Nora And The Role Gimmicks Plays In Her Past And Future: by Dorian Cast

Nora Greenwald in WCW (then known as Mona) was liked by many fans for a friendly disposition, natural good looks, and athleticism. You figure these things in and you'd say she was on TV fairly regularly, right? Well, that was not the case. Sure, she got an occasional Worldwide or Saturday night appearance, but those aren't the high rated shows, those are'nt the shows that make you a star.

So why is it she was'nt made into a star? Simple, they didn't give her the one thing that makes wrestlers as big as they are these days, a gimmick. Sure, there have been people that got over without them, but in today's sports entertainment scene that is becoming a rarity.

Once you have decided that a wrestler needs a gimmick, there is another issue at hand. Every gimmick is not a good one. General Rection, Mike Awesome, Val Venis (as the porn star) have all been examples of good wrestlers who get taken less seriously as a result of the gimmick selected for them. Where does Nora fit in? Well rumours have been circulating the internet that her gimmick in the WWF will be her as a member of RTC, a spoof of the PTC a group that rallies for censorship in entertainment.

Now is the RTC gimmick going to be a good one for her? Will it bring her the sucess she struggled to find in WCW or add her to the list of people stifled by bad gimmicks. (Finally, sorry it took so long to get to the point ,lol.) Well it all depends on how this gimmick is approached. They could have her be simply a woman that is offended by the scantily clad women, and wants to censor the lewdness of the WWF product. But that is nothing new and it certainly is nothing shocking. No, if she needs to have this gimmicks it needs more spice, it needs something stronger, something that will elicit a stronger reaction and catch peoples attention. My idea? She should come out and say that she has been nice, the girl next door and that she has taken it all. She had to sit back in her previous tenure over at WCW, and watch while dead silicone weight gets all the spotlight. Then she can go on and say that she is fed up and will not take it in the WWF. She would continue on by saying that she has been overlooked for far too long and then proceed to list some of the more popular women in wrestling and then say that they never deserved their respective spots, they were just taking up time on TV that she should have been getting. Sure, those who know how she is in real life know that she doesnt really feel this way, but if she is going to play the role of the heel that would be the way to do it. Some will agree, others will not appreciate the beliefs they have being questioned, but I guaruntee one thing, everyone will have a reaction and that's what its all about.