting paid a lot of money to sit at home in that company? I'm thinking Mona could fit right in against ladies of the WWF, or she'd make a great opponent for Jazz in ECW.

7-27-2000 According to the newsboards, our heroine has been released from WCW! Us Mona fans must unite! In order to return Mona to WCW (and hopefuly get her some TV time) I have started a petition to send to WCW at their email address:

So far I only have sixty-seven signatures (I started this email petition when she was suppossedly "released" in September of 1999).

To help me in my quest of returning her to WCW and putting her back on tv, please send me your name and your email address so I can add it to the petition to send to WCW. I want at least 100 names before I send it. My email address is Or write to WCW yourself at Tell them that if Mona goes to WWF or ECW, you, her loyal fans, will do like wise.