I am writing this with a heavy heart.

For those who know me best, (James of Ringbabes, Blubeetle, Monafan, Narotic, Lita Fan, Rodrigo, Greg, and The Wrestling Fan), I hope y'all will understand why I am going to do what I am going to do.

Now I am still a Nora fan. Don't forget that.

But the time has come for Mona/Molly Madness to shut down.

I am not pleased with what Nora is doing in the WWF.

I am not pleased that everytime I turn around, some teenage girl that never knew of Nora's career as Mona in WCW, or in the indies as Starla Saxton, is putting up a Molly Holly site. (and some of them claiming to be the first site on Nora, no less, since this site was started in the fall of 1999)

I loved Mona Madness. I still do. It was my heart and soal. And a part of it still is.

Tears are streaming as I write this.

I will however keep up the link to the board on the entrance page.

If you want to go to another great Nora site, I suggest Blubeetle's site, seeing how he is as dedicated to Nora as the rest of us.

Just remember, Mona Madess WAS the first, and IMO the best.

The Message Board

Blubeetle's site on Nora The Second site ever created, it too was created in 99, right atter Mona Madness was created